915 Custom-made 'Warmup' Heat Panel Stories

Warm Up Your Bathroom With Heated Floors
"Heated bathroom flooring is not only a good investment, it’s a really nice feature... Ortega, a heated-flooring expert at Siles Remodeling, about what homeowners need to know... get the heat back in my feet. Installed the Warmup Carbon Heating System in 2 basement... wherever heat is desired for customized heating zones, and no leveling compounds are... rain. Heated bathroom floors is a nessecity here. We also have heated floors in the..."
Warming your Home: Stylish Heating Options
"types of heat in the home. I think there are so many more options for home heating that... solar heating panels for the building!) But some of them are small things that I... much but heat sources in the home have definitely been on my mind! My apartment has... solar panels on the Griffin Enright space. It looks good and saves energy. On a... decorative heat vents? We offer many designs, sizes, and finishes.... great heating option that you never really see is radiant heating that's bulit into..."
Fabulous Fireplaces Heat Up the Modern Home
"designs are custom, but many of the ideas can be easily adapted for any home, at any price... concrete panels to cover the structure around the old fireplace. On another, the old... traditional paneled fireplace. The glass-and-metal mantel is kept sleek thanks to minimal... This custom fireplace, like so many of our favorites, was made by Concreteworks... fireplace was custom designed and fabricated by Concretework's Mark Rogero. The steel-an..."
Insulation Basics: Heat, R-Value and the Building Envelope
"n how heat moves through a home and the materials that can stop it, to make sure... reduce your heating and cooling bills. In new construction, investing in the insulation... basics of heat flow and how insulation factors in.... to the panels are rare if proper consideration goes into the details of the panel... say heat rises (as an example of convection) when in fact hot air rises not heat as... harder to heat and will actually suck the heat out of the interior where you want it..."
Is Radiant Heating or Cooling Right for You?
"heating or in-slab heating. But the principle can be applied to any surface: a wall... radiant heating or cooling system, the goal is to make the temperature of a room more... radiant heating systems, we think of them for floors, sometimes called underfloor heating... forms of heated floors and walls, with either water or smoke acting as the vehicle for... transporting heat or coolness from room to room through hidden pipes. In the realm of modern..."
Floors Warm Up to Radiant Heat
"radiant heat under your concrete, wood or tile floors... energy to heat it before moving it inside — radiant heating uses a warm surface to transfer... so a heated floor soon means a heated room. In general, there are two types of... radiant heating. On a cold, rainy day, there's nothing that feels better upon waking... floor heated by a radiant in-floor system. Rather than rely on inefficient forced-air... transfer heat into a space. It's much like shining a light on a wall. And as we learned..."
Lower Your Heating Bills With Some Simple Weather Stripping
"buy new paneling to cover it and I helped install--only fair! The day he let the dog... of lost heating/AC on a single non weatherstripped door is somewhere near $250. (AZ... a huge heat loss culprit. There is a 1990 study that determined even closed dampers... easily as I made it sound. In this case squirt PB Blaster rust penetrant around the scew... years old, custom built, and very high end, and leaks air like a sieve. So, I think I..."
A Modern Backyard Trumps the Texas Heat
"retain heat. Having grown up in Houston's heat and humidity, I am surprised by the... the heat retaining darker charcoal color choices and so much hardscape. As the plants... solar panels on that pergola roof he could power his house and an electric car. Thanks... reduce a heat island effect. Beyond the canopy is all planted areas to reduce albedo... reduce heat. I hope the homeowners are diligent about keeping the gutter clear that..."
Cold-Weather Sports Gear Heats Up Interiors
"rather than paneling. Who says a worn-out ski cable is destined for the trash heap? This... Fill the panels with — what else? — shots of family members schussing down their favorite... actually made from water skis. But the idea is so appealing that I couldn't resist...."
Knotty to Nice: Painted Wood Paneling Lightens a Room's Look
"knotty pine paneling in my spare room was not on that list. Wood paneling is fine for... particular paneling was causing an issue in my house. Eventually this room was to become... cheap paneling and made on site plywood cabinets,stained to match ugly paneling.... knotty pine paneling that our 3 kids called the "poop room" since the pine paneling had... it the paneling found in some mid-century home, just plain dull paneling. It looks..."
Let’s Clear Up Some Confusion About Solar Panels
"erent panel types do different things. If you want solar energy for your home, get... kinds of panels are out there. Some of them aren’t really panels at all, in fact, but... “solar panel.” Before we get into a more advanced look at specific technologies for... for heating water and providing electricity to a home with solar energy, it’s necessary... passive panels, salts will store heat for days without sun using conventional heat..."
Going Solar at Home: Solar Panel Basics
"photovoltaic panels. This guide will help you get started... change have made them commonplace. Installing solar panels can decrease your household’s... solar panels, they create electricity. They are pricier than solar panels. suzygrund... replacing our heat-pump with a solar assisted model since our heat source is electric. Sunlight... solar panels in addition to that. Does anyone know if solar panels are worth the..."
Beadboard Panels Offer a Shortcut to a Classic Style
"hardboard paneling is an engineered wood product, usually made from MDF (medium density... these panels a shot in our small bathroom for a classic decorative finish that will... baseboard heating element? Great look! Thanks for the article and clear, easy to follow... never glue paneling to the wall unless the drywall is damaged and they want a cheap fix... request, I made them clean the toilets. Now my three daughters-in-law thank me for this..."
High Design With Solar Panels
"Solar panels find new function as elements of smart home design... solar panels to a house, how to do it? While the panels have slimmed down in size... solar panels on a roof or side of a building, but it definitely helps reduce those... solar-panel-like, most homeowners do not want to call attention to them. And integrating... solar panels are being integrated into home design.... We have panels on our t&g roof, but they are a bit of an eyesore. If we ever build..."
Houzz Tour: Zero-Energy Renovated Victorian in San Francisco
"solar panels, radiant heating and water reclamation... Solar panels, radiant heating, water reclamation and an organic garden all combine... solar panels (efficiency 18%) are going to be able to heat 2500SF of living area... radiant heating, but they will profit from the "green tax credit". Anyways the solar... solar panels should have been oriented to the southwest to be more efficient, remember... thought they made great use of space and made it their own vs conforming. I applaud their..."
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