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Why Google Just Paid $3.2 Billion for a Company That Makes Thermostats
"about data collection and SELLING DATA. Someone mentioned, "The powers will enslave... return for data mining and selling such data. I see co2 and radon detectors, security... collect data which so far Google seems to primarily use for marketing purposes. Doesn't... kind of data that allows them to research trends that might lead to better direct marketing... habits into data is what these companies are actually doing. The Nest thermostat is..."
Turn 'Obsolete' Tech Into Fun Home Help
"harvest data from your system or contribute to some distributed attack — and even turn... financial data and private journals, there's no substitute for an obsolete computer not... sonal data assistant that you may not get all the parts and there is no official..."
Harness the Cloud: 8 Ways to Automate Your Housekeeping
"backing up data and more) are good ways to begin.... on your data, Mint shows you different credit cards, bank accounts, and investment... Evernote data is stored in the Cloud though, for those who are concerned about security... back up data. Set up your computer to regularly back up your data both to the cloud..."
Gadgets Help You Watch Your Health at Home
"track this data over time to see your progress or to be notified of problems. Most q... there the data can be shared with a variety of online weight and health management websites... course that data is uploaded for online monitoring. FitBit also makes a Wi-Fi scale called... those two data points it calculates body mass index, or BMI.The FitBit Aria connects... other data into the mix. For example, one of the most popular fitness-related iPhone..."
Reclaim Room to Breathe
"with new data from his usual feeds. The above scenario is plain ridiculous so early... wounded from data overload, so it's no surprise that the laundry room makes for a simple..."
Cook Smarter With New Wi-Fi Kitchen Gadgets
"The data is aggregated with other data from your computers/devices to create profiles... amounts of data on your home/family activities. It's easy to be converted into spyware... -card-data-from-a-metre-away/ (3) http://nakedsecurity.sophos.com/2013/08/18/how..."
Simple Pleasures: Crafting for Fun and Relaxation
"sections..1. Data Dump; 2. This week; 3. This month; 4. This year. Data dump is there... moving data from one section to another would be simple and the amount of data to..."
Coming Soon: Turn Your Kitchen Counter Into a Touch Screen
"lot of data entry just to keep track of a very simple process. If the inference is... "assisted" (data entry, system maintenance, etc.). This results in vastly decreased pr... minutes of data entry when putting groceries away. Personally, I do use my iPad quite... making more data and information relevant will be a keen challenge for the design industry..."
Garden Alert: 22 Plants to Keep Away From Pets
"have hard data on exact amounts of each part of each different plant that will cause... clinical data that, for most plant based toxicities, simply doesn't exist. Deriving... clinical data is derived from looking at retrospective case studies and these are usually... toxicity data for that particular plant but please understand that for the most part..."
Houzz Survey: Renovations Are Up in 2013
"have the data for us Canadian's? $25,000 for a High End bathroom can not even purchase... Canadian data is very similar - you can read more at http://www.houzz.com/press/12/... interesting data and I hav had several remodel projects since the beginning of the year..."
Floor-to-Ceiling Tile Takes Bathrooms Above and Beyond
Increased interest in European-style wet rooms may have kicked off the recent surge in floor-to-ceiling tiled walls. Designers and builders are paying careful attention to universal design, which includes an accessible curbless...
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