2462 Decorative Casing Stories

Window Casing
"indow casing covers a window's framework and can be decorative or plain... word "casing" refers to both the interior, which is generally more decorative and... window the casing is the trim or molding that generally covers the framework that holds... typically less decorative but still a part of the overall exterior design of the home.... The casing in this illustration has a fluted look. Even in odd spaces, the casing..."
The Case for Functional Garden Design
"away the decoration to give every area of your garden a clear function... about decoration, ornamentation and the cultivation of plants. While many garden... certainly decorative, much as a simple-lined vase is decorative. I like the way the... considered decorative, when their virtues lie in "interesting leaf shapes" and other aesthetic... something decorative when its "function" lies in the enjoyment of its appearance? As..."
The Case for Stationary Draperies
"to be decorative only (stationary)? Several issues will affect the answer: Do you... in the case of our windows, the sides of which don't allow for any "stack." To the... with your decorating flavor. Without knowing those elements, it would be ill advised... this? It decorates, but does not cover. We've done this style several times on windows... makers and decorators who never use interlining and a couple who didn't know what I was..."
Case Study: Wallpaper in Just About Every Room
"mainstream decor with a vengeance. Wall coverings are nearly as versatile as paint today... tasteful decorating with wallpaper. *cheers* I wouldn't use very bold patterned wallpaper... those cases choose a wallpaper that's neutral and not too overwhelming, Yaker says... furniture and decor that reinforce your style, like this trendy mirrored desk and transparent... When decorating walls, dramatic prints should be left alone, but feel free to ramp..."
Case Study: Turn Your Wall Colors Into Art
"interesting decorative elements on a smaller, subtler scale.... furniture/decor in this home is custom, but the sectional was made from collected Peruvian... and/or decorator could come up with several different fabrics to put together to work..."
Strategies to Create Color Flow Throughout a Home — a Case Study
"their decor, and that includes usually the color, which in this case would mean.... part of decorating the house. I'm decorating them and their interests to give them... matchy - decorated rather than designed for real people. Hi @suefulton — Yes, this... finished decorating but it's much easier to decide whether or not something will work... insecurity cases.But the design is excellent. I thought this home was gorgeous. Colours..."
Case Study: The Fearless Approach to Bold Color
"In this case it does not look cluttered and that is what would matter to me . I love... my book cases in one row). Also I was prescribing an author's serial books, 4 to 10... in this case, my first impression is of someone who owns the books for their appearance... neutral decor must be "afraid of color." I simply prefer a calm neutral environment;... is one case of organization by color that I love! Too much color and too much going..."
The Case for In-Between Colors
"professional decorator, but I can decorate my home with much more success using these colors... mid-century decor. An article with more specific names of those off-the-wall (forgive... absolutely any decor. Our whole condo interior is painted this color except for dining/l... @apriltini, case in point being this very article, picture#1? Question asked already but... colours in decorating school but I can't think of the technical name for them. There..."
The Case for the Anti-Accent Wall
"when decorating within traditional architecture, whose character when left to do... not a decorator even. I have several small rooms upstairs, and we are opening up... it is decorated. I disagree with those who say painting the trim white looks great... with the casings around my doors. Every room in my house is a shade of grey and I'm... paint the casings because they connect the rooms. Do I paint them white, pick a room..."
TGIR: The Case of the Disappearing TV
"in the case of B&O), very expensive range of products. Why not bring good design... into the decor. I think the first step is admitting that you own a TV... If you really... center/display case has a set of sliding panels- one goes left, one goes right. When not watching... little decorative whatever can be placed there. Just my opinion, of course, but supported... design and decor of TV shows - obviously many of us watch - but then so many idea books..."
Houzz Tour: A Super Model Case Study
"Texas decorated by Cristi Holcombe. Because everything is big in Texas, it comes... style and decorating ideas for your own home.... sources for decor? I especially loved the accessories, pillows and the jellyfish picture... Texas decor that I have been trying to explain to my friends here in Atlanta. They... latest decor trends. Neutral spaces infused with bold color is big this year. Orange... the wall decor indicates this room is a place for movies and entertainment. Again, we..."
Guest Picks: Around the World with Map Decor
"ure a case of wanderlust with 20 decorative map ideas to use right here at home... map-inspired decor. Get your cartography fix with a classic wall map, quirky print or... map home decor! So many fab ideas - I love the bird shaped map art. I've also got an... love map decor and have used nautical charts as artwork in my cottage. Great post! I... from our Decorative Prints Collection (removable & repositionable vinyl) is available..."
Frame Your Views With Great Moldings and Casings
"Decorative plaster or wood trim applied where walls meet ceilings, doors and/or windows... moldings and casings can give a would-be bland space depth. Don't get me wrong; you can... moldings, casings and trims, there are so many ways to treat them. Stain them for a historic... base, & casings)? love everything! Moldings, mirrors and shelves... these are a few... moldings and casings the same color as the walls, but I tend to prefer the flatter look..."
The Case for Beautiful Black Doors
"Maureen/3 Decorating Divas/Decorate"ME" View from my kitchen.....LOVE LOVE !!! My Satin... Maureen/3 Decorating Divas/Decorate"ME" we went black for plain 60's slab doors ( in... white casing. Nothing looks as crisp and high style. I love black doors - we... to the decor is worth it! I love the glossy black doors, but I'm thinking about painting... and the casings are white. Should we go for it or stain the doors a few shades lighter..."
The Case for Linoleum and Vinyl Floors
"them in decor mags lately and we really like the idea of having them in our home. If... had a decorative edging like you would find on throw rugs today. Then you'd paint... just in case, but I love it. It has enough detail that it looks real, is not too dark... in some cases when it was used in basement or over concrete slabs. Reason, cold temps... is the case with true linoleum, vinyl floors are sold as sheets and as tile, though..."
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