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Almost Invisible Outdoor Furniture Lets Views Star
"there furniture for gardens, patios and decks is designed to offer a clear view of... tdoor furniture is an integral part of a garden, providing a comfortable place for... however, furniture can bring life and imagination to the landscape. A solitary bench... Outdoor furniture can and should be used to enhance the enjoyment of outdoor spaces... times when furniture can detract from the overall experience of the landscape. Such c..."
13 Versatile Furniture Pieces That Grow With You
"apartment furniture with higher-quality stuff, it helps to have a long-term strategy... lower-quality furniture that falls apart after only a year or two. All of the 13 pieces... the U.S. with me in a U-Haul trailer when I was in my 20s and 30s. They still have... early 70s when we had no money to spend on new furniture. These pieces, a china closet... old 1700's campaign chest was an estate sale find back in the 1950's in New Jersey...."
Smart Shopper: How to Judge Antique Furniture Quality
"Not so fast, in the realm of country furniture and furniture made by individuals for... hard and fast rules that can be applied. Basic furniture construction, wood types,... the 60s and even 70s, for instance, is better made than it's contemporary counterpart... professional furniture repair company. The antique dining furniture below was showing its... antique furniture that seems dry? Kind of like a furniture moisturizer? I remember..."
7 Favorite Vintage Furniture Sites
"recycled furniture, antiques, and thrifting have officially come back in style, more... vintage furniture shopping sites. Ranging from traditional to mid-century, some of... guess 30's or 40's? (But I'm not an expert. ColorMyWorld: or perhaps it was Spanish... ntage-furniture-and-accessories.html That's all very good.....but I am in Australia... should ship internationally! Created a Modern Design Page on Facebook. I've included..."
How to Get Your Furniture Arrangement Right
"rules of furniture arrangement and distilled them into 10 simple tips. They'll help... sheet the furniture. I'd cut the furniture and play with different placements until I'd... size of furniture, amount of furniture, views, sight-lines, focal points, family members... with no furniture, it really gives us an idea of what sized furniture to look out for... of the furniture. (I used to know the dimensions of all my furniture in my head!)..."
How to Commission Custom Upholstered Furniture
"a room’s design, commissioning an upholstered piece is an optimal way to solve size... furniture I've acquired from the 1950s-1970s is superior in construction and wood... custom furniture pieces with furniture reupholstered with canvas. So much of the furniture... custom furniture. Note that there are situations in which an experienced interior... sit on furniture to check out the comfort, height, depth, etc. Are you 5'6"? Or 6'5"..."
Go Rogue for Effective Furniture Arrangements
"beloved furniture into their new spaces — furniture arrangements in one home rarely... and your furniture just doesn't work the way it used to. Apartment dwellers and homeowners... moving furniture on the hottest day of the year, and I think you are encouraging this... comes to furniture placement! My living room resembles a "spin-art" painting. It's... float furniture away from the walls would create a walk through maze! I have the..."
Wood Furniture Has Root Cause
"for his furniture design business, Robin Wade Furniture, he finds gigantic trees that... started the furniture business after retirement yet swears, "I'm just a babe in this."... making furniture.Just like the tree that produce it, making slow progress yet produces... The furniture starts with sustainably harvested trees. One came from the historic... historic 1840s plantation Barton Hall, where it fell during a storm. By chance, civil rights..."
Upon Reflection: Mirrored Furniture
"kinds of furniture pieces available in the mirrored version these days. Mirrored furniture... mirrored furniture in it. Use it to your advantage to show off pieces nearby that you... mirrored furniture lately - you might want to check them out. Loving your mirrored... mirrored furniture article Annie, thank you from The Mirrored Bed Company! Great Job Becky... distorts the furniture a bit, which keeps things interesting! There's a nice balanced r..."
Wendell Castle: Father of the American Studio Furniture Movement
"studio furniture, earning fame for his exceptional work. To appreciate Castle's talent... "studio furniture." Briefly, any furnishings designed and produced by an artisan in... studio furniture design for so long, his vintage pieces are highly coveted. Here are... the 1960s through the '70s are highly sought after by collectors today. Castle's... fusion of furniture and sculpture and his innovative use of new materials have inspired..."
Save Old Furniture with Bohemian Chic Decor
"pieces of furniture and art in a way that provides a cohesive, rich look for the room... pieces of furniture that have been updated with some modern bits here and there. A common... pieces of furniture and to create a new-old look for our homes.... displayed, old furniture with no polish say pure BOHO to me. Add CHIC to the mix, and suddenly... pieces of furniture here and they're placed on different levels which provides that great..."
Fun Furniture: Chairs in the Air
"hanging furniture a whirl. Here are just a few things hanging furniture can do.... floors from furniture feet? Fearful that your couch is going to eat you alive? Perhaps... Using 1960s-style woven hanging chairs can give a room that retro Fisher's Island/Sea..."
A Furniture Look for Your Bathroom Vanity
"a few furniture style details. These vanities may look like freestanding pieces of... of furniture, but they're anything but. Here's a few of my favorite examples, with... believe bath furniture; furniture built pieces and not vanities (modified kitchens cabinets)... of the furniture vanities here are indeed custom pieces. That needn't frighten anybody... impact of furniture pieces in the bathroom is so much greater than a standard vanity..."
Arranging Furniture? Tape it Out First!
"without the furniture being there. Read on for a quick guide to using painter's tape to... out a furniture layout and catch any mistakes before ordering or installing permanent... pull the furniture away from the walls? Is this just for the living room or other rooms... Pulling the furniture out from the walls won't always work depending on your room, layout... pulling the furniture off the walls give the seating area a cozier feel. It can also create..."
The Family Home: Living With Kid-Size Furniture
"kid-size furniture would be so life changing? Here, I've collected some gorgeous images... kid-friendly furniture into every space of your home.... kid-sized furniture, and so do parents, if for nothing else than to keep the markers... "good" furniture. Pretty smart! A few years ago for my grandchldren's crafts/play... ) P.S: You might luck in and find one in their 'scratch 'n dent 'n damaged' section... d kid furniture would be easy to fit in any room, but it looks especially quaint..."
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