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6 Inspiring Midcentury Australian Homes
"World War II had it rough. The government had strict guidelines regarding the size and... Australian environment.... Australian environment. Copper, timber and stone all blend into the surrounding flora... World War II, so the idea of using prefabricated steel on this scale in a domestic setting..."
Why We Love Midcentury Modern Design
"World War II, home ownership surged. People who bought homes in the 1950s and '60s would... World War II and the silent generation of kids who grew up in the war years who embraced... childhood environments for our children. I love the colors the shapes the design but... those environments as adults, but certainly not in my case. Modern art and design... World War II and picked up where they left off from designing art deco by designing MCM..."
Roots of Style: Do You Live in a Minimalist Traditional House?
"World War II, and getting homes built quickly became an economic necessity. Building... built environment was constructed after WWII. However, it is estimated that by the... built environment will have been constructed after the year 2000. Based upon these..."
3 Home Design Solutions to Challenging Building Lots
"World War II, the Federal Interstate Highway System allowed easy access for millions... in most environments on the planet. Keep it small and simple. The creativity of the..."
Houzz Tour: Natural Meets Industrial in a Canal-Side Washington Home
"brand-new environment for the transition. About two and a half hours from Seattle via... with the environment while still maintaining its presence, all makes for one interesting... ZACtique II finish, which resembles natural zinc. "I wanted the metal to look inherent..."
Get a Bird's-Eye View of America's Housing Patterns
"built environments. What that means is that in terms of consumption of all things... urban environment. I love having wildlife on my property, and having a buffer from... for the environment and bad for health, two factors at the top of my priority list... trendy environment. But guess what? Anything in that category is expensive! Create... over your environment - especially your personal space - is a too long ignored aspect..."
Emerging Virtual-Reality Home Systems Might Blow Your Mind
"world environments with light transitions are presented. Real will always trump... disabilities . Ii. I. M. I I I. M. K. Mm I I m. I. I. I. M I I mi mi. Mim I mmim... Mmimmi I ii mmi. Iii I I mii. Mmimmi mi. I'm miii mmim ik I mi. M mi mii mii... game-play-environment simulation. That’s yet another reason why video gaming will demand..."
Discover the Intriguing Possibilities of 3-D Printing for Architecture
"Interesting... iI am referring to new chemical formulations (I am a chemist from Kodak with... Apple II) and then innovate. I had folks tell me that the Apple computer would be... living environments for people is one of the most rewarding careers you can have...."
Interior Trim: 8 Must-Know Elements
"for Part II. Thanks for a great article. Thanks everyone for chiming in. Next up on... to Part II. Perhaps you can include ideas about painted or stained finishes that enhance... conditioned environment there shouldn't be much movement due to humidity and temperature..."
Surprising Ways to Pare Down at Home
"favorite blog iis The Minimalists - it keeps me on track. I think simplifying life is the... that my environment and purchases need to be meaningful in functionality and true to... greens, II simply keep them in the spinners, in the fridge. They take up some room..."
Houzz Tour: Whole-House Remodeling Suits a Historic Colonial
"Bride II." But my preferences aside, this remodel is nothing short of spectacular... creating environments that reflect a taste for the beauty of other cultures and times... of my environment, the influence of my linguistic studies, or my stubborn tendency..."
Wake Up Rooms With the Power of Fresh Air
"airless environments of todays homes drives me crazy. I can honestly say most clients... on our environment, food production, additives, pollution, is another story altogether... beckons. I'II check out that wine!!!! Don't know where they got it. It was probably bought..."
10 Ways to Get More Storage Out of Your Space
"Cannava_II ! Get a Ladder Licence http://www.letitbe.net.au/articles/244/Ladder-Nonsense... for the environment! I have a combination of both - also "garage sales" are the best... for the environment, they do not contain chemicals. Such products are easy to make..."
Universal Bath Design: Light Your Bathroom for All Ages and Abilities
"me/p36IiD-XY @docelaina—what about some kind of textured cling-film over the window... showering environment. @Amodoedem: mho: Go for the accessible shower. I bought a 1BA... a wet environment. You should include at least one light (or more depending on the..."
Unwind in an Enclosed Garden Sanctuary — Outdoors or In
"a part II for this article, mentionning building methods. :) It's interesting to me... creating environments that elicit certain emotional responses. One of my driving beliefs..."
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