1973 Exterior Doors Ideabooks

Front and Center Color: When to Paint Your Door Green
"front door, green in subtle to strong shades brings energy to home exteriors... home's exterior? A green front door, whether in a bold chartreuse or a more neutral... front door can pick up on the various green hues found in your landscape, softening... front doors, along with sample palettes, can help you get a similar effect.... double exterior doors along with 2 single exterior doors. I really like emerald green..."
Front and Center Color: When to Paint Your Door Black
"front door? Here are 8 exterior palettes to make it work... exterior colors. More: 5 Bright Palettes for Bold Front Doors... front door elegant and dramatic. It works well with any and every other color, making... front doors done beautifully right, along with sample palettes of complementary exterior... garage doors, particularly the door in Example #1. Accenting the garage door makes... front door black. Many door manufacturers void their warranty if the door is painted..."
Reinvent It: Antique Glass Goes Door to Door
"star on a door that once lived on a home's exterior, now gracing a historic home's dining... reclaimed door enhance the home's character. The exterior door, complete with a patchwork... pocket door made from a historic exterior door Budget: $2,340, not including installation... pocket door between a renovated traditional dining room and a new powder room. "The... fiberglass door installers pushing their wares. Yes, the door and process to rehab it..."
5 Bright Palettes for Front Doors
"front door, then balance it with a more restrained hue on the rest of the house... front doors, along with potential palettes that incorporate a bold front door hue... front door. Many people have no trouble picking out a fun color to paint the door... of the exterior. And what about the trim? The key to working with bold colors is... front door the ideal place to feature a vibrant color. Then select supporting hues..."
Front and Center Color: When to Paint Your Door Deep Red
"colors for exterior doors and trim. But once you've settled on a red hue for your front... front door? Fortunately, with thousands of photographs of home exteriors at your... front door, along with sample exterior palettes to help you make one work on your... front door, how do you select coordinating house and trim colors? Or how do you know... storm door. I have seen doors permanently damaged from the heat. I really love it..."
How to Choose a Front Door Color
"choosing a door paint isn't an open-and-shut case for you, here's help... changing your exterior color scheme, a new coat of paint on your front door could be just... storm doors and then the front door so you can't really see the front door---I've... storm door and light Oak door. The door needs staining badly on the outside. Thinking... storm/screen door. I painted my door a deep purple & removed the storm door. Photo below..."
Front and Center Color: When to Paint Your Door Blue
"These 8 exterior color palettes celebrate sunny-day skies to electric nights... front door. Blue front doors are a bit unusual in that you don't see them as often... eight exterior sample palettes show how to incorporate a blue front door for your... front door aqua! Love blue doors! I like your aqua door. Who makes it and what is... on blue doors, Jennifer! I am especially enamored of the Electric Blue door above..."
Front and Center Color: When to Paint Your Door Bright Red
"front door kicks up a home's entryway and is impossible to miss... vibrant red doors and examples of exterior paint color palettes inspired by each image... front door. In times when red pigments were scarce and therefore expensive, a red... front door heralded the wealth of the family who resided within. Many ancient cultures... a red door imbued the inhabitants with luck and protection. And in early American... front door signaled a friendly, welcoming home. Clearly entryways have quite a..."
Front and Center Color: When to Paint Your Door Orange
"front door. Orange is a high-energy color that hollers, "Look at me!" — a great choice... front doors done successfully. Check out seven of them, along with sample color palettes... front door orange or lime green. That 2nd door just glows, like it's lit from within... paint the door some crazy colour. Lori, I painted my door lime green and an orange... Painted doors at not common in Costa Rica and the person who made our door nearly had..."
Help! What Color Should I Paint My Front Door?
"a home exterior: What color to paint the front door? I found three homeowners in Houzz... have the exterior doors painted. Would you believe, all the exterior doors currently... front door that has a storm door over it. The heat that gets trapped between the... storm door and a dark colored entry door is so hot it will melt the paint. The... about dark doors. It's not just with storm doors over. Depending on the size and c..."
Sculptor Susan Wallace Turns Screen Doors Into Art
"screen doors! Texas metal artist creates unique grillwork for doors, windows and public... sculptural door we saw on a Houzz tour had to know more about the artist who designed... screen doors as well as prominent public art projects. After receiving an MFA in... screen door. "Well, you're an artist," he said, "make one!" This led to a unique screen... screen door with a spiderweb design on it, which led to another architecture professor..."
Screen Doors Bring a Breath of Fresh Air
"screen door. I grew up in the South, where they're a beloved part of homes both old... screen door wheeze open and bang shut instantly transports me to warm nights on the... screen doors here can help you enjoy your own summer more.... screen doors and I have them on all my exterior doors! Lots of good ideas here..thanks... screen doors!! I see so many homes these days with only the main door and to me the... screen door comes from--how to find it. Thanks. I have a storm door on my front entrance..."
Entryway Appeal Can Hinge on a Pivot Door
"pivot doors fit right in with modern homes... pivot door is a dramatic alternative to common exterior doors that swing or slide... chances the door would sag and malfunction are greater than with a pivot door.... swing doors, because they are held up from below in lieu of being hinged at the side... swing door, for example, would be very heavy, and the hardware would have to be quite... pivot door from Curtis at pivot doors.com. He was easy to work with, well-priced..."
Make Your Own Barn-Style Door — in Any Size You Need
"a barn door from exterior siding and a closet track... simple wood door, and how this style of door can save space in a room. (Pocket doors are... for barn doors and often photograph random ones while sightseeing. I live in New England... opening this door? I want to make one for our bedroom door into the MB. Is this door any... a barn door!" Well done! Nice barn door Great article! Thanks. I love it! This is... an old door or making something myself! Would this type of door work with actual barn..."
Stock Up on These Stylish Pantry Door Ideas
"assortment of door options, a gorgeous pantry exterior is in the bag... door hardware, your pantry door can add whimsy to your kitchen.... pantry door is no slouch and should have a chance to stand out. A playful pantry door... door lets you step away from the standard pack of cabinets and add a personal touch... paint the doors a bold color or add chalkboard paint, frosted glass panels or barn door... rolling door or a matching sliding doors, as shown in the pictures For my pantry/laundry..."
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