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Is Radiant Heating or Cooling Right for You?
"heating or in-slab heating. But the principle can be applied to any surface: a wall... radiant heating or cooling system, the goal is to make the temperature of a room more... radiant heating systems, we think of them for floors, sometimes called underfloor heating... forms of heated floors and walls, with either water or smoke acting as the vehicle for... transporting heat or coolness from room to room through hidden pipes. In the realm of modern..."
How to Add a Radiant Heat System
"radiant heating or cooling to your house. Unless you have particular renovation constraints... subfloor heating. If the warranty doesn't cover radiant heating... then... yes, you're... diant-heat-experiment/ I have hydronic radiant floor heat throughout my home as my... radiant heat but I do have baseboard heating in my house which uses hot water pipes... amount of heat required in the first place and make sure the heat goes where you want..."
Floors Warm Up to Radiant Heat
"radiant heat under your concrete, wood or tile floors... energy to heat it before moving it inside — radiant heating uses a warm surface to transfer... so a heated floor soon means a heated room. In general, there are two types of... radiant heating. On a cold, rainy day, there's nothing that feels better upon waking... floor heated by a radiant in-floor system. Rather than rely on inefficient forced-air... transfer heat into a space. It's much like shining a light on a wall. And as we learned..."
Warm Up Your Bathroom With Heated Floors
"Heated bathroom flooring is not only a good investment, it’s a really nice feature... Ortega, a heated-flooring expert at Siles Remodeling, about what homeowners need to know... rain. Heated bathroom floors is a nessecity here. We also have heated floors in the... Underfloor heating is an efficient way of heating a room, as opposed to radiators, for... these heating cables are allowed to be used as a primary heat source in a room because..."
Insulation Basics: Heat, R-Value and the Building Envelope
"n how heat moves through a home and the materials that can stop it, to make sure... reduce your heating and cooling bills. In new construction, investing in the insulation... basics of heat flow and how insulation factors in.... say heat rises (as an example of convection) when in fact hot air rises not heat as... harder to heat and will actually suck the heat out of the interior where you want it... solar heat gain is better, but some want high solar heat gain in the morning when..."
Clean-Burning Woodstoves Ignite a Greener Heating Trend
"gas to heat your home — new woodstove designs burn cleanly and are beautiful to boot... woodstove to heat your house, from installation and aesthetics to long-term costs and efficiency... ways of heating a house, and the heat is a long-lasting radiant heat. Passive solar... do they heat? Seriously. My father had wood-only heating in his house for a number... are for heating and cooking, but you don't mention any that are meant to do both...."
5 Steps to Improve Your Heating System Now
"you: Your heating system needs your attention now. A few simple steps in the fall will... system (heat pump or GSHP) you could be spending more trying to "spot" heat your home... "watt" of heat out. Ground source heat pumps http://www.trane.com/residential/produ... source heat pumps are getting very close to that range!! Why not heat your whole home... quickly it heats. However, the rooms farthest away were not heated. I recently called..."
A Modern Backyard Trumps the Texas Heat
"retain heat. Having grown up in Houston's heat and humidity, I am surprised by the... the heat retaining darker charcoal color choices and so much hardscape. As the plants... reduce a heat island effect. Beyond the canopy is all planted areas to reduce albedo... reduce heat. I hope the homeowners are diligent about keeping the gutter clear that... Texas heat. It's like an itchy wool blanket that covers everything and won't let..."
Guest Picks: How Do You Spell Urban Heat Relief?
"summer heat. — Justine from Design Skool... solar heat - you can block from 40 to 100 percent of the sun’s heat and damaging... urban heat relief! Given that practically the entire west coast of North America... urban heat relief (at the personal and community level)... rather than a list of... which are heat sources). Why are you blaming ikea for random people mentioning their... screens cut heat and glare, offer insect control, natural ventilation, and energy savings…and..."
Warming your Home: Stylish Heating Options
"types of heat in the home. I think there are so many more options for home heating that... much but heat sources in the home have definitely been on my mind! My apartment has... solar heating panels for the building!) But some of them are small things that I... decorative heat vents? We offer many designs, sizes, and finishes.... great heating option that you never really see is radiant heating that's bulit into..."
Heat Your Space in Style with Today's Wood-Burning Stoves
"These heating appliances are abundant today, and they're available in a range of... alternate heat source, check out the following interior designs to see if one might work... cooking and heating. We have a high efficiency stove that heats 2500 square feet. Our... provide any heat. The new energy efficient designs shown above are $4k-7K PLUS cost to... winter, heating 2700 square feet, and $70 during the summer. I used to dry my tomatoes..."
Architectural Sunscreens Take the Heat Off Homes
"sun and heat while simultaneously providing visual interest to a facade. Major credit... solar heat. That same South side becomes anything but our friend in summer. So by... from the heat in the form of fixed or retracting awnings or screens, either vertical... of the heat contained in the sun's rays. Many colours and designs are available to... summer heat and glare. During the winter they can be removed to take advantage of..."
Houzz Tour: Innovative Home, Heated and Cooled by Design
"ability to heat itself in winter and cool itself in summer. To do this requires careful... "self-heating" -imagine how much less oil we would be importing if all our homes... buying the heating thing. We have a cottage; a basic A-frame with a prow that is all... and to heat/cool, and if there are plans to make this design more mainstream. If you're... keep the heat in at night. even triple panes have low R value(but high price), and there..."
6 Summer Edibles That Can Really Take the Heat
"experiencing a heat wave in your climate, maintaining summer vegetable gardens can be challenging... from a heat wave, consider one of these for your next summer crop.... the most heat-tolerant vegetables around; it shouldn't even be planted outside until... lots of heat and water, though, stand back and watch them rocket up, with huge leaves... without high heat or an acidic element like lemon juice or tomato sauce, okra is tasty enough..."
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