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5 Remodeling Monkey Wrenches and How to Prevent Them
"parts of a home remodel extra carefully. We show you which ones and how... organize on a remodeling project, whether it’s a single room or a whole-house remodel. Small... during a remodel, but some parts of your remodel will cause more difficulty than others... in a home remodeling project is the uncertainty that that comes with not knowing... of your home’s exterior and see how new doors, windows, siding and stone will look..."
Contractor Tips: Top 10 Home Remodeling Don'ts
"your home renovation go smoothly and stay on budget with this wise advice from a... into remodeling projects around your home. I’ve learned a lot working as a contractor... affect a home renovation project. How do you know if you're helping or hurting your... major home projects. Currently we are remodeling the main ranch house and building... at the home. Typically dogs don't scare me - there is just something about Pit Bulls..."
Houzz Tour: Whole-House Remodeling Suits a Historic Colonial
"Georgia home for modern life while respecting its history... "The home had grand spaces, 10-foot ceilings and five fireplaces, but not the right... gorgeous home! I love historic homes and rarely do they survive 70s remodels looking... in my home. Enjoy your new home and thank you for sharing! There's a trend these... deserving home. They did an amazing job! It's like a dream home for me...and I'm sure... liked in a home, and then did it all. There is no cohesion to this home. It seems at..."
Houzz News: Remodeling Heats Up
"dream home. People are spending more time at home with the people they love. Long-lasting... Association of Home Builders, remodeling sentiment is at its highest since 2007, and should... on the home industry. The consensus seems clear: Remodeling is king right now, and... Home industry experts around the country grew optimistic at the recent news that... that the Remodeling Market Index had risen to its highest level in 5 years. According..."
Houzz Tour: Remodeling Brightens a Row House in Washington, D.C.
"soothing home for a Capitol Hill family of 5 looking to simplify... previous home. While less space was expected (and desired), the home's layout was due... "real" home that's not overly staged for the glamour shots. I really like the kitchen... about this home! Classic, neat lines--and gorgeous. Love it! I could move right in! Great... Beautiful home. Nicely done. Especially love the kitchen and sorry that those tiles are..."
My Houzz: Remodeling Modernizes a Neoclassical Dutch Home
"Netherlands home gets a long-wanted renovation inside, including a kitchen addition to... fabulous home! Really lovely. This is simply gorgeous! Bravo! What a great home, in... beautiful home and family!! I just confirm that beauty has no contry or language (by... stylish, yet homely. Very well executed ! Exquisite is an over-used word, but the originality... True HOME. Love this house and everything in it. Elegant and chic. When I visited..."
Houzz Survey Results: Remodeling Likely to Trump Selling in 2014
"they will remodel in the next one to two years, to increase the value of their home,... residential remodeling, building and decorating activity. Fifty-three percent of U.S... enough to remodel but not enough to sell,” says real estate broker Leah Applewhite.... present home just a couple of years ago. I now live in a nice home. But in a few years... their home that had come from a door in the home that my mom was born in. I remember..."
8 Little Remodeling Touches That Make a Big Difference
"making your home nicer, with these design details you'll really appreciate... did our remodel, our contractor suggested a thousand things I had never really thought... renovated home. The hot water dispenser was mentioned, however we got the 'updated'... previous home, but even better is the programmable sprinkler system I now have. One... of my home. 2.). Also, we love candles in the windows at the holidays. When building..."
Building or Remodeling? Get the Lowdown on Load Codes
"so your home will stay strong over time... designed or remodeled a home has heard the term “built to code” and people saying, “The... in your home. You could, in fact, easily have needs that require the design and c... of your home to exceed code.... of the home renovation forums and websites, and I was starting to wonder if they even... newer homes with open floor plans), the maximum allowable deflection is 0.6 inches..."
Remodeling After Water Damage: Tips From a Homeowner Who Did It
"enter a home, the damage is almost always total. And the process for getting a house... older home, chances are you may not have one. And if you have an older home in an... close to home. My husband and I came home from celebrating NYE '13 at 3am to it "raining"... vacation home that sat on the banks of a river 32 ft. above the river bed. We experienced... other homes in our community were not as lucky. MAKE SURE YOUR BACK FLOW VALVES..."
25 Most Bookmarked Remodeling Guides of 2012
"Remodeling has never been easy (just ask those who have lived through it), but preparing... bookmarked remodeling stories on Houzz cover it all — take a look and see if you can get... several home remodeling projects (yes, several), my best advice is to maintain your... my 2002 remodeling plans often as we did a small project in 2012. I know I'll use it... Top 10 Home Remodeling Dont'sThe to-do list on a home remodel can seem endless! But..."
What to Know About Budgeting for Your Home Remodel
"off a home construction project smoothly... renovating my home, here's what I know about budgeting for my home remodel - everything you... sized home on a few acres with areas of the home having walls of glass hopefully... historic home remodeling, there are often updates that have to be made to infrastructure... scale home remodel it is of utmost importance to do at minimum all of the following:... could help remodel your home. With the information available on the use of materials and..."
Modernize Your Old Kitchen Without Remodeling
"older home, you might be able to relate. Unfortunately, older homes also have kitchens... a new home. I would never trade my home for a newer model, but there are still... older home, you probably did so because of its charm, history and perhaps its location... love my home for all those reasons ... and just put up with the fact that our "master"... newer homes that have sprawling granite islands, double ovens and eight-burner ranges..."
Decorate With Intention: 12 Remodeling Sanity Savers
"about a home project at the beginning, when the work seems theoretical and you hear... dream home, no matter how long it takes.... doing home projects - and in fact, much of this translates to life in general! Numbers... buying a home that needs minor updating before we move in and major updating down the... Normal home renovations are not reality TV shows where your space is fixed and perfect... away from home a few times as well (12b)!! In response to Iam3 regarding asbestos-I would..."
Plan Your Home Remodel: The Interior Renovation Phase
"ranch home to a water view, experiments with paint and chooses tile... -Your-Home-Remodel--The-Construction-Phase I am riveted! I cant wait to see the... older home. This is a new tactic to enable insurance companies (state funded insurance... older homes. Waiting...waiting....waiting...! Kelly - It's here: http://www.houzz... Houston remodel. He's very innovative, receptive and attentive This is so helpful!... were NOT remodeling--is there anything that would prevent you from KEEPING those windows..."
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