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How to Choose Tile for a Steam Shower
"quarters, tile needs to stand up to all that water and vapor in style. Here's how to... drain to the ceilings to the type of tile chosen — that works and performs as one... more care to construct than the average shower. There is much more to the equation than... from the Tile Council of North America (TCNA) or the Terrazzo, Tile and Marble Association... Picking tile is an important part of this process. Follow these 10 tips to help make..."
How to Choose Tile for a Bathtub
"bathtub with tile is all in the details. Here's how to get them right... waiting to happen. Here's what to look for when selecting a tile or stone for your... deciding on tile can be complicated. Who will be using the bathroom? Will the tub double... all need to be considered before construction starts. These little details can help... right tile can go a long way toward making your bathroom safer and your bathtub a..."
How to Install a Tile Backsplash
"few easy-to-find supplies and patience, you can install a tile backsplash in a kitchen... Time: 2 to 3 days Cost: $10 to $25 per square foot General tip: If you haven't set... set tile before, practice setting a few rows of tiles on a scrap of plywood until you... cutting tiles and gloves when handling cut tile. Use caution with all power equipment... and a tile backsplash is one of those little details. A backsplash not only looks..."
Contractor Tips: How to Install Tile Flawlessly
"single tile, pull from these tips for expert results... Lingo to know: Thinset: Mortar used to set tilesScreed: A flat wood or metal board... joints in tile workCut: Tiles that must be trimmed to fit against a wall or other ob... quare to: Lay tile parallel toJolly trim: A finishing and edge-protection profile... great-looking tile job takes more than just picking beautiful tile. Preparation, planning... Remember, tile is for the long haul. These tips will help ensure that your installation..."
How to Build a Better Shower Curb
"installers to ensure a safe, stylish curb that keeps the water where it belongs... comes down to the ever-important curb. Understanding how to build a shower curb and what... enough to step over and look seamless, but high enough to keep water out. Many states... products to use can get complicated. But getting the curb right makes all the difference... points to keep in mind when designing a curb for your new shower...."
How to Pick a Shower Niche That's Not Stuck in a Rut
"spacing have to work for your individual needs... best? How many shelves are needed, and how should they be placed? This ideabook can... instructions to my builder to pass onto the tiler, to leave a gap in the tiles to slot in... /list/How-to-Match-Tile-Heights-for-a-Perfect-Installation JW How does one go about... vanity next to a mirror? Or to build a "sinked in wall" to hold a towel back to incorporate... pencil tile to cap off the edges of other tile. It is all going to depend on the pieces..."
How to Add a Kitchen Backsplash
"glass, tile or another decorative material for a gorgeous and protective backsplash... you’ll have to decide what’s best for you and your lifestyle. Knowing how to navigate the... Extending the tile out to to doorway and down to the floor might be just the trick. Interesting... chose to tile to the entry molding and continue to the floor. After the grout dried... photos for how I resolved the problem. You may have to remove the sill apron to tile..."
DIY: See How to Make a Rolling Vintage Storage Crate
"And new tile stretches from floor to ceiling, so I can't mount a cabinet or shelving... comes to lotions and creams, I needed to create some kind of storage solution. I... turned out to be the perfect size to stack and roll under the counter. Problem solved... decided to make use of the space below the counter. I had a couple vintage wooden crates... is good to know. Right now I have a cart in my bathroom but there's room going to waste..."
Designing Your Kitchen: How to Configure the Sink?
"Look to how you prep and clean in the kitchen when choosing among a one-, two- or... material and how it will be mounted, but have you thought about how many bowls you need... has more to do with the sink material, mounting type, craftsmanship and size, not n... consideration how you use your kitchen. Your cooking and cleaning preferences will dictate... dictate how many bowls you need. As far as cost goes, two or more separate sinks are..."
How to Fix a Mirror-Above-the-Mantel Dilemma
"Use trim to turn it into a feature that will turn heads... a big to-do list. My living room, for example, featured a large wall-mounted mirror... angle to mantle). I don't know how to affix such a large mirror and worry that it... itself. To add to much to it would take away from its’ own beauty. Keeping it minimal... Add trim to those sides as well. Add another square around the original one to add more... asset. How about trimming around it with glass tile? Beautiful woodwork in both the..."
How to Save a Boring Box of a Room
"going to have to take a few chances. A few rules for turning uninspiring rooms... boxy room to contend with. You know the kind: low ceilings, blah windows, zero molding... are ways to turn such spaces into amazing, artful, comfy spaces with tons of style.... white to plush, textured and stuffed. But a boring box of a room will benefit greatly... flush-mounted ceiling light. Go big, go bold, go bright. Lighting — both the fixture..."
DIY: How to Install a Door
"door used to be a very challenging project, attempted by only the most talented carpenters... already mounted on hinges, the jamb is cut and sized, the casing is installed and in... also note to all the split jam installers, make sure to put the back half inside of the... according to what looks pleasing to the eye. wow I didn't even know pre-hung doors existed... stick to regular jamb. what about an exterior door that the jamb doesnt have to go..."
How to Hide Those Plugs and Switches
"ways to camouflage your outlets — or just make them disappear... we have to have so many outlets every so often. And switches are just a necessity of... comes to hiding them or at least minimizing the impact they have on our kitchen or... don't have to ruin a perfectly good backsplash by placing white outlets and switches right... beautiful tile pattern. This ideabook is all about that.... want it to be an eyesore 2) you want it to be accessable 3) you want it to be at the..."
How to Remodel Your Fireplace
"design up to snuff with this makeover lowdown... drawn to the darkest object in a room anyway. Oftentimes, that’s the firebox when... surrounds it, to complement the rest of your home. In many older homes where large brick... found a how to here (scroll down halfway for the how to) for anyone in the same predicament... referred to as Mount Rushmore. I think Mount Rockmore is a better name. Love the new... brick to build it our. Then we attached the slate tile in a pattern to match the..."
How to Settle on a Shower Bench
"footprint and how the bench will be used often provide the best answer. If you have a double... bench to seat two. If you have a tiny shower, sometimes a removable or floating bench... just have to know how to do it right and second you need the right materials to do it... don't plan to get one that has a tile channel because I don't plan to use tile on the... decide how I want to tile the floor. I am thinking of a large format floor tile or..."
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