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Tubular Daylighting Devices Bring In Natural Light
"of the light." The newest, sleekest way to bring natural light into your home is with... tural light is one of a home's best assets. It can make you see better and feel better... beams of light and to ensure a soft glow. Garrison Hullinger, of Garrison Hullinger... natural light creates a serene spa atmosphere. But they can go in just about any room... with the LED lights - I will have to move my overhead light in my kitchen, might make..."
The Ecofriendly Kitchen: Light Your Kitchen Right
"cient lighting of all: natural daylight. Look to your light switches as an important... amount of lights. At a minimum, your general overhead lighting, accent pendants and... kitchen lighting goes beyond replacing your old bulbs with more efficient models.... consumed by lighting can be easy with a kitchen that's designed for flexibility and makes... unnecessary lights off or dimming them reduces energy consumption. *Dimmers provide flexibility..."
Expert Lighting Design Secrets
"know when lighting rooms and art... Quatro Lighting Designs is an expert in how to show your home in the right light.... Planning lighting for your entire house or even one room can be an overwhelming task... hiring a lighting designer is the easiest solution. But if you're on a tight budget... his top lighting advice. His number-one piece of advice is to plan ahead, as often... often lighting comes up after you've run through your budget. "No matter how many beautiful..."
How to Get Your Basement Lighting Right
"top-notch lighting system with layers of pendants, cans, sconces and more... need to light it that way. Tossing in a few lamps just won’t do the trick. Basements... proper lighting especially important. But how do you get it? Here are some ideas that... (maybe LED so you aren't constantly changing the can lights?)? What color light do... Like lighting and walls Light and great Basement lighting... different lights. A room can be beautiful, but only with proper lighting, can it shine..."
Universal Lighting Design Strategies for 4 Key Home Areas
"and task lighting that supports safety and imparts beauty... Lighting can create drama by accentuating dark areas and creating bright focal points... balanced lighting levels. All rooms — and ages — can benefit from this simple lighting... with pot-light/down-lights! That is the nightmare of good lighting design. You can... closet lighting. :) One thing that's lighting friendly at my house are the movie... natural light/daylight in your clothes closet brought in by a tube roof light, I'd..."
A Lesson In Lighting: How To Use Wall Sconces
"Make Wall Lights Work for You... Lighting is one of the most important elements in design, but it is often overlooked... great lighting plan will improve the appearance of colors and furnishings, and it... types of lighting that work together to achieve balance: ambient, task and accent.... a few recessed lights for balance and better overall lighting. Thanks everyone for... course in lighting. Although I had heard of the 3 types of lighting, I was not familar..."
Spring Patio Fix-Ups: 6 Ways to Light Your Outdoor Room
"string lights, sconces, pendants and more to illuminate your patio or deck... right lighting. From subtle landscape lighting and string lights that cast a soft... Christmas light. The new candles with led lights that work with a remote control are... porch light. Then I plugged in a string of lights that i ran around the eaves of... could add lights to apartment patios. We also use those on our security lights to run..."
How to Add a Skylight or Light Tube
"put 2 light tubes in the kitchen and rarely turn on kitchen lights before dusk. Cool... of the light tube drum fixtures. Very stylish. This article states that light tubes... Without the light tube, the only natural light in the kitchen came from the garden window... natural light in dining room plus access to side patio). We love the light tube - rarely... All that light and no plants? What a waste. We included 4 light tubes in our one-story..."
Tell Us: How Would You Light This Room?
"has a lighting question for you. "I am just completing a loft conversion which will... put in a lighting solution which could suit both scenarios. The issue I have is it has... recommend any lighting which would fit well in this space?"... light (check velux). then the space would have a day and a night light and you get... bounce light of ceiling and/walls. This us a great, versatile LED option that can... Rope lights -- a la theater aisles, but more intense -- are good for 25,000 hrs..."
Tap Into Stud Space for More Wall Storage
"It’s recess time. Look to hidden wall space to build a nook that’s both practical... stairwell with lights in them. Agreed, Jean! It's a fairly inexpensive way to put your own... right. Recess nook Could this be done on walls that seperate the inside from the outside... lot of light from the small window to the vanity mirror. The room went from how-f... plan to recess my refrigerator into a re-framed shared wall, to get a free counter..."
Just Passing Through: How to Make Passageways an Experience
"up with recesses, shelving, molding and other elements that will maximize the space... beautiful light fixture and crown in there. It's funny how much enjoyment you can get... archways, recesses, shelves and more..."
How to Detail a Kitchen Island with Legs
"Square, Recessed or Flat? Find the Right Look for Your Island... turned, recessed or freestanding, profiled or flat, large or small? How do you figure... shaped semi-recessed leg, however in this case the leg is flat. Again, you can see the... than a recessed toekick where the panel and legs meet the floor. This countertop runs... panels are recessed significantly, making these legs stand out visually. Here's the same..."
Off the Beaten Path: Delightful Alcove Spaces
"with a recessed nook, dormer or under-stair hideaway... alcove adds light and interest to the room. By extending the space of the "hallway" between... joyous light to this bedroom. In a child's room, placing the bed in the alcove frees..."
Bedroom Window Treatments to Block the Light
"street light outside the window, and the light from the a/c unit and alarm clock.... And if light from an alarm or a LED bothers you, one way to dim it is to buy a piece... charger's blue light is the night light in my bathroom. It's too bright; need to find a way... little light disturbs me including air conditioning tiny red light! Where i live (... all the light. My next purchase will be grasscloth roman shades with blackout liners..."
The Ultimate Nightlight
"of the lighting world. So where better to hang one than in a bedroom? "Recessed lighting... lighting is useful in a lot of rooms, but I think a fixture gives better lighting... intimate lighting," says Suzy Treby of Treby Spanedda Interiors in Midland Park, New... ceiling fan/light fixture as it was never used and it was inexpensive and looked it. We... fan and light called a fandalier Here is my bedroom decorated at Christmas. The vintage..."
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