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7 Low-Maintenance Lawn Alternatives
"no-grass lawn with clover, moss and other easy-care plants... Lawns make sense in some areas of the U.S. — those regions that receive adequate... reduce your landscape maintenance or your impact on the environment? You plant a low-m... strip of lawn. We have completely removed the rest of the lawn on our 50'x100' lot... us from lawn slavery! But I would note that taller options may encourage pests from... list of lawn alternatives. I have posted this plant on another Ideabook but I think..."
Exuberant Self-Seeders for Gorgeous, Easy-Care Gardens
"Hand, landscape designer William H. Frederick, Jr., refers to select plants as... regional landscape. I always hope I can help children experience the landscape so they... can be carefully used in certain areas, some are not a problem. It depends on where... se be careful!! Some really lovely pictures, but so agree that loosestrife and houttuynia... be very careful - I still remember trying to get rid of the chocolate mint my mom gave..."
Easy-care Landscaping With Rocks and Boulders
"showcase landscape, but not all homeowners have the budget or time often required to... to care for an outdoor space. Specimen rocks and boulders are a great solution for... nance landscape. And often there is a selection of slabs already on your property... front landscape now, and i loved your ideas for incorporating rocks and boulders... in my landscape. They create depth & are so visually pleasing. Out of the mountainous..."
Small Gem Lawns: More Impact From Less Grass
"letting the lawn sprawl, make it a shapely design element in your yard. You’ll reap benefits... nondescript lawn. Not only can large lawns be wasteful environmentally in terms of water... kyard lawns often have been the background music in the garden, the understated foil... smart lawn is to design it as a specific visual element that interacts with, and... way, the lawn gains importance, becoming sculptural as well as practical. As the following..."
Get Along With Less Lawn — Ideas to Save Water and Effort
"through landscapes. Thanks to their uniform color and texture, lawns often serve as... amount of lawn to take care of? Here are some ways to help you look at your landscape... Lawns work well as active playspaces for people and pets, and as circulation corridors... But lawns can be a drain on water resources, and they demand regular mowing and... Most home landscapes offer plenty of opportunities to create colorful, engaging and more..."
Lawn Gives Way to a More Natural Lakeside Garden
"endly landscape on Lake Washington’s shore... award-winning landscape designer Paul Broadhurst transformed a suburban expanse of lawn into... g the landscape with the spirit of its lakefront setting. Broadhurst was working... their landscape rather than simply repairing the bulkhead. “They had this beautiful... natural landscapes over lawn monocultures. They're all beautiful landscape. How long... manicured lawns. Natural meadows definitely ... 'sprawling' lawns? Bleh, just not my..."
Want a Cleaner, Safer Neighborhood? Show You Care
"neighbors you care about your street and watch them follow suit... others caring about society, we end up caring, too. This concept has broad applications... that you care about keeping it clean and safe; they might get the message and follow... people care for norms apparently has a big influence on other people in the neighborhood... parents cared for their house, others began to care about theirs. Not every neighbor..."
Give Your Lawn a Taste of the Wild
"meadow lawn: It’s ecofriendly, visually interesting and still good for romping... green lawns. But the days of hearing lawn mowers working hard in suburban gardens... manicured lawn is set deep within my gardening genes. Rainfall levels and temperate summers... cut the lawn? Will it, in time, revert to a wildflower meadow, or will it just become... keep the lawn tidy and usable, while allowing for the environmental benefits of letting..."
The Case for Losing the Traditional Lawn
"that the lawn has been wounded and now it's now open to attack by pests. And as a nation... tons of lawn clippings a year into already bursting landfills — material that could... that your landscape is imperfect and impure if you don't slave over it, using fertilizers... world. Lawns are a noble's ideal, literally, and since the 1800s Americans have been... deal with lawn? And how and why should we lose some of it?..."
Your Yard: Are You Ready to Lose the Lawn?
"perfectly kept lawn. Watering needs can be high, fertilizing can get costly and mowing and... have a landscaping company do the laborious work for you, but that's not to say that... a lush lawn of green is your only option for a beautiful yard. From bricks to gravel... grass-filled landscape. Read along to see for yourself.... Aust. Be careful with replacing lawn with too much hardscaping, lawns and plantings... half of a lawn this size and still keep with the aesthetic and overall landscape theme..."
15 Great Ideas for a Lawn-Free Yard
"The lawn has enjoyed decades of popularity, and while there are still plenty of things... great lawn, that expanse of green can sometimes be more trouble than it’s worth.... leave our lawn cutting on the lawn as it makes for a healthier lawn and the cutting feed... mowing the lawn, but I DO mind watering it. if I had my way, we'd have ZERO lawn! (but... on the lawn and kids thing. I use to LOVE playing on our front lawn growing up, and..."
How to Replace Your Lawn With a Garden
"cient landscape can often look more at home and more beautiful than a landscape dominated... part of a lawn to a more diverse planting can have multiple benefits — from an expanded... their lawn. The trick is not to get your lawn care advice from a company that makes... to take care of them to establish well. My lawn care is free in the end, that's interesting... sells lawn care products or is supported by their advertising. I'm in the middle..."
Houzz Call: Are You Letting Go of Your Lawn?
"how to landscape without a lawn. Now it’s your turn. Do you plan to lose the lawn... had a lawn. But the American lawn’s popularity might be waning. Record droughts... love our lawns. As children we played on a lush green carpet in the front yard; in college... games. Lawns are woven into the cultural fabric of Americans — even George Washington... freshly cut lawn just isn’t working anymore for many. According to a Houzz survey, one..."
5 Great Grasses for a New Lawn
"their lawns, some live in neighborhoods where taking out the front lawn is prohibited... to the lawn issue lies in selecting the best type of lawn for your area. It's not... Lawns have been coming under attack as of late — after all, they are high-maintenance... unhealthy landscape environment. And while many people want to reduce the size of or... The lawn in Botanica Atlanta | Landscape Design looks like a green carpet, just..."
How to Plant a New Lawn From Sod
"fresh lawn in your current home, starting a lawn from sod is a fairly easy project... a new lawn fast? Whether you've recently finished building a house and need a lawn... healthy lawn you're aiming for, so follow these guidelines.... table the lawn owner has to use some common sense. I agree. Lush, green lawns are beautiful... installing a lawn as well. Perhaps suggest rather than installing a lawn, instead create..."
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