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How to Light a Kitchen for Older Eyes and Better Beauty
"kinds of light in your kitchen's universal design plan to make it more workable and... on of light, so that more light is often needed to see. This changes how we perceive... amount of light, location of the light source and color temperature will improve your... and our lighting requirements change. The ability to focus on near objects decreases... different lighting solutions. These solutions won't benefit just them; they will also..."
8 Creative Lighting Solutions for Food Prep
"from can lights, fluorescents and LEDs. Here are eight creative ideas for lighting your... Lighting can be a real doozy when you’re assembling your dream kitchen. Not only... softer light sources you desire. They key to finding this balance often lies in choosing... about lighting! @Studio41 fluorescent lights are awful but you made the right decision... their lighting perfectly. The over-sized pendants provide great light and look amazing..."
5 Questions to Ask for the Best Room Lighting
"accent lighting right for decorative beauty, less eyestrain and a focus exactly where... whether your lighting works. Lighting is a telltale sign of design quality and one of the... composition of light, layers, direction and flow. If your lighting choreography consists... years, the lighting trends change," says Melissa Kilgore, a lighting specialist at Ferguson... right, lighting functions as a carefully tuned orchestra, creating a pitch-perfect..."
How to Get the Pendant Light Right
"popular lighting choice for a wide range of rooms. Being aware of a few basic guidelines... pendant lights do I need? Can LED lights provide enough task lighting? Are they dimmable... of the lighting is stunning!! I'm having a hard time picking pendant lights for a... pendant lights have to proved light to the countertop surface yet, if you're sitting... pendant lights in a dining room: Yes, you want them low enough to light the table..."
The Lowdown on High-Efficiency LED Lighting
"cient lighting design that looks great... LEDs (light-emitting diodes) came on the market, people were slow to use them at... because the lights tended to give off a bluish-white hue. Today that has all changed.... yellow light many homeowners prefer in their living spaces. Though the upfront cost... better-quality light. LEDs can last up to 25,000 hours and use 75 percent less energy than... range of light, from soft and warm to crisp and cool, and come in various design options..."
How to Light Your Bathroom Right
"proper lighting. I spoke with two lighting experts about how best to transform a... refuge with light. Here's their advice.... Natural light, task lights above each vanity, lighting over the tub, and even accent... natural light first then electric lights well placed. While natural light is wonderful... Natural light from a window or sky light is as important then those mentioned. Especially... Natural light is the best light source for bathrooms, unfortunately many bathrooms..."
Pick the Right Pendant for Your Kitchen Island
"pendant lights when you can have your pick of colors and kinds to match your kitchen's... droplet lights. Builder-grade pendant lights have become as predictable as maple and... Because the lights that hang over your kitchen peninsula are a great opportunity to amp... pendant lights of different styles. Some are more subdued, some are major scene stealers... style of light? Any suggesion would be great! Those blue morrocan lights just slay me..."
How to Choose the Right Solar Lights
"solar lights, where to use them and why you might want to avoid the bargain bin... solar-powered lights really work? How do they measure up to hardwired electric lights? And... solar lighting outdoors can be a lifesaver when outdoor outlets are not available... cheap path light is that they don't light any od the surrounds - the light itself glows... incandescent light color at the proper brightness level solar lighting to light my Flag..."
House Hunting? Look Carefully at the Light
"placed lighting fixtures, and keep the window coverings light, airy, and light filtering... flick on a light switch in the summer. Pure magic! Not only check for light but angle... block our light. We not only have excellent light from the south, it comes from at least... lots of light coming in, giving us good light and a fantastic view over the landscape... even more light. Light, space and character, those are the requirements for me. Anything..."
Get Your Home's Recessed Lighting Right
"how much light a room needs plus how to space downlights, use dimmers and more... mix of lighting, and recessed lighting is a big part of that success. Well-placed... recessed lighting (also known as can lights or downlights) can highlight a room's best... Lighting design is both an art and a science. Our homes thrive when we choose the... Recess lights are to poorest way to light an area. They light up a very specific..."
Objects of Desire: 8 Gorgeous Globe Light Fixtures
"globe light to a constellation of pendants... they’re lighting a half bath or a grand entryway, globe fixtures have a way of giving... globe lights in the article! Our take on the globe light is this vintage bubble... com/categories/lighting/products/mayuhana-pendant#.U5hHfPldWSo Here is my globe light I made... the Ikea light derby posted above, could you get another light that would fit over your... white light, some a bluish light and others are more yellow - maybe just a different..."
Lace Goes Modern in an Upholsterer's DIY Pendant Lights
"pendant lights you can make yourself... high-impact lighting statement for your home. After more than a few tries at mastering... these lacy light globes, I now understand what designers are up against on the road to... of LED lights inside) and to pop over the solar pathway lights will make for a high... for a light kit but no luck. Can you explain what you purchased? Did the light have... from the light bulb, there is no hazard of it getting very hot. Amazing! Very creative..."
So You Bought a Cave: 7 Ways to Open Your Home to Light
"natural light your house does have — and learn to appreciate some shadows, too... lack of light. From the day we took possession of our home until it burned down, we... absorb light and light colors reflect light. Dark floors (or walls or ceilings) will... add any light except those accent lights on the mantel and hearth. Please excuse the... right lighting fixtures will light up every space. Well, for me, curtains draped..."
Bedroom Pendants Hang With the Best Styles
"pendant lights by a bed are as stylish as they are practical... right light fixture. As a designer, I consider lighting to be my secret weapon. Entire... ndant lights aren't just for kitchens. Most rooms, including bedrooms, can really... Consider lighting up your bedside with a pendant-style fixture instead of a table lamp... additional light with can lights. Can lights are inexpensive to install and have a discreet..."
Pendant Lighting 101
"pendant lights wrap practical function in a pretty package... well-layered lighting plan. Not only do they channel task lighting where it's needed, but... ts — lights that hang from a ceiling via cords, chains or poles — are essential... com/shop/lighting/pendant_lights/315/Glass+Pendant+Lights.htm These are simple and great... Lighting is often ignored. SImple pendant lighting can make a huge difference in... pendant light love! Check out our Houzz for more pendant lighting inspiration and ideas..."
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