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How to Make Your Brick House Feel at Home in the Landscape
"Brick is one of the most popular choices for home exteriors in the U.S. For many... with its brick exterior, grand scale and formal lines, personifies the American dream... made of brick, stone, siding or stucco, we can take some cues from our houses to make... white lime. Evemaire16 - Your lime washed brick is beautiful! Nicely done! :) This... We lime washed our brick. We love it! The landscape really pops against the white..."
How to Wash Your House
"like brick, can be damaged by the wrong tools. Here you'll find out which method... presssure wash to clean the surfaces - and the presssure washing day is always a bit... pressured washed the siding/shakes. The solution and the washing removed everything including... is 1/2 brick and 1/2 painted material. I wash the house once a year with a bucket... house wash is Crud Cutter House Wash which you can originally buy with a hose-attachment..."
What You Need to Know Before Painting Brick
"painted brick can be a great look. But you need to take some risks into account. Here's... painting brick. Diana Zumeta of Brick Restoration, Scott Crocker of Crocker Breslin... times brick looks beautiful — and sometimes it's an eyesore. Depending on the style... home, a brick fireplace or wall may detract from your ideal ambience. Although painting... painting the brick in your home has been touted as an easy DIY fix, it has its downsides..."
Interior Brick: Paint it or Leave It?
"covering that brick is a sin or solution... paint brick and when is it a crime? Here’s a few examples of interior brick best... interior brick walls have it. The plan included 10 gallons of flat white paint, me sporting... interior brick snow white, my uber-opinionated friends had many a choice word with me... using a lime wash or mortar wash ilo of painting over the brick? My father designed... on the brick and the room. Sometimes brick especially worn antiqued brick adds warmth..."
How to Make an Interior Brick Wall Work
"style a brick wall to fit your design scheme... interior brick wall can be considered a timeless treasure, an eyesore, a quirky feature... and bold brick certainly draws a lot of glances, imploring passersby to consider it... knowhow, brick can add a unique, perfectly imperfect touch to any room — it has an organic... write off brick, get to know some basics of preserving, finishing, styling and otherwise... to real bricks. an For hanging art on a brick wall I discovered Brick Clips. They..."
Cool Tip: Mimic Stain With a DIY Color Wash
"this easy wash made with paint... before the wash, the wash will not absorb into the wood and will pretty much be wasting... color wash will give it a very noticable green tint. Poly will also change the tint... color wash you may use. I recommend a water base varnish which remains clear when... color wash technique for natural oak windows and doors? I'd like them to be darker... color wash? at least that is how I am reading it, just wanted to be clear.. and..."
Architect's Toolbox: Wash the Wall With Sunlight
"the sun washing down the walls in our outdoor living room here in Mexico. Thanks jenson... magic. A brick wall is a natural to be washed in light. The texture and overall feel... these bricks were stacked by hand comes out when lit this way. Certainly washing... the side washes across a surface to change how we see and understand that surface.... light washing across the surface from top to bottom makes this stairway a place to..."
Citrus Hues Add Zest to Rooms
"when you wash your spaces with the refreshing colors of lemons, limes and oranges... lemon, lime, and tangerine can do wonders for making a home feel clean and tidy without... *Try lime with deeper apple green and navy for a rich and sophisticated take on... Love lime. Lime green is a bold hue, but when given plenty of white space to breathe... print in lime green paired with a white mirror. Enhance with orange. While anything..."
How to Paint Brick Like a Pro
"beat-up brick wall? Treat it to a fresh face with paint in any color you choose... painting a brick wall makes some people blanch in horror, there are times when it makes... give a brick surface new life.... the same brick. For exterior walls, is pressure washing your brick recommended? My... painting a brick fireplace? Would Kiltz be a good primer for brick? When I paint brick... paint a brick fireplace if you could see the exterior patio of brick from that room..."
How Brick Fits Into Today’s Gardens
"tural brick is often considered a traditional building material. Here’s how people... against a brick garden wall warmed by the autumn sun, I pondered whether this ancient... gardens? Brick has been a favorite material for gardens for centuries, from Roman courtyards... found brick laying to be a form of relaxation and built an extensive wall at his... garden. Brick, which has been with us in one form or another since humans first started..."
Yes, You Can Use Brick in the Kitchen
"lowdown on brick and brick veneer: whether or not to seal it, how to make a brick veneer... using brick in the kitchen, and that’s a shame. Brick can lend a wonderful historic... a thin brick veneer will look oh so faux. There’s no need to fear. Here’s the lowdown... most brick companies like Acme Brick offer a 'brick slice' or 'thin brick' that are... can also brick the floor! I chose brick floors and brick and stone back splash 10 years..."
Kitchen of the Week: Brick, Wood and Clean White Lines
"original brick but adds an eat-in area and bright new cabinets... I love brick, i've always loved brick, and this kitchen hits the nail on the head... kept the brick. And the white makes the brick pop, the touches of metal and softer... with the brick. It works! i love the look of the brick; but next to the stove? how... oven in brick. They had the same knife rack mounted on the brick side wall. It was... fix the brick problem of grease/oil when cooking, cover the brick wall around the stove..."
Houzz Interview: The Brick House
"on The Brick House for quite awhile. One of the things that is SO delicious about... If The Brick House is new to you, you have a lot of catching up to do, but don't fret... being The Brick House was something like number forty on the list of houses we viewed... to The Brick House, click here. In honor of all of the hard work and ingenuity over... at The Brick House, we're giving away a $50 Lowe's gift certificate. Leave a comment..."
My Houzz: Ecofriendly and Salvaged Style in a Montreal Triplex
"whether the bricks are sand stock, bricks, with lime/sand mortar joints, if so was the... exposed brick without much ornamentation/art... brick is beautiful i love it. It has... on that brick. Again to those not in Montreal, these brick walls are a classic feature... books, brick walls and old wood in open spaces- just a great dwelling. looks great... exposed brick to the industrial lighting and the book shelves. Repurposing the wood..."
How to Pick the Right Floor for Your Garden Room
"flagstone, brick, tile and more with our mini guide to outdoor flooring surfaces... stone, brick, etc. Otherwise, consider brick or pavers with darker colors, or slate... "fake." A brick is a brick, a paver is a paver -- they look like what they are and each... herringbone bricks, but you're right, they'd pop out when the ground heaves during our... i used LIME under an arbor about 18 years ago and nothing has grown there yet....but..."
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