1108 Modern Residence Stories

Steps and Stairs Elevate Modern Exterior Entryways
"angle, modern ascents on a home's entrance serve both architectural and aesthetic... elements. The residences have very pleasing architectural landscape layouts with the structural... stunning residences could not have been placed in a better position to look out onto..."
Modern or Contemporary: What's the Difference?
"essence of modern and contemporary home design styles... between modern and contemporary architecture? Why the distinction? At their most literal... moment. "Modern" architecture breaks with the past — specifically the traditional styles... And "modern" recalls the early- and mid-20th-century architecture embodying the... in the modern, even if it does not resemble it stylistically. The photos that follow... question, "modern or contemporary?" I hope the answers will elucidate the similarities..."
Must-Know Modern Homes: Gropius House
"conception of modern architecture by responding personally to its site... masters of modern architecture. His buildings are not as widely known as those of the... shows how modern architecture, often seen as universalizing, actually responds to particulars... of his residence as I should have. It's interesting, as well, to see the vastly... Details of Modern Architecture, Volume 1". Chapter 10 has a fascinating analysis of the..."
Iconic Architecture: 10 Must-Know Modern Homes
"es of modern architecture are still influencing home design today — see if any elements... "Must-Know Modern" series, which will take in-depth looks at 10 icons of modern residential... seems that modern architecture has 10 times as many detractors as proponents, even though... dislike for modernism can be attributed to the way it broke with the classical tradition... trace modern architecture from 19th-century neoclassicism and the Industrial Revolution..."
Houzz Tour: A Modern Take on a Montana Log House
"form a modern camp-like atmosphere for the couple, their kids and grandkids to vacation... respecting the residence within it's environment and what great ideas and use of material... Rustic and modern at the same time, dark but friendly warm. The details, use of materials... ultra modern homes, but this place is truly stunning. Get the guest bedroom ready... taking up residence in the outside wall, and dust and insects have become ensconced on..."
Regional Modern Architecture: Seattle Splendor
"tle's modern homes celebrate place with warming foundations and spectacular views... Regional Modern series now moves to the West Coast, the home of Houzz and therefore... browsing modern and contemporary houses in a particular region allows for an adequate... regional modern architecture: Chicago | Boston | Austin | NYC | NY Metro | Oregon |... popular modern houses on Houzz is this residence overlooking Flowing Lake. Glass exterior..."
Regional Modern: San Francisco Opens to the View
"create modern designs that blend in while they stand out... regional modern architecture: Chicago | Boston | Austin | NYC | NY Metro | Oregon |... size in a modern way. The wood slats on the ground floor ensure privacy, but the wraparound... reveals a modern addition that more than doubles the existing house size. Lots of glass... thoroughly modern, but the front facade's mix of two scales — the fine grain of the wood..."
The Bay Window Goes Modern
"idea in modern houses and in modern renovations of old houses.... When modern and contemporary architecture "abandon" traditional architectural elements... benefits of modern answers to bay windows — increased area, light and seating capacity... a true modern bay in my living room. Not sure how to furnish. Needs to flow from main... Want to modernize but don't want to give up the light/view it gives. Guess I'll just..."
The Lower-Cost, Low-Tech Modern Home
"rich in modern spaces and style... otherwise modern in terms of space and style. More: Regional Modern Home Design... While modern design can be seen as cost prohibitive to many, its basic characteristics... Mid-Century-Modern meets Texas Hill Country (where I happen to live), and at a price and... texas residences clad in corrugated galvanized tin, their origin most certainly was... often modern homes are beyond the grasp of all but the rich. I hardly think it necessary..."
Must-Know Modern Homes: Mies van der Rohe's Villa Tugendhat
"masterpiece of modern design in the Czech Republic, newly restored and open to the public... ode to modernism is stunning. I like this house much more than the Farnsworth glass... functional and modern looking! My husband and I lived in Brno in 2003 and were able to talk... looks modern, even if the dining room resembles a corporate conference room. Amazing... it in residences, office towers and other buildings. The wood door spans to the ceiling;..."
My Houzz: A Prefab Modern Farmhouse Rises in Vermont
"prefabricated modern farmhouse as a weekend getaway. The couple's Realtor, Michael Brodeur... ation-residence-modern-- the new house did get the short end of the deal here, though... wonderful modern comfort and style. I am available for adoption!!! The beams in... The modern ones seem as expensive as new construction, but I talked to an architect... small modern prefab project, and did it turn out less expensive to do so? If so..."
Modern Canadian Homes Showcase Clever Entryways
"entry in modern designs, through entrance canopies and elevated walkways. This time... entrances in modern houses. Instead of sharing formal traits, though, the following examples... regional modernism exhibits a warm and embracing balance of solid and void, brick (or... are few modern neighbourhoods so putting one here and there seems like the only solution... adding some modern finishes: numbers, door, lights. The house is still fairly "run of the..."
My Houzz: Modernism Takes a Natural Turn in Pennsylvania
"for a modern house. We took great care in making the house extremely energy efficient... even a "modern" mcmansion is still the same. I am glad you went with some energy saving... house a modern mcmansion reflects that you don't even understand the term.... term "modern" does not change that fact and except for rain harvesting (which isn't... isn't modern) I do not see what makes that house worth $850,000. So here is your..."
Brazilian Homes Score With Modern Style and Fun
"Brazilian modernism as the World Cup kicks off... Niemeyer’s modern masterpieces in Brasília, to the whimsical promenade by Roberto Burle... furniture, modernism in Brazil plays by its own rules. Let’s take a look at three modern... mashup of modern and favela. Or something more playful like Niemeyer's buildings. Beautiful... Angeles. Modern/Sterile: highly overrated. Love glass walls. But how to keep them stain..."
'Houses of Maine' Puts Modernism in Its Place — in Nature
"book give modern architecture a natural context... unmistakably modern yet also born of Maine's harsh yet beautiful climate; the houses are... "ultra modern" style of these homes. In fact, we just built a modern house...yes... interior is modern, warm and inviting. It screams 'mine'. ;-) Beautiful. Thanks, John... ultra modern style, like the poster above me stated, these houses aren't appropriate... appreciate the modern designs and interesting use of materials and such but have to agree..."
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