1062 Modern Residence Stories

Modern Design Meets Traditional Forms
"early modern architects wanting to abandon neoclassical architecture) and sustainability... provides modern comforts within traditional forms. What follows are examples that... previous residence are these four buildings also in Washington that are actually separate... separate residences, what Rhodes Architecture + Light call "an alternative to the 'Street... impression the residence evolved over a number of years by composing the 3,200-square-foot..."
Regional Modern: Vibrant Layers of Old and New in NYC
"regional modern architecture: Boston | Chicago | Austin | NY Metro | Seattle | Oregon... This residence overlooking Central Park is a sparse white space that is activated... most NYC residents don't have any outdoor space, save a stoop or bit of fire escape... regional modernism, next.More lofts:Geometry and Art in ChelseaAn Art Lover's Inviting... regional modern architecture:Boston | Chicago | Austin | NY Metro | Seattle | Oregon..."
7 Stunning Glass Walkways in Modern Homes
"these modern walkways provide a path between rooms and clear views of the landscape... and its modern addition. Love the concept. Great idea; beautiful executions. But... and very modern. Another alternative if you're clients are worried about maintenance... mountain residence. The view from the walkway is phenomenal, so it's easy to see why..."
Why We Love Midcentury Modern Design
"midcentury modern design that has so many of us in a decorating tizzy? In this digital... midcentury modern tastes. Everyone knows someone with a story about an unbelievable find... midcentury modern furnishings. With so much inventory being available, everyone from the... Century Modern which was probably Danish Modern. To this day, I remember her as "Judy... midcentury modernism has become the latest 'traditional style', providing comfort and..."
Houzz Tour: Modern Plays Nice in a Historic Houston Neighborhood
"ubtle modern details make this new home stand out from its elderly neighbors without... unmistakably modern that could still pass the litmus test with the historic association... can do a modern home that plays nice with the neighbors but is unapologetic about being... being a modern home,” he says. He succeeded with a house that embraces Arts and... subtle modern nuances that play with materials and irregular patterns. The plan worked:..."
Houzz Tour: From Olden Church to Soaring Modern Marvel
"awe-inspiring modern home would help ensure its staying power. “We wanted to preserve the... a new modern building with a plush master suite, ramping up the square footage to... updated with modern! Wow… what a unique space. I live in a small town with lots of old... and the modern have been intergrated. Read my blog Devine- living in a church! htt... presence resides there, wouldn't He be honored by the institution of family to occupy..."
My Houzz: Tropical Modern Casitas Perch in the Nicaraguan Hills
"love of modern architecture. So in 2004 he formed CasaMod, a development company based... perfect Modern fit on the coastline. Very well done, I can't wait to visit them... tropical modern — a nod to architect Glenn Murcutt of Australia, who "has done a lot... tropical modernism in a way that recognizes and embraces the climate and setting," Dull... Texas, residence. "If you are building a house in a remote part of the world, be patient..."
Houzz Tour: 800-Year-Old Walls, Modern Interiors in Provence
"distinctly modern additions; old and new are distinguished in what is now a luxurious... decor is modern (we live in a modern world don't we?) It's perhaps more modern than... additions modern for a wonderful juxtaposition of old and new. Well done!! Thanks for... details, modern with rustic elements. I can certainly appreciate that much thought... with more modern furnishings. But something here doesn't sit quite right and I can't..."
Houzz Tour: Visit a Modern Update in Oakland
"something more modern that spoke to the eclectic warehouse edginess of the surrounding ne... TOGETHER MODERN. I get the feeling the architect needed to DO modern...don't! Save... beautiful modern transformation. Instead of a simple outdoor table, one can add a teak... other modern stucco box now. The arch gave it some character. And I agree with the... ion. Modern, yet not sterile. Loving the boxy guess bed/day bed number. Wood beamed..."
What’s Fueling Austin’s Edgy Modern Architecture?
"nking modern homes? One of-the-moment city from which we can pluck a formula to... recent modern homes for sale in austin here. http://creedefitch.com/austin-modern-homes/... hip. Modern Architecture is rare in the city. There are outstanding examples but... look of modern homes from a design aspect but much rather live in the comfort of my... history of modern architecture, starting in the 50's when Harwell Hamilton Harris a protégé..."
Step Right Up: Expressing Movement on Modern Stairs
"interesting modern and contemporary stair designs than with ones populated by people ascending... not into modern myself, I do like to see creativity such as these various stair designs... spirals. Modern Staircase ... These are all beautiful... BUT. ... Check your local building... love the modern look of open risers, but may not be practical if you have a small dog... mezzanine with modern open-riser stairs from the main office below up to the mezzanine. I..."
Roots of Style: Pueblo Revival Architecture Welcomes Modern Life
"many modern houses have adapted the architecture into wood-framed buildings, maintaining... As a resident of the Phoenix area I love living out in the "middle of nowhere" with... coast resident, planning to renovate a 30 yr. old kitchen in a custom built Santa... allowed. The residents recognize we live in the desert and all means to not deplete natural... like most modern Americans do and not like the Anasazi did---and pray tell--WHERE did..."
Stucco Smooths Modern Home Exteriors
"Museum of Modern Art's 1932 exhibition "The International Style: Architecture Since 1922... promoted modern architecture as a style. Now-familiar elements like horizontal ribbon... lines of modern architecture, but stucco still finds a place, especially in climates... favor of modern forms balanced with vernacular considerations, such as climate, views... ancient-modern connection. Plaster is timeless and ambigious, Baroque or Modern...."
Houzz Tour: Modern 'Pods' Offer a Log Cabin Compromise
"about modern -- the coldness. The wood here makes it warm. Much nicer. Modern designs... primary residence, so it could be more affordable. My sisters and I have a fun daydream... e and modern at the same time. *Chilling on a couch in front of a fireplace* :)... homes of modern styles. @Lazidazi It is expensive, but it has several different living... with the "modern" look we like. This hits it perfectly and now there is hope for us..."
Houzz Tour: Creek Views Star in a Modern New York Home
"lovely, modern design with wonderful light-filled interiors and wonderful outdoor views... very modern, contemporary with walls of windows, why? Are they afraid that if they... "upstate" residents pay to keep them (downstaters) happy. And on and on it goes... lol... have a modern box. We live without window treatments but have pitched roofs that..."
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