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Modern Garden Designs for Modern Homes
"sm in design — wrote, “The modern house requires modern surroundings, and in most... garden designer and the author of Gardens in the Modern Landscape, who was a strong... garden design, whether they suit the houses they surround or not. Some modern trends... lot of modern house design mirroring the International style, surely the surrounding... restful modern garden just as much as our restful modern house. It's understandable..."
Why We Love Midcentury Modern Design
"midcentury modern design that has so many of us in a decorating tizzy? In this digital... that were designed 50 to 60 years ago? Eames, Noguchi, Nelson — these designers' pieces... midcentury modern tastes. Everyone knows someone with a story about an unbelievable find... midcentury modern furnishings. With so much inventory being available, everyone from the... midcentury modern design will 'love' something else a few years from now. And, honestly..."
Designing Home: Jews and Midcentury Modernism
"architects and designers in postwar America reimagined our homes and everything in them... embraced modern design. According to a new exhibition set to open at San Francisco’s... States. Designing Home: Jews and Midcentury Modernism explores how Jewish architects... architects and designers changed the look of our homes and and the things that fill them.... some "modern design" homes. I'm more of a traditionalist when it comes to home design..."
Roots of Style: Midcentury Modern Design
"ntury modern still charms with its linear forms and low-sloping roofs. Appreciate... midcentury modern home design leads us back to that 30-year stretch from 1945 to 1975... progressive design in everything from clothing to automobiles. At the time modern home... home design was referred to as contemporary. The term "midcentury modern" came into common... home design. This honesty of construction appeals to our need to understand and..."
Prefab Homes Expand Modern Design's Reach
"architects design prefabricated dwellings they call "modern modular," influenced by the... affordable modern houses. Modern Modular, a new book from Princeton Architectural Press... their modern modular design works and see what the book offers.... ultra-modern they are and seem more designed for northern climates. I'm in Texas... NOT for "modern design" reasons---in 1976 in Mexico and the idea never left me. Sturdy..."
Hope for the Future: Lessons From Midcentury Modern Design
"mid-century modernism. With true lightness and joy, these houses express a genuine optimism... mid-century modern spirit and combine it with today's more sustainable and efficient processes... Post Modernism ushered in a sort of design dark ages. The virtues of honesty and... modular design, created by 2012 ICFF winning designer, Eric Pfeiffer of San Francisco... about good design, they are all about excess. They are the architectural equivalent of..."
Roots of Style: Prairie Architecture Ushers In Modern Design
"landscape and modern times. Learn the details here... first modern residential architecture predating the West Coast–born Craftsman style... European modernism. Third, its original era briefly lasted until around World War I... mid-century modern design). Beautiful architectural homes.Great article. Ah ... the... wonderful designer, but his ability to correctly engineer the designs didn't match his... Wright designs. I really like that the design is of the building and not on it...."
Steel-Framed Windows Leap Forward Into Modern Designs
"architectural design. Then, with lighter and stronger steel replacing cast iron, windows... materials, designs and finishes, these windows are undergoing a resurgence.... front" modern type of design. Frames are fabricated in Painted Steel, Solid Bronze... With all design, it is of course finding that compromise between good design, and desirable... building a modern home and using metal aluminum windows. Ours are a bit "thicker" since..."
Modern Design Meets Traditional Forms
"anything designed by an architect is outside "the compass of the vernacular." Yet... early modern architects wanting to abandon neoclassical architecture) and sustainability... contend that designing with the vernacular as a guide leads to responsible green buildings)... provides modern comforts within traditional forms. What follows are examples that... to our design. Thanks for the ideas. Good work and research..."
Ribbon Windows: Openness, Privacy and Cool, Modern Design
"5) Free design of the facade. These interrelated design considerations were responses... Points of Modern Architecture: 1) Supports, or pilotis; 2) Roof gardens; 3) Free design... statement for modern architecture. Decades later, ribbon windows are a fairly common element... element in modern and contemporary houses. To be considered as extensions of Le Corbusier's... Points of Modern Architecture. That last bedroom image has always been one of my favorites..."
Houzz Tour: Modern Design Merges With Hindu Heritage in Houston
"Can modern architecture be used to enable a family's traditions and heritage? The... ntury modernism ignored tradition in a number of ways. But given that today's modern... combines modern style with today's technologies and ways of life, is it possible that... balance of modern life and the heritage of a three-generation family is but one way of... Houston, designed by Intexure Architects. This ideabook will walk you through the house..."
Wood for Good Modern Design
"to your modern interiors with the help of wood... clean and modern lines of minimalist design. When contrasted against shiny metal, stone... interior design over the past few years because they work wonders when combined with... be. Our designer used handscraped wood in our contemporary design which warmed up the... Architectural Design work featured in Interior Design Magazine. Thanks Katya for the reminder... used for modern interiors. Here's one with faux zebrawood, removable & reusable wallcovering..."
Finding the 'Wabi-Sabi' in Midcentury Modern Design
"between modern Western design and wabi-sabi, the ancient Japanese philosophy of finding... midcentury modern design. See Part 1 in this series... indigenous design constructs that embody simplicity and imperfect beauty, he said. When... a more modern minimal design trend! I think people are tired of having meaningless... 90s, all modern. It needs to be soothing and down to earth again. Pure materials, durable... romance. Design and fashion are just like the tide, they comes in waves. Thanks Robyn..."
Modern Design Captures Valuable Rain
"means. Design features that do something with the increasingly valuable resource of... ocean. We designed two large cisterns under the main house. Approximately 20,000 gallons... is the design of the roof. Here is a house with a large overhang that provides more... that the design and placement of these objects are important. These are substantial... landscape is designed for "the infiltration of 100 percent of the storm water onsite." From..."
Modern Patio Designs
"Modern patio designs seamlessly blend the interior of the home with the natural world... patio. Modern patio designs also incorporate elements for entertaining, such as barbecue... firepits. Modern patio designs provide sleek entertaining and relaxing areas that blend... research to design the patio here in Montreal and it is not easy to find someone that makes... patio design custom red cedar. He call'd Stephan Beaulieu and photographs of its..."
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