100 Sensio Power Pod Stories

Power to the People: Outlets Right Where You Want Them
"access to power has never been easier... all the power! leaving little for the phone. And make sure the power strip you install... couch (the power reclined version) but has two built in usb plugs, 2 outlets and a decent... phones, iPods, ipads, controllers or anything without having to contort to awkward positions... Undercounter power strip I wanted the telescoping socket when we built our house. Saw it... outlet power strip placed on the backrest. I wish this was here a few months ago..."
The Unparalleled Power of Trees
"That's a powerful -- and saddening -- concept. Scarbowcow- thanks for sharing the medals... quantities of pods and fronds - they required a huge amount of maintenance. So yesterday... into the power lines, and left the rest of it alone. It's not as beautiful as it once... nearly as powerful a place. You could pave this driveway with any stone or modular paver... even more powerful because it is framed by trees. The trees bring the distant landscape..."
Flower Power: Pick Your Palette From Posies
"balloon-like pods as they age which look great both in the garden and n dried flower ar..."
Thanks, Steve: Apple-Inspired Design at Home
"Mac and iPod aesthetic synchs up with today's house... to the iPod, iPhone, iPad and iconic Apple Stores, Apple has led the way. And not just... was a powerful message and a trendsetter for many blockbuster Superbowl commercials... iPad, iPod and iPhone accessories and must-haves — and how the Apple aesthetic has... what the iPod box would look like if another company besides Apple had made it. Anyway... Little iPod, BIG SPEAKER! "Don't bury the bass," as they say. Here's the iPod docked..."
What Really Makes Us Happy at Home? Find Out From a New Houzz Survey
"has a powerful impact on our happiness in our homes. So do good cooking smells, family... stereos, no power tools & equipment, no shooting, no obnoxious kids (well-behaved kids... my big iPod on shuffle. Listening to tunes, changing out the pottery pieces on my... on her iPod. :) When outside, it's sitting by the pond watching the koi and watching..."
Students’ Award-Winning Home Leaves Small Footprint
"solar-powered New Zealand prefab home has good looks to match... solar power, airtight construction and a small footprint, this home, designed and... solar-powered homes. Now relocated to a picturesque beach at Hawkes Bay, its eco... separate pods connected by a central breezeway. One pod contains a bedroom, bathroom... panels that power the home are more visible. The house uses photovoltaic (PV) panels,..."
Gadget Watch: What's New for the High-Tech Home
"solar-powered iPhone charger and other hot home gadgets... solar powered battery charger, here is a roundup of new gadgets that will have you... solar powered bonsai-shaped tree with 27 “leaves” you can arrange to sun-soaked... your iPod touch, iPhone, or iPad or PC with a wireless signal. There’s no word on... Total power caps out at 16 watts, and a 5-band equalizer is on board, which can be... iPad, or iPod Touch) to function as both the monitor and receiver. Available in open..."
On Show: Weird, Wondrous Science Meets Design
"built. Power-generating soil. And snail poop that ... well, see for yourself in our... minutes of power used each hour. The plant walls that have become popular here could... battery powered clothes. So instead of heating your whole house, you heat just your... solar powered silver material lunch boxes that unfold and can be set in your office... concept: Eco pods that can be interlocked and robotically moved. They would contain algae..."
Houzz Tour: Going Completely Off the Grid in Nova Scotia
"Powered by sunshine and built with salvaged materials, this Canadian home is an... residence powered entirely by the sun. With many of their clients inquiring about green... founded on powerful personal relationships...I admire that the most. Sadly, life on Adak... If the power utility goes down, the Concept House is off-grid and produces its own... create power. The woodstove is a perfect match on these grey days. The woodstove was..."
Guest Picks: Stay Charged
"It’s power to the people with the coolest smartphone and tablet chargers, stations... go to power up. To help solve my problem, I rounded up 20 finds to stay on top of... energy to power up a mobile. That’s what I call sunshine power! This supercute heart... This power station delivers power faster. And the orange color just makes it cool... station powers up smart phones and hides messy cords. I like how it’s a special spot..."
Why Google Just Paid $3.2 Billion for a Company That Makes Thermostats
"of the iPod and iPhone, Tony Fadell told his friends and family he was leaving one... your VOTE power to elect the right people into positions of power. BUT THIS IS NOT THE... n the power company labeled as marginal. Linda.Linda2 After hurricane Katrina,... intrusion. The powers will enslave not with force, but with conveniences. Hardly any room... what the powers are providing. Control by stealth. Google is working with NASA and..."
Great Design Plant: Retreat to the Shade of Hardy Catalpa
"brown pods cling to the branches and look like multiple exclamation points against... dropped seed pods and spent blossoms are less of an issue. How long do they live? We have... the seed pods before they break open. In the 8 years I've been caring for mine I've... the bean pods. I lived in Utah for a few years and my 90-year-old neighbor Norma had... the bean pods which drop starting in the fall and continuing into the following spring..."
Tech to the Rescue: How to Get Stolen Gadgets Back
"iPhones, iPods, an Apple TV device, jewelry, kitchen appliances and Steve Jobs’ California... remove power from the computer before the upload can take place. Software for Mac... serious power and flexibility on most non-Apple devices, however, you'll probably need..."
Simple Pleasures: Put Your Records On
"Music is a powerful tool that can influence mood, create atmosphere and soothe frazzled... into my iPod where I can bring my library with me in the car... The media room is plastered... in the iPod...not to mention plugging into the PS3 for surround sound (try finding... have an iPod and NEVER use Shuffle. Yes, I have to pick another album every 30 to 80... as my iPod, and I rarely play it, I refuse to part with the stereo or the records..."
From the Wild, Home: Elements of a Landscape of Experience
"us some powerful lessons when developing our home gardens. In the wild, meadows of... peas in a pod. I look forward to viewing your work and reading your future ideabooks... Simple and powerful. Benjamin: thanks so much for the kind words.... become powerful additions to a garden's circulation. Walking from one place in the... creates a powerful experience. Arbors, walls, trees and tall perennials become great... embraces the powerful regional landscape. The experience with this Northern California..."
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