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Trend Alert: Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign
"street signs is a no-no, hanging vintage signs is a trend that's here to stay. Fun... painted signs, old bus scrolls and subway signs make a statement and start conversations... "simplify" sign with the tv and fireplace doesn't work for me; it's a visual oxymoron... LIMIT" sign was bought by the homeowners spouse,to signify that the house decorating... follow signs to Chamblee's antique row (it runs parallel to Peachtree Industrial)..."
Reinvent It: Street Signs Become a Lively Kitchen Backsplash
"street signs and that the old ones were for sale, so we had the idea to do some kind... selected signs with tree names from their neighborhood. The designers also expanded... CROSSING sign and STOP sign among others. Too big for a kitchen but the COW CROSSING... of the sign ... i had loads of street signs on my bedroom walls when i was 10 years... street signs. But that color is only in the street signs and is not repeated anywhere..."
Have Your Say With a DIY Decorative Sign
"hanging sign you easily make yourself... Signs are the bumper stickers of interior design, and a phenomenal way to share something... artwork. Signs can be funny, serious, whimsical or historical; contemporary, country... Although signs never really go out of style, they have become something of a fad. C... ready-made sign that says exactly what you want it to say, in the size you need. No... custom sign that will whisper, talk or shout from your walls — and your heart...."
12 Signs Your Coastal-Style Home May Have Gone Overboard
"antique signs point to a nonexistent beach and sand starts to show up in every glass... beach sign (have a very large beach!) and a "It's 5 o'clock somewhere" sign!!! But... vintage sign, on my garden shed which is painted pale seagrass to look like a beach... beach' sign ! Those of us living near the ocean see seashells sand and driftwood... BEACH sign. I am going to get one. Cute .. since I do live near the shore & like..."
Signs of Fun Around the House
"lights, signs make expressive home décor... seriously sign happy. A sign is a fun way to add unique art, and designs range from vintage... motel signs to folk art pieces. Here's a look at some favorites and how they add... at the sign with new eyes after watching Ken Burns' "Prohibition" doc last week! Becky... Great sign ... and great documentary, too. I painted my own fun/inspirational quote... if your sign's menu is real. My husband is from Louisiana, and well, no offense to..."
Conventional and Unconventional Signs of Prayer in the Home
"bringing signs of prayer into the home makes it easier for you to stop and reflect... you have signs of prayer in your house? Do you have a space for prayer or reflection..."
Great Design Plant: Caltha Palustris Is a Welcome Sign of Spring
"welcome sign of spring. Even better is that this native plant is now commonly available... definitely a sign of spring for me! We see it on our walks to preschool growing in clusters..."
10 Contractor Scam Warning Signs
"if you sign on the dotted line right then and there. You don't want to rush into an... warning signs to look for...."
Sign of Spring: The Petal Pillow
"first sign of spring is popping up all over the place. I am talking about pillows..."
Signs of Spring
Spring is finally - officially - here and, with it come my dreams of picnics in the park and beautiful poolside cocktail parties. Over the weekend, I hit IKEA for some new outdoor accessories, including a great acacia bench and cute strings of solar-powered...
7 Signs You Work From Home
Sure it's hard to step away from the desk when it's in your living room. The PJs don't look as fetching by 3 p.m. as they did in the morning, and you might trip over something furry on your commute. But hey — you get to work with the cat and set your...
Decorating With Neon: It’s a Gas
"of neon signs every evening. The signs were (and still are) made by bending glass tubes... the neon signs on commercial buildings. But these days it seems the glow is warming... the neon sign we designed for our cabin, Camp Barking Dog. I just love the idea of... a neon sign my former husband had made for me as a Christmas gift...the 'Ann's' is... the neon signs could work it out. Love the idea. Just a bar What a nice touch, it's..."
11 Ways to Have More Fun at Home
"funny sign or an accessory that always makes you smile. Here’s where to begin... have a sign on the door that reads: " Never mind the dog, Beware of the owner". My... The shoe sign made me smile. Reminds me of the Sex and the City episode when Carrie's... Here's a sign I painted for my kitchen. You can also see kids art tucked in the corner... n. My sign will read "KEEP YOUR SHOES ON, I DON'T KNOW WHAT FUNGI YOU MAY HAVE"...."
10 Things to Ask Your Contractor Before You Start Your Project
"before signing with a contractor for better communication and fewer surprises along... writing, signed by all parties and we wee at budget when finished. Word of mouth was... BEFORE you sign that contract. In this business, it's all about word of mouth. Be sure... you are signing when you agree to a contract with a builder. The worst thing I hear... Builders they sign you up then turn it over to a SI or PM. I hired some framers for an addtion..."
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