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9 Big Space-Saving Ideas for Tiny Bathrooms
"typing My space saving solution is to push everything into the walls: shampoo niche,... area to save space. While it is second nature for most of us to pull a normal bathroom... little space. Their designs are geared to maximize what little space they do have... that they save space, but they can also lend a unique look to any room. We installed... it does save on space). Would love to have the sliding door, but our layout doesn't..."
Guest Picks: 20 Terrific Space-Saving Dining Sets
"tight space can prove challenging. And it’s even harder to find something that can... tight spaces and can fit up to four people. — Maria from Bicultural Mama... buying a space saver if it turns into a space wasted. Benches, banquets and the sleek... fr as space saving its pretty slick and looks great. I hate, hate, hate no-back... support. Space saving, but gracefully unified in form. Who is the manufacturer of this..."
Space-Saving Tips for Your Small Home Office
"Maximum desk space. Minimum floor space ...minimum floor space We don't have a TV because... great space saving ideas for your home office - but what happens when the home office... great space saving design solution. Since the bed climbs up behind a cabinet instead... stole the space that was hiding! How does the dual-purpose monitor work? Can this be... office space. A pantry closet repurposed on the edge of the kitchen in a beach cottage..."
Guest Picks: Space-Saving Multipurpose Furniture
"and more space for other things — with furniture designed to work extra hard... floor space, more storage and less clutter. Here are 20 stylish and savvy multipurpose... anyone with space restrictions. — Kim from NewlyWoodwards... which saves space. I like these, but wouldn't recommend keeping anything delicate... King of space saving, multi-purpose furniture may be the new Zoom-Desk, incorporating... multiple space needs - extra sleeping space, under-bed drawers, and shelves as far as..."
10 Big Space-Saving Ideas for Small Kitchens
"cooking space? These features and strategies can help prevent kitchen meltdowns... max out space in your kitchen, from chic small-scale appliances to innovative storage... storage space as opposed to an open wall mount hood where you loose that space (except... made the space feel bigger. Pull outs are great for using narrow, deep spaces and... washing. Saving the few inches of counter space gives way to wasting gallons of water..."
17 Space-Saving Solutions for Small Kitchens
"existence when space is at a premium. But maximize every inch of precious space, and you and... smaller space. @akristine: That does sound small! Way to work the space though. @keoleri:... unique, space saving, combination appliances back then. It's too bad some company... waste of space as it's near impossible to get into. Great idea book! Thanks, Donna!... little wall space. I can make it work but it's a SMALL kitchen. This is actually one of..."
Space Saving Solutions: Nesting Tables
"we can save space. Nesting tables are hard working sets that save floor space when... surface space when necessary. These handy sets are great to use as side tables, coffee... Alexandria. Space and function are premium considerations for furniture there. She uses... visual space. Note how the extra seating stools nest underneath the sofa table in..."
Storage Walls — the Space-Saving Workhorses of Design
"floor space you can spare, look to your walls for more creative storage right where... rooms and spaces are a frequent solution in most of our residential projects. While I... storage space with a minimal footprint. Generally walls are under utilised for this... office space or close from view. www.cantilever.us In the second and third photo... all the space midmodfan, I love your storage! would you mind sharing which ikea kitchen..."
Outdoor Design: Save that Tree!
"decks that save trees and create unique outdoor spaces in the process.... memory. saving trees, creating urban forests is a very good thing that said it takes... all for saving the trees and will not cut down any of the live oaks in my backyar.... exterior space created by the concrete walls, deck and tree is quite intimate; it's..."
Water Sense for Big Savings
"water-saving tip, “Save water; shower with a friend”? While there may not be many... homeowners can save water, save money, help the environment and maybe have a little fun doing... ways to save water, new technologies and products have enabled a whole universe of... water-saving strategies are easy DIY projects too. Even switching out an old toilet... didn't save a swimming-pool full, it did save a bit. Mostly, I think, it helped my..."
How to Save a Boring Box of a Room
"turn such spaces into amazing, artful, comfy spaces with tons of style. But you are going... brighten the space. Then interest was layered in through lighting, paper, acessories, etc... personal space - whether exuberantly expressed or quietly suggested. I think I've... take up space. The lush and the layered: these people have too much time on their hands... small spaces symmetry can really make the room look finished. The nightstands, lamps..."
Saving Grace: Reconstruction Rescues a Michigan Barn
"range of spaces, and it's handmade and industrial — as well as an antique that has had... to be saved. It would have been less work and less costly to tear down the existing... designed spaces between the boards in those structures, At night they glow like lanterns... for this space but I suppose if one can afford this type of renovation.... Amazing... able to save this barn. Most barns in Michigan are not as fortunate. I like the way..."
Daylight Saving Time: Gain an Hour — and a Bright Interior
"Daylight Saving Time. While that’s much appreciated in the morning, it means the sun... brighten your space, primarily through color, accessories and a perhaps a mirror here and... DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME HAS ENDED AND WE ACTUALLY LOSE AN HOUR OF SUNLIGHT AT THE END... every space. Neutral doors would have worked in this space, but the bold yellow gives... Your space will feel light and bright with the white wall, while the purple color..."
Saving Facades: Modern Gems Merge Old and New
"museum-like space. I believe that modern architecture is a greater idea — one that represents... filling the space with light and views. It's a modern space that represents the lifestyle... living space, was restored while other spaces were remodeled in a more modern aesthetic... living space inside this former warehouse opens to the courtyard with large glass... attic space, akin to your favorite horror film, at the top of this home. Instead..."
Get Along With Less Lawn — Ideas to Save Water and Effort
"outdoor spaces into spaces that we actually spend more time in. I tore out the lawn... outdoor spaces have added tremendous additional living space and it feels like we are... designing your space you can create the bones of the garden with the shrubs, then fill in... front space I chose to install a very wide terraced gravel pathway. This wide path... entire space doesn't seem so crowded since I indulge in the luxury of planting heavily..."
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