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When a Column Doesn't Look Like a Column
"splayed columns, tree-like columns (or in some cases literally tree trunks used as... as columns) and the like. These examples point to the column serving more than its... word "column," meaning a free-standing upright intended as a support. The Classical... tapered columns of Doric, Ionic, or Corinthian — can come to mind, as can the slender... square columns found on bungalows. What probably don't come to mind are the images..."
Framing Design: Structural Expression in Steel
"posed Steel Framework Defines Modern Living Spaces, Inside and Out... allows. Steel beams can span great distances, and when used in concert with steel columns... Steel construction in residential architecture is not as popular as wood and masonry... columns, large expanses of glass are possible. These structural members themselves... structural steel visible — some on the outside, some on the inside — for a variety of..."
Steel Connections Make Strong Impression
"Steel joints provide more than just industrial-strength architectural support; they... exposed steel connections, be they steel to steel or steel to another material. The... give steel joints lots of character. This article focuses on these connections,... n for steel is fenestration - both windows and doors in steel are extremely durable... cor-ten steel. This is a pre-rusted alloy of steel where the rusted surface is actually..."
Cor-Ten Steel Brings Enduring Texture to Landscapes
"r-Ten steel is a material that started out as a purely functional product, due to... Cor-Ten steel in many of our custom pieces... It's a great looking material! When the... Cor-Ten steel and use it often in our homes at www.residentialattitudes.com.au Great... Corten Steel! Planterworx is Brooklyn makes Corten retaining walls and planters for... grade steel ( versus Cor-Ten) in my own garden for terracing and planters. I've also..."
21 Creative Ways With Load-Bearing Columns
"need a column to support that roof!” Renovation junkies experience the same jolt of... Indeed, columns are often unavoidable in open floor plans. I’ve been working on a... unavoidable columns conspicuously placed right in the center of my open floor plan. So... dealt with columns in their homes. Here are some of the great suggestions I’ve stumbled... have any columns in my house boo hoo hoo lol These hand carved columns come from a giant..."
Skinny Columns Hold Their Own
"you: Thin columns provide strong support and big visual impact... fashioned some columns in the shape of the female body (caryatids). So columns appeal not... incorporates columns but does so with different materials — steel instead of stone — and... Columns are one of the basic elements of architecture. Functionally, they are vertical... skinny columns, or what are sometimes call pilotis, a term Le Corbusier popularized..."
Why There's Beauty in Grid, Column and Row
"material. In columns, windows, bricks, or other elements, repetition helps to create a rhythm... repeated columns than they would with a long smooth wall. There is something so soothing... beams and columns. Here the rhythm is reiterated by the pattern on the floor and the... between columns. This house repeats different elements on its three floors, subtly... marking the columns between; above is a set-back glazed wall with uplights on the steel..."
"about column space with this outdoor or indoor structure... spaced columns that create an outdoor room. It can be attached to a building or... stone columns on the left supporting the tile roof of this outdoor room are in a... made of steel girders spaced evenly apart creates this outdoor patio. Here is an example..."
Modern Masters Inspire a Glass Garden House
"structural steel and glass, this greenhouse and tearoom in Massachusetts is tops in elegance... fascia and columns. Wouldn't be surprised if that's what they did. Well it obviously... structural steel and glass.” With strong references to Philip Johnson’s Glass House, inspired... glass and steel vocabulary, Flavin borrowed many elements for the structure. Like the... galvanized steel potting benches provide ample room for pruning, flower arranging and..."
A Vertical Park in Zurich Greens Up the Grid
"mix of steel and vines in Switzerland shows promise for greener, healthier cities... right: A steel structure acts as an armature for climbing plants. I first learned about... located steel warehouse structure minus the solid roof and walls, with some reinforcement... ground via columns and diagonal bracing. At these points are where the plants start their... splayed columns — made up of several diagonal members for the plants — is also a d..."
11 Fences to Match a Modern Mood
"picket — steel, glass and other materials let fences make a perfect union with modern... Cor-Ten steel fence is beautiful with that desert landscape. Love it! These are great... one up? Steel bars? As an FYI to tie off any loose ends... We did, eventually,find... Cor-Ten steel in the previous photo defined a planter bed, but in this residence it... house's columns. Wood slats cap the fence and define the entry's gable end. They combine..."
Modern Marries Traditional in a Chicago 'Shotgun' Home
"stainless steel, open spaces and bright interiors... short column holding up that corner rests on a garden wall, a fun mannerist detail... stainless steel hoods and refrigerators. Just as the library has painted trim, so do..."
Design Workshop: The Art of Joining Materials
"soaring steel columns — it was hard to make sense of it all. This is when the true... of the steel columns near the glazed wall, the thin wood surface on the white cabinetry... light. The columns and beams have been subdivided into smaller components, reducing their..."
Modern or Contemporary Architecture? The Interiors Edition
"structures of steel or concrete, large expanses of glass, a whitewash (usually stucco over... The steel "column" support at the dining table is the left over end of a 20ft tube... tube steel column propping the carport in front. Yep, clear as mud. Excellent... methods (steel, prefabrication), emphasizing the structure which was often exposed;... saying that steel and glass and concrete mean modern? I think we need a new name for this..."
Ideabook 911: My Exterior Needs an Update
"replacing the columns with stained wooden ones, painting the porch floor a darker gray, white... and the columns are what throws it off track. I like your color scheme, but something... those columns replaced with something a bit thicker and more modern, perhaps with... existing columns to make them cleaner and a bit thicker. Ditching the shutters is... stainless steel standing out would really lift the front image: Wow meouw, I'm impressed..."
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