2042 Support Ideabooks

Opening the Kitchen? Make the Most of That Support Post
"structural support. Your contractor or architect can confirm if the wall is load bearing... a new support system into your plan presents some design challenges, but it can also... encounter support post all the time and the photos above reflect very creative ways to... post for support. Here is example of a kitchen remodels that open the kitchen partially... "hid" the support column by adding a second false column adding both a bit of symmetry..."
Helpful Hangers: French Cleats Support Projects Big and Small
"capacity to support heavy loads, especially when the cleats are attached to wall studs... Will this support a very heavy mirror? I lost the supplied hardware during a recent... That's to support the bottom of the birdhouse and keep it from tipping back toward the..."
Supporting Act: Exposed Wood Trusses in Design
"consistently supported with great photos that illustrate your points perfectly. Thanks I... lateral support, where the rafters are doubled up, creating a nice rhythm. In this..."
Bathroom Safety Features That Support Your Style
"installed to support a minimum of 250 pounds. The big box stores carry them in short lengths... rail can support the force of 250 pounds. Mount it 33 to 36 inches from the floor and..."
How to Choose the Perfect Bed Pillow — and Sleep Better
"all the support and comfort you need... a neck support pillow from Ikea. It took a few weeks to get used to it, but then I... expensive neck support pillow, but it wasn't as comfortable. My husband has a huge pillow... It's supports my head and neck perfectly without being firm or lumpy. I love down... enough support for my neck and I end up with kinks. Polyester? Not an option. I... it. It supports my neck so I don't wake up with a sore neck and upper back. I am switching..."
Great Garden Combo: Rose + Clematis for Small-Space Impact
"a rose supports a climbing vine, the results can totally transform a small garden... plant to support another; the classic example of this is the pairing of a rose and a... onto its support, but the clematis has a natural twining habit and will attach itself... of each supporting column, which at first glance has little potential. Yet this is... acts as a support for the purple clematis (Clematis jackmanii ‘Superba’). These two are..."
When a Column Doesn't Look Like a Column
"Tree-like Supports in Wood or Steel... intended as a support. The Classical Orders — round, tapered columns of Doric, Ionic, or... structure to support, the ends are supported on spindly columns grouped in threes and spread... purlins that support the rafters that radiate to the exterior walls, seen in the next photo... perimeter: supporting beams that traverse doors, for example. This house echoes Frank... roof is supported by a truss-like column that becomes an interesting object in itself..."
"carved rod supports a handrail or a furniture piece's frame... step to support the handrail. A spindle can be turned on a woodworking lathe, with... Spindles support handrails; they are both decorative and functional, keeping people... handrail is supported by a newel post. Spindles don't have to be made from wood. The ones..."
"stringer to support the steps, but you might or might not see it... treads, are supported by one or two stringers. Traditionally stringers are hidden in a... is the support for the steps of a staircase. This outer stringer is cut in a zigzag... the only support for this floating staircase; the structural part of the staircase is..."
"gentle support when these architectural columns lift them off the ground... column that supports a building by lifting the building above the ground plane. A building... points of support in lieu of larger linear systems, their use as a foundation for a house..."
Steel Girder
"enough to support floors, roofs, catwalks and more in a single bound... element that supports the concentrated loads of floors or roofs. Common shapes for steel... used as supports for this home gym. Similar to I-beams are hollow structural section..."
"gives support to a home's architecture... transfers and supports weight above it, namely a squared piece of timber or engineered lumber... beams support the transparent roof material of this covered walkway. Glulam, or..."
Renovation Detail: The Knee Brace
"ing a supporting role in architecture but earning attention in their own right, knee... diagonal support placed between two right-angle planes to strengthen their connection... braces support the front and side gables on this seaside shingle home. Painted in..."
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