1064 Surround Sound Ideabooks

Sound Advice for Designing a Home Music Studio
"control the sound entering and exiting the studio, the heat and humidity inside and, of... from the sound isolation and acoustic treatment applied to rooms designed for playing... basic sound concepts that can dramatically improve the aural environment of any space... unwanted sound. • Keep produced sound from leaving the space. • (For Recording) Create... mixing for surround sound vs. mixing for stereo. The importance of each one of these..."
What Chipotle and Radiohead Can Teach Us About Sound Quality at Home
"great sound quality. Here's how to fix that... Chipotle's sound engineer, Christopher Golub, set off a firestorm last week in the music... absorb sound except bodies or the burritos themselves,” Golub says of the restaurant's... “Music sounds different in there from your car and headphones.” I found it interesting... on-staff sound engineer to specially curate playlists to take into account its hard-surface..."
What's That Sound? 9 Home Noises and How to Fix Them
"these sounds, it might be time to call a specialist.... takes surrounding the equipment with sound-reduction material, does anyone have... for the sound. I sent him an anonymous letter with the township sound code, but he's... thunking sounds that alarm grandchildren! The noises at the top of my chimney are always... tocking sound every time we ran the water. I'm thrilled to learn it does not necessarily... banging sounds like it's producing ice cubes. It doesn't have that function! I get..."
Designing for Pleasure: A Safe and Sound Perch
"e and sound. Sound just bounces all over the place. @merrylark, I imagine the slopes... doesn't sound terrible, but I feel "naked" almost, just so hard to feel comfy. And... books, surrounded by clothing on hangers which gave an extra cozy feel to my "hideout"... concept surrounded by storefront windows is enough to send me scurrying for the nearest... slept soundly! angela_flute52689 - would love some more info on this idea of making..."
My Houzz: Beachy Tranquility and Togetherness on Puget Sound
"water. Sounds like not getting the original house turned out to be great karma for... Puget Sound is magical and I love your relaxed vibe and carefree approach. Thanks... lovely surroundings and a great dog! LOVE! the juxtaposition of the modern with... on the Sound... beautiful place. Beautifully modern and understated. It also looks... Puget Sound and the family’s favorite beach, which faces north. “Originally we weren’t..."
Home Tech: Getting Rid of Wires Without Sacrificing Sound
"portable sound for a small space. Bose also has a new product called "SoundLink" which... portable sound. What about wireless electricity? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wirel... cinematic surround sound when watching a movie. Using wireless technology makes the... called a Sound Bar. The bar still needs to be plugged in, though. A receiver/transmitter... transmit sound throughout the room, including to any additional wireless speakers placed..."
How to Get a Big Movie Experience In a Smaller Space
"color and sound systems found in over-the-top media rooms... holds 7.1 surround sound, a 82" 3D tv, massaging/heated recliners, every game system... deliver the surround sound that movie lovers need. Larger media rooms, or great rooms... five-channel surround sound. It's not a great solution for a smaller space, but audio lovers... nuanced sound.These design and sound solutions are options for movie lovers with TVs..."
Quiet, Please! How to Cut Noise Pollution at Home
"These sound-reduction strategies can help you hush things up... decrease sound you must obstruct or dampen the sound wave. The good news is that many... These sounds seep into a room through those pathways known as windows and doors,... absorb the sound, or reverberation, before it gets to your ears, and 2. blocking it entirely... airborne sound and structure-borne sound. They are not necessarily abated in the same..."
Cooking With Color: When to Use Red in the Kitchen
"matches the surrounding walls. mira22, Thanks for the feedback. Your sister's kitchen sounds... sounds terrific. Brandi Smith, I agree, red black and white are great together.... as they sound..."
9 Ideas for Thoughtful Gardening in 2014
"others surroundings. I do really like to incorporate sitting areas in my designs,... experiences sound good to you?..."
16 Secrets to a Soothing Home
"color, the sound of water — a reminder to stop for a while and breathe... unfolds. Sounds like a dream, right? Well, it's feasible to make this dream real. No... than the sound of the waves kissing the sand and the smell of the ocean, at least to... in the sounds of falling liquid. Light green is a calming shade and brown frames... of the surroundings and blends nature in by adding plants to the concrete area, using..."
Your Space Can Help You Get Down to Work. Here's How
"to be surrounded by bustling activity: Do you work best in cafes and other busy spaces... coffee shop sounds courtesy of Coffitivity, a free online site that provides ambient background... like to surround yourself with stuff: The polar opposite of the minimalists in their... sights and sounds..."
Cliffside Homes Encourage Living on the Edge
"structurally sound homes on slopes and cliffs, thanks to jaw-dropping views and unique... with its surroundings or, like the Douglas House, stand out and proclaim itself. But..."
Make Your Garden Sparkle With Glass Art
"delightful sounds to your garden with glass sculptures, chimes and gazing spheres... reflect surrounding plants, giving the illusion of a much larger space.This homeowner..."
Houzz Tour: Bringing the Outdoors Inside on Bowen Island, B.C.
"farmhouse surrounded by nature. Who lives here: Brad Carter and Linda Cuthbert Location:... included. It sounds a little strange to me, but the rest of the house is so nice that I... natural surroundings" - um, no. We don't go to a tiny island full of multi-million-dollar... nature that surrounds us in this area. Bowen island is just one of many! Looks nice! This... comment sounds funny to me - it's like Americans talking about Montreal and saying..."
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