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5 Finishes Pets and Kids Can’t Destroy — and 5 to Avoid
"I won't get into cats, but even my dogs would destroy leather. If I don't find time... decorate w/ inexpensive rugs. Then when the inevitable accident occurs, one doesn't... wet isn't a good idea because most foam cushions aren't made from the type of foam... I don't know where you got the idea that cats can't destroy leather; I've got a chair... she can't get her claws into with, can't even climb these 2 chairs. So when I can afford..."
10 Tiny Kitchens Whose Usefulness You Won't Believe
"haven't just learned to deal with small spaces — they've embraced them. With solutions... you can't sit comfortably then it's not a solution because you won't use it and it'll... I don't think 9x11 qualifies within the NKBA standards these days, but we didn't... here don't have particularly big kitchens! Mine is about the same size as the first... wouldn't have sparkle, but as I get older, I am getting into it more and more....second..."
Can't Find the Right Wallpaper? Make Your Own
"just can’t seem to find it? Consider making your own. Thanks to digital printing technology... Can't go wrong with solid! We have a lot of clients who use family photos and create... Don't limit your creative bent to just the walls,though. Think about covering... walls w/ fine grit sandpaper to soften & blend edges. No artistic talents required... s won't be able to help you as the printing processes demand that you produce a large..."
You Said It: ‘Put It Back’ If It Won’t Help Your House, and More Wisdom
"we don’t need from ever entering our houses, and found a sneaky spot in which to store... I can't wait to share! Love the simplicity of the Edison bulbs. How about an article... we don't stop working on our yards in the winter, but continue all year round. Bugs... Doesn't smell too nice though. The trick to Spanish moss? Do pick it off the ground... say DON'T pick it off the ground. I should have proofread my post, my apologies. I..."
You Said It: ‘It’s Different ... But Then, Aren’t You?’ and More Wisdom
"that won't soon be forgotten! I mean, why not? Seize the day and don't be ugly and judge... and "don't be ugly and judge" (Jay Sifford Garden) Thanks! I accented my kitchen w cobalt... wouldn't know who lives there by looking around the space), creativity and individuality... people don't understand, or have wine at 2 p.m on a Tuesday? I live in the second largest... doesn’t result in their suffering too much. Be careful about how blatantly different..."
9 Places for the TV We Haven't Seen — Yet
"Don't own a TV and don't plan to! cyberjyber-in front of the TV screen or the computer... I didn't want it to "show" when I wasn't watching it. I convinced my husband that... Wouldn't it be great not to be sucked into TV and spend more time with friends and... you don't have to invite them to ur house anymore lol lol The way I see young people... Can't get the laundry done without em. For the lady that said put a tv in the..."
If ‘High-Def’ TV Isn’t High Enough, Maybe You Need Ultra-HD
"haven't heard of "Ultra-HD," don't worry. It's a very new TV technology that very... there isn't much content on the market for it. TV networks, netflex and all DVDs on the... don't live in Japan, that doesn't help you. Satellite subscription services in the... g won’t be on board in any consistent way for years. The first network to get on... which won’t begin broadcasting in Ultra-HD until 2016 at the earliest. And if you don't..."
Houzz Tour: A Loving Remodel for High-School Sweethearts
"Ellie and Michael Mroz return to their hometown of Westfield, N.J., and design their... Michael and Ellie Mroz locked eyes their freshman year of high school in Westfield, N.J... house hadn't been changed in more than 60 years, so the couple had to redo almost everything... shouldn't he be smiling when he gets home??? Morning! Loved this house - Hope they... Wouldn't mind seeing it in a few years when the Casual Clutter moves in. The carpet..."
Houzz Tour: Paula Coldiron's Affordable Elegance
"of Two Ellie Shows How To Go Family-Friendly Without Sacrificing Style... blog, Two Ellie, and getting a glimpse of her beautiful home, it's clear what a devoted... children — Ellie (whom the blog is named after), and KJ. "I made sure my home is a reflection... couldn't agree more with "believable living"....I used to struggle in my mind with... fixture in Ellie's room was a chandelier that once lived in her nursery. It was a bit..."
10 Jewel-Box Powder Rooms
"small W.C. and get the half bath you'll really love... you don't like light fixtures overhead, you can make space for a larger mirror by mounting... Tip: Don't assume you need to go small with your moldings in a small room. The wide... room, don't be afraid of a geometric, bold or large-scale patterns. Classic vintage style..."
Industrial Strength Bathrooms
"That Won't Die: Industrial Elements Locker Room Chic Another bathroom with cinder b... Keep the W.C. Stylishly Streamlined..."
Window Rail
""rail" isn't exclusive to windows — it's used extensively with furniture to reference..."
Decluttering — How to Get the Help You Need
"Don't worry if you can't shed stuff and organize alone; help is at your disposal... kitchen wasn't even in terrible shape. The counters were clear, there wasn't a ton of clutter... couldn't be any different if we tried, but we worked well together for a variety of... it wasn't a day project and I haven't got back to it in 2 days, there's things all... you don;t bring it into the house in the first place, then it can't clutter it up...."
Discover the Big Benefits of Tiny Tables
"Don't juggle drinks on a lap or litter a floor with books when a regular table won't... won't fit. Small tables easily pull more than their weight... Don't be afraid to get creative and try a variety of upcycled and repurposed items... Don't be afraid to try a few different styles before the right one "takes." And... And don't be afraid of color.... doesn't show up very well! I've got a tiny table - very utilitarian - that I found..."
Houzz Tour: High Contrast Shakes Up a Townhouse
"space didn’t stop two designers from whipping up chic interiors... Emily Ellis and Jemy Massie named their fledgling design firm Studio Revolution,... couldn't figure out what second picture was until I stared at it for a good 5 minutes... I don't get why anyone would but art from IKEA, when a camera, a printer and an IKEA... and don't have a large income, yet every year I allocate monies to buy original art... I don't want to encourage our "box society" culture. That light fixture in the first..."
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