491 Toilet Seat Stories

Beadboard Panels Offer a Shortcut to a Classic Style
"above the toilet -- nothing worse in a house full of boys to sit on a wet seat. Yuck... the wet toilet seat and boys... I requested that my boys (3 and husband) sit to pee... reasons a toilet seat has a hinge is for men to raise it when they pee. And the lid... above the toilet for my house full of boys, "We aim to please, you aim too please." Do... clean the toilets. Now my three daughters-in-law thank me for this life lesson as they..."
We Can Work It Out: Living (and Cleaning) Together
"put the toilet seat how women like it, rather than the other way, we decided we weren't... an open toilet, seat down or up ;-} My partner CAN NOT put things in the laundry basket... scrub the toilets...after we hired someone to do all the heavy lifting, it freed us up... point...toilet lid being up and never wiped down unless I do it. Have asked hubby to... whole toilet lid down every time. Even the boys learned that quick. Besides, who..."
Yes, You Can Go Bold With Wallpaper in a Powder Room
"guest toilet. If wallpaper is a step too far, install a fun toilet seat! More striking... those toilet seats .... Wow ! Love the Karen Aston, half-wall papererd room. So... on the toilet is beyond me Such fun! Esp. the hydrant/rat one...gives me some great... above the toilet. Great. Reading in the bathtub is one thing, so there, I'm fine with..."
10 Fabulously Fanciful Bathrooms
"Or a toilet seat falling from an airplane (how the main character died on 'Dead... about a toilet seat falling out of the sky. The rat might be a problem. Our cat... for the toilet, which is far better than just being along a wall. Another small privacy..."
Do You Believe in Luck Around the House?
"can, the toilet seat must be kept down (except when in use) I also keep a pomegranate... love the toilet seat feng shui! Falling into cold water in the middle of the night... Also toilet lids should be closed due to lost chi. I bought this house at a very..."
Black and White Bring Classic Style to a Bath
"black toilet seat on a white toilet! Great space! Love the floor tiles and the wash... seen the toilet on the white toilet-black seat ideabook, but was so focused on the potty... tiles and toilet wall paintings The wallpaper could have been an easier project with... Towel bar, toilet paper holder: Newport Brass; toilet: Toto; toilet seat: Lefroy BrooksWhite... vintage-style toilet befits the turn-of-the-century home. Stephens had to search high and..."
Key Measurements to Make the Most of Your Bathroom
"reach the toilet paper when you have a toilet paper holder sticking into the seating... -> Toilet -> Counter with toilet in between. I rarely see toilet at other... have had toilets in them, just need another toilet somewhere else and a considerate... of 152cmToilets. We manage with (tight) 70-75cm width for toilets instead of 76cmSingle... includes toilet plus room in front of the toilet to redress in comfort? Thank you so..."
9 Surprising Considerations for a Bathroom Remodel
"BioBidet toilet seat that has a deodorizer fan which runs automatically when used.... in our toilet room. I have had toilet rooms in all of my houses over the past 50... plumbing for toilet so I have a wall mount. Problem is when anyone sits on the toilet for... beside the toilet ( ew! ) and a toilet tissue holder that digs into your thigh, replace... semi-private toilet area. @Linda...... think long and hard about a toilet room pocket door..."
Bungalow Bathroom Gains New Accessibility
"has a seating area; insert seating also possible - single water volume/heat combination... bidet toilet seat really is a wonderful invention, and not just for those with mobility... having toilet paper by toilet on that level...splash from users? Nicely done! Barrier... to the toilet. Consider putting the roll-in shower at the far end of the toilet room... to the toilet/shower area as well. Do the shower/toilet like this (but turn the toilet..."
10 Tips for Chic Little Bathrooms
"day when toilets don't look at all like conventional toilets. I mean a totally revolutionary... reach some toilet paper from the toilet? Don't see a holder. ayamus, I would love to see... off a toilet seat is just too much for a lot of people. But it's a great way to create... And the toilet! Wiping the seat off--really? How many times do YOU want to do that... into a toilet and shower room using concertina doors to conserve space and lots of..."
The Funniest Bathrooms on Houzz
"Wanaka toilets you will see an amazing tompe l'oeil of Roman-style toilets (semi-public)... And they toilet seats themselves are pretty cool, they are resin inset with different... over the toilet. My husband didn't like it ;) but I loved it. Our bathroom has 12... opposite the toilet is the only bright color in the loo...a 4 ft dragon kite with a very... subway toilet's brilliantly executed! Karen, his ... nose huh? :) That reminds me..."
8 Ways to Spruce Up an Older Bathroom (Without Remodeling)
"and the toilet -- and had the shower door re-chromed ....... I buy yellow toilet paper... match the toilet seat color. For me the most important thing is to make the bathroom... white toilet paper ... sort of like a "comb-over" -- have to embrace. Three words:... sink and toilet but kept the green tile. LOVE IT!!! On the other hand the brown/blue... A blue toilet, sink and bathtub I probably could have lived with, but the brown tile..."
10 Bathroom Standouts From Italy's Big Expo
"bidet toilet seat for our bathroom at part of pre-surgery planning, and I don't know... public toilet that is a "Western" style toilet. That means that gas stations, MacDonalds... find the toilet in the bathroom! santoslhauper - The first sink is by IdeaGroup, from... fighting over seats left up :) Mariana, a lower flow rate is a good thing when hot water... IN the toilet or from a handheld sprayer), you don't even have to move over. As..."
Measures of Remodel Success: Bathrooms by the Numbers
"those ugly toilets! The European wall- hung toilets (Geberit system) are much cleaner... like the toilet seat to have more of clear space as I am an accident freek. I liked... mounted toilet tank. If you are going to purchase a wall mounted toilet on-line, make... standard toilets… what’s up with that? We put a concealed trapway, skirted style... regular toilet again! SO much easier to clean… and just looks nicer!! Picture: h..."
Don’t Be a Stickybeak — and Other Home-Related Lingo From Abroad
"Loo or toilet. Toilet preferably. I had visitors from the USA stay with me a number... wanted the toilet. In very many Australian houses, the toilet is separate from the bathroom... On The Toilet Seat! Agree sandygb - so many Aussie-isms have been lost over the... public toilets on this street, including upstairs?' My mind always goes through... which were toilet facilities. I remember that I thought it odd that we used that word..."
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