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Three Magic Words for a Clean Home and a Better Life
"thought about it incessantly. Looking back I can see all I needed to do was get rid... thing about the 'how about now' approach: you are not waiting until you're overwhelmed... think about following your tip I can't help thinking but how about all those drawers... sighing about the person's thoughtlessness, think about how much you love him or her... a "how about now" person! Thanks for HOW ABOUT NOW I'm compulsively neat (spices..."
4 Obstacles to Decluttering — and How to Beat Them
"laughed about the conflicting advice Torey and Nathan gave, and then he was silent... me, its about the ' lesson"..and not so much about ' "Throwing everything away" or... strings of energy to every single thing in our space - wires, broken objects, family photos... of our energy is just gone. After a deep cleaning, people always feel better. This... cried about the guilt she's been carrying holding on to things that never had a place..."
My Houzz: Accessibility With Personality in an 1870 Home
"Size: About 5,000 square feet; 5 bedrooms; 4 bathrooms... for only about 10% of a house's energy costs, so other investments, such as insulation... having the energy company come & make recommendations to you. They will use a heat scanner... basement) for about $1000 cost to us. Granted our little old house is only 1300 sf, so your... think about planning for the handicapped when we make major changes? If we don't..."
Not a Big Cook? These Fun Kitchen Ideas Are for You
"think about a kitchen design, when all you’ve used your oven for is storage? While... don't care about food and dining, that I don't care about cooking. I still need a kitchen... isn't about not cooking for me, it is about space. I replaced a freestanding range/oven... would have about 5 FEET of counter top--as it is now I have--3 FEET. I do have about... it is about non cooks.... Cooking like entertaining is about organization. In my..."
Kitchen Windows: 13 Classic and Creative Ideas
"pleasant about being in a window-filled room. Perhaps it goes back to our ancestors... From an energy efficiency point of view, the energy loss translates into significant... wonder about just who would be cleaning the glass that's below the open stainless... worried about the strength of single-pane windows, but that's probably silly since... concern about heat, maybe you want to consider a heated floor system for ambient warmth..."
The Unexpected Color That Goes With Everything
"differently about what constitutes a neutral color?... bring in energy which green can also be. A quiet green can be a great color for people... needing an energy boost. I have used green as a neutral for years. I am very perked up... it's about being fearless. Thanks! Looking for a calm spa feel when I redid our... the part about mixing all the greens together. And the living room with the bright colors... We are about to build and I am all beiged out. Was looking at green and some blue..."
12 Items Worth a Spot on Your Kitchen Counter
"picky about my selections. It is a working area, after all, so function comes first... comparison, an energy-efficient dishwasher uses about four gallons of water and 1 kWh of energy... is now about ten times larger. OK, that's a lot more stuff than I thought :). I... agree about no utensils on the counter. They collect dust. I have 27 drawers to... read about people with 47 drawers and think--I don't have ONE functional drawer..."
Is It Curtains for Curtains? Smart Glass Eliminates Window Coverings
"to cost about twice as much as conventional glass, but it can cut heating and cooling... And what about an unpleasant view out the window? I love having the windows uncovered... How about windows that birds can see, but we can see out of? We have had a few... installed energy efficient windows. I really notice a difference when they are open.... us of energy usage. Who knows what the future may bring. Window glass is the deadliest..."
TVs in the Bedroom - Thumbs up, Thumbs down?
"what about you? Thumbs up or thumbs down?... Yang energy in a room that's about rest, intimacy etc; modern TVs are always "on"... 'qi' or energy of the room and drain you of your own energy. I have CFS and Fibro so... students about this and MANY of them have tvs in nearly every room of the house and... netic energies affect our sleep & health; a TV can prevent two people from truly... remain open about the idea. Thumbs down for me. I used to have a TV in my bedroom as a..."
Play the Trading Game With Kitchen Storage and Views
"obvious about this arrangement, however, was that we were giving up light and a view... thinking about this very issue quite a bit lately. We have a large yard with 2 beautiful... pictured here about two issues: 1. Do you miss the upper cabinets? 2. Do you spend lots of... things about all these photos, the first, believe it or not was the ceiling rack idea... us huge energy costs and time. It is much more efficient for us this way. We realize..."
Breakthrough Budgeting Info: The Houzz Real Cost Finder Is Here
"information about the average price of various types of home remodeling projects, the average... incentives for energy efficiency and renewable energy incentives by state. That being said... see) is energy efficiency retrofits. You listed insulation, but not other sorts of... represent Energy Efficiency retrofits will be to incorporate the current incentives,... whine about the tool only having information for major cities and how that didn't..."
How to Choose the Right Hood Fan for Your Kitchen
"think about how a hood fan actually looks, explore the technical considerations.... the Blue Star firm. With this new cook top is a simple hood also made by Blue Star.... this Blue Star Pro range gets up and running, about 6 weeks to go, there will be exp... ideaboo about hoodfans. there will be a small section on the issue around microwave... right about the hood not being the right size when it is the same width as the cooktop..."
6 Ways to Deal With a Bad View Out the Window
"reservations about buying a house because you could see two ugly apartment complexes from... the BlueStar folks about this method, but I shall.) The oven is great, too. But it... complain about the exterior... they hadn't lived here... I have... it's not up to code... doing about your view. Another idea - you can get these plastic inserts for adhering... How about stained glass windows. Here is an interesting screening idea I found..."
So Your Style Is: Green
"thinking about the big picture of our planet. Why it works: Living green has a direct... Secret: Energy-Efficient LightingSwapping inefficient light bulbs and fixtures for... down on energy consumption is one of the easiest, least expensive green measures you... reduce energy use even more. Put it into practice: Selecting the right bulbs and fixtures... for just about any surface you care to name, such as glass tiles made from old bottles..."
Why You Might Want to Build a House of Straw
"knowledge about homes increases, so does our desire to get involved with the design and... What about rodents? Would rodents be about to get into the walls? thanks, ms. pickering... don't know about it? Would love to hear from some experts about their experience! Mistraal... know more about one subject or another but---no one knows everything about everything... worry about what we think of to worry about!!!!! @halleycomet ok. I genuinely..."
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