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Everything I Need to Know About Decorating I Learned from Downton Abbey
"written about a dozen articles about Downton Abbey - here's my latest: http://the... to be about decorating, but it was so much better than that. :) There is apparently... thinking about it, all tour tickets for the entire season sold out! Love the interior... on PBS about the real castle and its history. Includes the Highclere earl of the... It is about the same size! Wonderfully put, hilarious! I've watched season 4; it's..."
Let’s Clear Up Some Confusion About Solar Panels
"talking about solar water heating panels, I was talking about electricity producing... What about availability in the US? What is the cost of install and operation?... questions about German solar technology - I live in Italy, where we benefit from German... a lot about national mentalities as well. I suspect this will all change rapidly... fussy about how you do it and who does it. If you do it wrong, you can end up with..."
4 Things a Hurricane Teaches You About Good Design
"learned about the Bauhaus movement where they emphasized forms follows function. This... tell me about he glass. Hurricane proof to ??mph winds force. I was wondering as you... concerned about the glass breaking. You didn't mention it at all. Well, I am so relieved... re is about. It's just what we need these days. First off -- I zoomed quickly down... so much about the wind and rain (though the water splashing on the windows like waves..."
A Family-Friendly California Yard Wises Up About Water
"talking about the shredded rubber bark. I'm talking about the nuggets that look like... complain about the drought in the west when there is such a huge and ever growing population... concerned about using only rain for irrigation, but more as a labor-saving issue at our... complaining about complainers isn't that special either. California.... Hmmmm... In two... worries more about the grass than anything. If it was up to me I would get rid of it. Me..."
Community Building Just About Anyone Can Do
"post news about trash service, fire mitigation, free items, garage sales, available rentals... neighbors (about 200) who use the NextDoor site. I think it is a great organizing tool... believe it's about how much action you are willing to put in to taking care of a space.... on PBS about urban renewal, I forget the name of the series but it is on netflix.... complaining about the "lowlife" does absolutely nothing at all to resolve the situation..."
What Chipotle and Radiohead Can Teach Us About Sound Quality at Home
"learn about the sound effects. I love to eat at Chipotle ans so do many of my friends... else about their stores is great! My solution is my Bose radio. Sounds good everywhere... worry about play lists for the space? Ahhhhhhhhh Manhattan ( uptown) two or three... complain about the interference of music in restaurants. Even when people enjoy the... Magazine about the trend of loud restaurants. i hate it. in New York, because of the..."
What to Know About Working With a Custom Cabinetmaker
"worried about an aspect of installing my integrated liebherr... they called germany... to say about it. Love this design .. Specifically the colors My wife and I met with... I did about 12 years ago. I wanted to keep a vintage feel, but with modern functionality... oldest (about 20 years old) and the one we have lived in the longest (11 years). We... comfortable about your investment in their product. Q. What about your pricing structure..."
What We've Learned From Mom About Home
"Nice Post about Home This is beautiful. Did my heart good this morning. Aww, Vanessa... think about having kids of my own. Thank you so much for putting this together... you care about the most may not." — gigi4bee "Mom was a so-so cook, could shrink a favorite... talking about tortillas. And her recipe/lessons continue to feed my ever-expanding... the most about and let the small things slide. For her, that means we use the kitchen..."
Why You Should Forget About the Usual Coffee Table
"to do about my constrained living room space, Great ideas! I LOOVE these ideas! My... fantasise about an ottoman (preferably covered with a fabulous old rug), where I could... interesting about this option is the sculptural element it adds to the room. Living rooms... asked about flush cuts on the top and bottom. I start with a larger log and cut it... but how about two bench-style coffee tables? Each bench can be moved near a couch section..."
Expert Talk: Designers Open Up About Closet Doors
"I was about to replace two sliding doors to a walk in wardrobe with bifolds. I will... curious about the reason for the room of doors look. Call me crazy, maybe it's the... learn more about applying aluminum paint. As a door manufacturer, we see a lot of interesting... think about and excellent examples for visualization. This is a cost effective way... talked about earlier. These are made from a combination of aluminum (for the frame)..."
For Houzz Pros: Learn About the New Affiliation Badge Program
"badge? How about AIBD? I would like to see American Institute of Building Design (AIBD)... questions about the badges offered by your association (like the NKBA questions above)... one! How about the BBB? EPA- Lead Safe Certification? I would also like to see NAHB... on your About page.Create a free custom business website with Houzz Site DesignerEach... learn more about the organization and find a directory of its community members. For..."
Design Workshop: Thinking Differently About Doors
"section about floor to ceiling openings. One of the challenges of building sliding... differently about doors for over 3 decades now: Great examples of amazing entryways. Love... thinking about doors as just apertures or openings to thinking about them as wall elements... thinking about the elements of buildings as part of a larger system. Doors specifically..."
Great Design Plant: Lively Fountain Grass Thrives Just About Anywhere
""Just about anywhere" --- in zones 6-9? Come on. Hi Charlotte - nice story &... until about mid-June, at least in zone 6. Love this but we live in Northern Illinois... Thanks about our project! I've tried Karley Rose once but they didn't come back. May..."
The Truth About Designers' Deadlines
"heard about the book 'Living with a Creative Mind' by J & J Crabtree which is apparently... worry about how this 'lifestyle' will affect my family and health in the long term... not sure about designers (joke) OMG - that's just reminded me why I started my own practice..."
Rooster Decorating Worth Crowing About
"is all about it. We once had what we thought was a lovely ceramic rooster prominently... she was about 6 these were carried by a store near her school, and we would occasionally... We own about 20 of these. It took completely reframing the soffit above the cabinets..."
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