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Want a Cleaner, Safer Neighborhood? Show You Care
"you care about your street and watch them follow suit... caring about society, we end up caring, too. This concept has broad applications... you care about keeping it clean and safe; they might get the message and follow suit... complain about them, what am I to do if others complain about my yard not being at... And, how about having to dodge these spit puddles when entering a grocery store, the... anything about manners, courtesy or respect. The article may be a little Pollyanna,..."
Houzz Call: Share Your 'Happy Accidents'
"ideabook about off-center art sparked some fun comments about "accidental decorating... droom.html And to view more spaces and projects in my home you can visit by blog... serious, about doing some kitchen renovations. One by one our appliances were needing... posts about this experience and the ironing board at http://www.ashbeedesign.com... .html I've just had a similar experience to nevadan's. I have been slowly renovating..."
The Latest Info on Renovating Your Home to Sell
"advice about where to put your remodeling dollars for success in selling your home... agent about how to remodel smart and small when you are prepping for sale.... things about your house that a prospective buyer might not be able to see -- for example... market in about 4.5 years, in anticipation of retiring and moving to a different state... not sure about a shed I have. I tried to talk the ex into spending a few hundred more..."
Decking Materials Beyond Basic Lumber
"Learn about softwoods, tropical hardwoods, composites and more for decks, including... claims about the product and here are the elaborate cleaning directions for that problem... basics about installation. The suggestions about discussion of carbon footprint during... discussion about its use. Are its Pros and Cons about the same as ipe. Mahogany is one... material. About synthetics... to build, ask about all natural materials. default only..."
Feel Free to Break Some Decorating Rules
"dogma about color, style and matching, and watch your rooms come alive... warped us — about decorating at least. So many of us get totally tied in knots when it... yourself about design style, then take some time to think about it and discover what... (sorry about the dangling participle!) I love breaking the rules. Been doing it... correct - about mothers and daughters and having a taste... I have read so many houzz..."
Easy, Beautiful, Cheap: Managing the 3 Points of Home Projects
"realistic about what's possible. Here are some equations to ponder... talking about decorating, I've taken the liberty of replacing "fast" with "easy" and... translates to about everything in life. cheap and beautiful here, I will never own a maple... advice about DYI is true. Remember this, your end results might never look like these... etail.html Apjiiiokv Gunn. Niuo Puerto Right, IMPERFECTION is always cause of delay..."
Kitchen Counters: Stunning, Easy-Care Engineered Quartz
"to like about this durable blend of quartz and resin for kitchen countertops, and the... dislike about this stunning man-made material.... How about in bathrooms? I was thinking of using it on the counters in 2 bathrooms... don't know about Caesarstone, but Silestone will crack if overheated. Learned the hard... countertop about 6 months ago. I love it for the most part ... easy to clean, looks great... concerns about heat / hot pots causing issues. Their is no perfect product for all..."
Today's Concrete: Warm and Wonderful
"to Like About Using Concrete in Your Home's Interior... heard about or seen concrete countertops, and concrete sinks are becoming commonplace... things about concrete to help get you started.... esign.html Cementtile -- gorgeous space. Inside and out! As an alternative to concrete... thinking about using concrete in your home, be sure to work with a qualified and reputable... thought about using concrete in your home? Next: See more photos of concrete used..."
Master Bathroom Choices: One Sink or Two?
"advice about his-and-her versus solo sinks, including the pros and cons... consider about installing either a single or double sink during your master suite remodel... comment about needing 60" for a double sink just made my decision about our kids bathroom... I care about the next person buying my house? not so sure about that. But, as they... to care about resale but after reading all the posts, I'm more worried about adding..."
Determine the Right Appliance Layout for Your Kitchen
"Boiling over about where to put the range? This guide is for you... thrown about quite often in kitchen design — but how necessary is it? Since appliances... stove is about 6 ft. in either direction. It's a perfect triangle.. I also have a... you say about smaller appliances - bigger isn't better! I love the slimmer European... think about the comfort of how you will use the space. Take your time in planning... cost me about $90 less. The other problem I encountered is that each manufacturer has..."
Design Workshop: Materials That Tell a Story
"ideas about history, personal taste and much more... something about a place, a specific time, a person or a family. It must have an opinion... ideas about craft, personal tastes, an attitude toward light (or dark), the forest... unique about the reclaimed wood: the white paint was left, the dark marks emphasized... detail about how you fixed the glass to the wall, and the stainless steel support... older, about the poet Robinson Jeffers who built his home in Carmel, CA in 1919 from..."
Curb Appeal Feeling a Little Off? Some Questions to Consider
"think about if your exterior is bugging you... is off about your home. Go across the street and check it out from a distance, then... comment about matching cars, Becky. Clever and interesting thoughts about cars and... gate from directly in from of the house to the side so people can't peer through. My... thought about painting the front door? i can't really tell the color of the house... ! How about a before, during (new portico) and almost done with the hardscapes??..."
Houzz Tour: Modern Treetop Living in Sydney
"fundamentally about engagement,” he says. Through its materials and layout, it engages the... Pity about the Cocos Palm weeds. Better to replace with Bangalow Palms that self... confused about such a 'green oasis' in Freshie too. Wow, what a beautiful home. Well... allot about sustainability that you wont learn doing air change calculations. Did... Freshwater is directly on the coast. How nice to have plans included with the article! And..."
Your Guide to Grills and More for Great Outdoor Cooking
"grills, and about neat add-ons that let you do more... What about smokers and pizza ovens? And what’s best for quickly seared steaks versus... Sorry about the typo A built-in grill would be over the top here, because the bbq... worry about stepping up onto the table deck level. Need advice! We have a small... area (about six to eight inches) that gets hot, but the rest of the surface only... barbeque just about anything, including Ben Hogans shimp. Im sure you could find a workshop..."
Is a Kitchen Corner Sink Right for You?
"think about. Read on to determine if this could be the right solution for your space... do is direct splashes into the sink, and offer a spot for my dish drainer to sit... thought about the area behind the sink, and angled the wall, complete with a door,... books. Its about 24 inches wide and I can push it back and still can reach it to pull... the area directly behind the sink for a stainless steel dish drainer - looks good, and..."
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