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1 Chair + 2 Fabric Patterns = 1 Fabulous Look
"ideabook! W.O.W. Thanks so much for the additional comments and images, all! I love seeing... 1. Add an element of surprise. At first glance, this living room minds its manners..."
My Houzz: Hip Midcentury Style for a Mom's Backyard Cottage
"This 1-bedroom suite has everything a Texas mother and grandmother needs — including... feet; 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom Cost: About $65,000, including basic construction, plumbing... from day 1. Final question, are such dwellings rental only or can they be parcelled... son, a 1/2 time adult son, and four pets. We really love it and are now considering... under 1,000 sq ft. The only problem with moving from a 3 bedroom/2 bath + double..."
My Houzz: The Antidote to Dreariness, in One Small Brooklyn Apartment
"1. Stir spirited colors together. 2. Sprinkle in playful decor. 3. Top off with the... feet; 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, small office... yourself1 Try bleeding the radiators. You have made a delightful and playful home... more than 1 way of doing things, please enjoy your style too. I just don't get the... and ho w do you create it? Mind if I use it? Never mind....just clicked on frame..."
Treasure Hunting at the Brimfield Antiques Fair
"along a 1-mile stretch of rural New England this week. Here's what we found... stretching 1 mile down Route 20 in Brimfield, Massachusetts, it started in 1950. It takes... and gum1, check into Roundtop. Similar to this event, Roundtop is east of Waco, Texas... s for 1st timers??? For those that have a little more time and a little less need... agree w/Deb Smith will take some planning maybe we should get a group 2gthr! I love..."
Convert Your Tub Space to a Shower — the Planning Phase
"Step 1 in swapping your tub for a sleek new shower: Get all the remodel details down... slope 1.5" (1/4" per foot or 2% grade). You can check your 2% slope (1/4" per foot)... least 1/4" per foot. In a six foot by four foot shower you would need minimum 1"... get some 1 on 1 renno chatting. Contact me if you can-- labbcstx, Hi! Yes, I am in... has a 1 year warranty..really? 1 year is not much good I agree that one year is not..."
Relocating? Here’s How to Make the Big Move Better
"Part 1: How to organize your stuff and your life for an easier household move... article. 1.Absolutely write on your boxes. Unless you are a type A personality, any... (bedroom 1 etc) and the location of the large pieces of furniture to go in that room... about 1/2 a house to empty... Good idea to remember and keep with you the shot records... tips: 1) Well prior to packing, start saving any padded mailing envelopes, bubble-wrap..."
The Glass-Walled Cabin That Romance Built
"construct a 1-room retreat on a family farm... trouth w/ cousins and having fun. Hope they have many many anniversaries together..."
11 Survival Lessons From Thanksgiving
"people in 1 house for 3 days, you learn fast. Find out the good, the challenging and... I'll be 1/2 this organized. I used to work in Hingham at the big retailers' HQ. Beautiful... Clark W. Griswold’s Christmas Vacation fall apart was a much more appropriate pick..."
Strange but True Parallels Between Early Western and Old Japanese Style
"Part 1 of our 'wabi-sabi' series: in which Shaker and Arts and Crafts designs reveal... leader, W.R. Lethaby, claimed that modern society was “too concerned with notions of..."
Fashioning Interiors Part 1: How to Turn Your Home Into a Supermodel
"Part 1 of this series starts with the least expensive and most effective way to... table w/lamp]) of my SF Edwardian 1-BR apt.! Nonetheless, the overall effect is... used: 1. (generic) OFF-WHITE [flat finish] used for all ceilings in all rooms. 2... was to: 1. Custom-create a distinctive palette for each room. 2. Provide a connective... closet w/doors removed to hold a lg. white plywood entertainment shelving unit, &..."
Budget Decorator: 25 Fab Projects With 1 Paint Can
"me just 1 hour to mask off the simple pattern with painters tape and another 2 hours... coat). 1 pint of yellow paint (Benjamin Moore 2018-50 Morning Sunshine) did the job... Room"< w a desk top that has seen its day>, into a much better use of this space as... 1. Bedroom + lots of paint = patterned wall. If you have a color plus a can of white..."
10 Jewel-Box Powder Rooms
"small W.C. and get the half bath you'll really love... loved the 1st one the most. The books wallpaper is so much fun. Great feature ! So..."
Industrial Strength Bathrooms
"room. 1. Concrete. While the concrete in industrial spaces is usually scuffed, scratched... Keep the W.C. Stylishly Streamlined..."
Weep Hole
A weep hole is a perforation in brick or masonry buildings where trapped water can escape. Water accumulates in masonry and brick via leaks in the facade, condensation and seepage from the earth up into the foundation. Weep holes serve to circulate air...
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