110 an urinal Stories

Should You Install a Urinal at Home?
"could a urinal offer in your house? Number one (get it?), taking the urinal concept... thinking. "A urinal in my house? Really?" You probably get the whole man-cave thing that... it ever an issue. I can see a urinal in a situation where mobility becomes an issue... big open urinal at any level would be an invitation for urine contamination everywhere... using a urinal. I would recommend a grab bar installed above the urinal as well for..."
Dealing With Pet Messes: An Animal Lover's Story
"on the urine spots. There's an enzymatic cleaner which is mail order that it supposed... units and an ageing dog ensure plenty of dust kitties and the occasional dropped "jelly... sound of an animal getting sick will instantly wake me from the deepest sleep. My eyes... woods, an entirely whole and long dead rat - which I didn't know about until he upchucked... (I am an artist ) , my dogs can nap after a walk, I don t really care. I vacuum a..."
My Houzz: An Animal Lover's Texas Sanctuary
"enjoy an idyllic temporary refuge here, but the eco-minded home has a permanent place... kennel and an attached home, both designed to blend into the stunning landscape. "I wanted... design an eco- and animal-friendly home with a stunning view. A screened-in porch... I were an animal I would surely love to be adopted here, especially if I could use... clearly an amazing owner with a big heart. Beautiful home - really like the swimming..."
How to Choose an Awesome Area Rug No Matter What Your Space
"finding an area rug was a months-long journey that taught me everything I could want... bought an inexpensive indoor-outdoor flat-weave area rug for just inside my entry... Because it's an indoor-outdoor rug, it's very easy to keep clean, and inexpensive enough... But an expensive good quality rug will clean easily and wear beautifully. It is... where an investment pays off. I love kelim rugs they have lovely patterns I also..."
Architect Lingo Decoded for the Average Homeowner
"rails, urinals become urinals (accent on the long "i"), a vent fan becomes an extractor... with an emphasis on functional needs - not so much the client's style preferences... While an architect may not verbalize the parti to you, rest assured that he or she... does have an important role to play during construction. Most notably, when problems... When an architect says something like, "The scale of that building is all wrong..."
6 Ways to Help Your Dog and Landscape Play Nicely Together
"wisdom from an expert gardener and dog guardian... worthy of an international airport and eating plants, some dogs can wreak havoc on landscape... items (dog urine + decorative planter = yuck!). No grass, urine is urea is Nitrogen fertilizer... caused by urine by neutralizing it somehow. Dog rocks are a alkalising product for dogs... against an electric fence. Do your research. Electric fences are just like shock collars..."
Don't Touch Another Stain Before You Read This
"Even an innocent swipe with water may cause permanent damage. Here's what to know... Just an experience with a large sharpie blot and an off white couch. Checked the... to do an overall cleaning, Some companies may also charge an additional $20 to $25... For cat urine I use alternatively Natures Miracle and UrineFree. (One of my cats has... worked at an auto repair outfit and the mechanics were forever trekking grease and oil..."
Houzz Tour: Rocking Out in a Converted Stable
"Get an all-access look at a decked-out Connecticut music space a rock star would... beautiful. An original and beautiful space. I can only imagine the fun, come Thursday... This is an idea we're kicking around for the loft floor of our house under construction... having a urinal in their cave. looks like a place to call home. love it Love car grills... Only a urinal? What men never poop? LOL Otherwise just love the whole space.... "In..."
My Houzz: Home Full of Boys Achieves Order and Inspiration
"produces an organized and inviting space fit for this Florida family of 9... create an airy, open flow. “The bones of the house were beautiful, but it needed... windows, and an entirely new electrical overhaul," Missy says. They removed walls, replaced... added an area that the couple calls "Mom Central" to help keep things organized for... I've got an architect husband and we are definitely an example of the "cobbler's children..."
Is It Time to Consider Fake Grass?
"benefits and an installation how-to here... turf in an area that received adequate rainfall but in an area that is prone to water... installed in an area designated as the 'poopy park' in our backyard and have trained our... require an 'escort' to remind them where they need to go but their progress has been... not in an area that needs artificial turf, but since my plants keep dying, it's tempting... live in an area where it's difficult to grow grass, look at the natural environment..."
6 Wonderfully Easy Roses for Any Gardener
"like an expert even if you're just starting out, with these low-maintenance gems... seem like an oxymoron, but there truly are some varieties that are low maintenance. Many... coyote urine (horrible odor making it near impossible to be outside near the roses)... Knockout is an unfortunate thing as well - certainly lacks the beauty of many - most -..."
12 Key Decorating Tips to Make Any Room Better
"without an experienced touch by following these basic design guidelines... wrote an article about that :) http://alexeirebrov.com/blogs/news/9026377-how-to... follow an eclectic aesthetic. Mixing things up with antiques or vintage pieces go... @mike0814, an average person's height about 68-70" around here (reminds me a friend who... learned an expensive lesson. Even though most of the paints throughout the house work..."
The Absolute Right Way to Hang Toilet Paper. Maybe
"He's an under and I'm an over. We have two bathrooms so one has under and the other... fresh an outside urinal? Please google my name, "Tim Baber", with the "Villa Almarin"... He is an "over man", end of discussion. It was an interesting discussion in light... She is an under and I'm an over and we will never agree on it as long as we live.... don't have an opinion. But I have a friend who does and always wants it hung over. When..."
A Los Angeles Basement Becomes a Cozy Man Cave
"items into an efficient, warm and fun space. "We're talking about a completely raw space... is an "IN ADDITION TO" not an either/or item! Urinals are not repulsive to men they... of the urinal. In terms of resale value, a lot of buyers would find a urinal repulsive... especially the urinal. I think the urinal gave it a unique look. By the way, I am a girlie... from the urinal. Ewwwwww....... I think a urinal in a 1/2 bath is a fine idea for a..."
Get Those Carpet Stains Out: Best Nontoxic Methods for Spot Cleaning
"you have an antique or delicate rug, consult an expert carpet cleaner before attempting... floor of an apartment I was renting. I had heard about club soda but didn't have any... carpet, cat urine, vomit, mustard, blueberries, etc. and it gets out not only the stain... in cat urine. for CANDLE WAX on carpet, I usually let it dry, then put a halved paperbag... and use an iron on low heat to melt the wax onto the paper towel, or halved paperbag..."
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