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12 Ways to Cool Your Home Without Air Conditioning
"consider the attic fan others have suggested. Whole house fans and adequate attic insulation... think attic fans are a great idea, they just push the hot air outside where it belongs... install attic fan. This will increase air flow and reduce air condition cost. A whole... is an attic fan, especially if you live in an area where the temp goes down significantly... on the attic fan. I just failed to refresh. Keep up the great ideas! The ivy you see..."
How to Create a Secret Doorway Behind a Bookcase
"a huge attic but only one bathroom on the main floor. I would love to take the current... as the attic surrounds our bedroom and the doors to lead to closet space. Thanks... to the attic. As it was, we had to empty the closet in the kid's room and then squeeze... 10'x12' attic space beyond the opening. Frustrating. It took us several years to... into the attic from my kid's room. We didn't want our son going in there, so we concealed..."
My Houzz: Turning a Netherlands Barn Into a Country Home
"than the attic, reminds one of a barn or a historical house. I do love the interior... love the attic, they did a good job matching it to the magazine clipping. I think many... maintain it (attic and living room), but they are too few......I am curious as to why the... love the attic, the Rozenkelim rug, and those beautiful and preserved old windows.... those attic beams--was ripped out or covered up in plasterboard. No one is saying..."
Replace Your Windows and Save Money — a How-to Guide
"sealing (attic down, insulation (attic and then walls), then hvac equipment. A great... insulate your attic and ductwork before attacking the windows. Changing out windows is expensive... through the attic), and there's no replacing the look of the old wavy glass, true muntins... mentioned attic, sealing ducts, etc are great places to start) it is still a great way... foundation and attic--it's called the "stack effect." Your investment dollars are better spent..."
Tubular Daylighting Devices Bring In Natural Light
"homes with attic access. The longer the tube, the more expensive the install. Location... of the attic space, and couldn't get the tubes in any of the places I wanted them... you have attic access and a safe roof to work on. You have to be careful where you... There is attic space above our 1st floor master closet. Would that still work? How does... through the attic and it will work brilliantly in the masterbath (only one small window)..."
10 Ways to Hide That Air Conditioner
"siding) & attic floor (making sure there is appropriate attic ventilation) and then have... to an attic-to-play space conversion. Good ideas here! This is how we hide our air... with no attic,crawlspace,or airspace over the ceilings? Above the sheetrock ceiling... caribbean; No attic, metal roof, concrete walls, facing west with 85 to 90 degrees year round... ceiling/attic? Here is how I use my Mitsubishi. Someone has to tel l me how to use..."
Ecofriendly Cool: Insulate With Wool, Cork, Old Denim and More
"in the attic, breathing in the fumes from over-heated fiberglass, you would theoretically... into the attic of a burning house? Most of us were taught as children to get out of... in your attic. One requires a higher level of protection than the other. The team... well-sealed attic should have no way for the dust to infiltrate, because if dust can leak... in the "attic" of our home, so we would be exposed regardless, even if short-term during..."
My Houzz: Family Efforts Pay Off for a 1915 Home
"and the attic still has an "attic" feel, while adding lots of usable space. As a kids... friends attic--complete with a wurlitzer juke box! I wish you many happy memories... in the attic. It looks like there is no insulation in the ceiling. I am also confused... in the attic. It looks like an old window installed horizontally. What does the... The attic is insulated with fiberglass batts behind the sloped walls just behibd..."
Saying Goodbye to One Home and Hello to Another
"in the attic and down into the wall, she had a good laugh when i showed it to her... basement to attic, garage, yard, every room. Finally close the front door behind you and... in the attic they found many old photos of her and her husband living in the house... did our attic renovation, we had about 1,000 square feet of subflooring (prior to the... in the attic, they'll get a big surprise! nnigrt: I do the same-look at the background..."
Tips for Moving Into a Smaller Space
"into our "attic" (did I mention our circa 1850 house has no attic?!). Everything that... in your attic or basement, decide to throw away 7 things a day. No more, no less.... basement, attic or even outsourced storage is largely foreign. We don't even have an... basement, attic or garage for storage. I agree with everyone who found shedding possessions... anything! No attic, no basement, no garage and 1 bathroom……heavens!! My problem is family..."
Considering a Fixer-Upper? 15 Questions to Ask First
"walls and attic space for code compliance. Always plan for the unexpected to pop up... was the attic space , so are very sloping. Not sure what to Do to increase useable... had the attic insulated only to find out the licensed electrician only upgraded wiring... turn the attic into additional living space the insulation had to come up and of course... for the attic project with Architects, contractors, pricing materials only to have..."
14 Home Studios That Nurture Creativity and Art
"have a attic studio since I was a teenager! Now I got an attic that can only handle... have that attic spot! Ideally accessible only through a secret doorway. I'd disappear... that attic studio is just a dream. I love the converted porch studio too, what a... is the attic studio..a calming place to paint and a fainting couch to crash on. I... Light-Filled AtticLorrie Kempf and her husband converted their attic into a space where..."
Tour of an American Cottage at Emory Grove
"year old)attic. I love that it is casual and kitschy at the same time. How nice to... Your attic sounds like quite a resource! So great, I never knew about this area... from our attic (and garage) originally belonged to my MIL, but she gave it to my husband... houses and attics. It's a nice way to "shop!" And citymouse - you should convert your... your attic to a room! Old beams are so cool... I just got an email from my husband with..."
How Much Stuff Is Enough?
"basement, attic, or garage "because I might need it someday" I really should be getting... built, attic insulated, etc…) Although we need to throw out a ton of my husband's... clean the attic today. The "Rule of 3" sounds great. I'll put my extras away for a few... in the attic- he hung bars from the rafters & we hang the fancy clothes &... basement or attic storage :-) Like organized cupboards Book-lovers like me have a hard..."
Houzz Tour: Country Comfort With a Touch of Chic
"in the attic until I could trust my kids around it. To my surprise my sons so far... in the attic. Really??? Kifkat: a boot room is the same as a mudroom -- nothing royal... small attic I'm like huh really? ALL those huge rooms and the children shoved into... into a attic ...and yes this house is staged for photo shoots but it still looks unlived... in the attic bedroom. The kitchen is restaurant-huge--big enough for a family of ten..."
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