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Decorating with Dress Forms
"of the attic takes you back to another place, another time. Then you see it…illuminated... in the attic these past 50 years with only the occasional mouse to keep it company... this cozy attic style closet...and the dress form fits beautifully in this spot. The..."
HVAC Exposed! 20 Ideas for Daring Ductwork
"spaces and attics, exposed ductwork is on the rise as a design element — and as an en... without attic space. In sweltering cities where temperatures often blow past 110 degrees... didn't have attic space. The only other feasible option was to run the system on the roof..."
More Living Space: Converting a Garage
"converting attics and basements into more living space in a home. There are, however,... where the attic can't be converted to living space for a variety of reasons (the roof... Converting Attics and Basements..."
That Treehouse Magic
"unfinished attic. Now that I'm a grown up, I don't even like to enter dank basements... of an attic either. However, when I strolled the new Canopy Walk at the Atlanta Botanical..."
Dutch Gable Roof
"small attic space but strong construction; gable roofs have more attic space but..."
My Houzz: Major DIY Love Transforms a Neglected Pittsburgh Home
"interesting attic window was replaced with a rectangle. The house needs a porch or something... that the attic window could not be saved but having windows that don't leak is equally... rectangle attic window with the modern look of the renovations. Great job! Fantastic... Love the attic space! The exterior is fabulous, I especially like the scalloped shingles... rectangular attic window to the "before" window. Was it the original window? It didn't..."
You Won't Believe What These Homeowners Found in Their Walls
"in the attic space above. Old toys, letters, pictures and old negatives of which appeared... In the attic we found a big collection of paper dolls from about the 40s we think... in the attic(think half arched with panes) that had been covered up when the house... original attic windows were once again opened up, which also lets a bunch of light into... into the attic. We found an old pocket door track and and wheels in the wall of our..."
One Guy Found a $175,000 Comic in His Wall. What Has Your Home Hidden?
"sealed up attic when we went in to put on a new roof. Phoned the company to find out... of our attic we found three drawings of naked women made by the former owners first... in the attic and found a boxy hat was blocking the wiring. Inside he found love letters... from the attic. She did not appreciate my father-in-laws' purchase. Gone forever... emptied the attic to have insulation done we found an entire garbage bag filed with pictures..."
Get Cleaner Indoor Air Without Opening a Window
"in the attic. @Sharon Barnard: Whole house attic fans DO pull cool air into the house... of the attic. My whole house attic fan can exchange the entire volume of air in my... from the attic into the living quarters. Homes with whole house attic fans have a louvered... out the attic vent(s). "Attic vent fans" are used to expel hot air out of the attic... house attic fan added to my home for $1000 (including installation costs). During..."
7 Ways to Improve Bathroom Air Quality for Better Health
"problems in attic space." There is absolutely no excuse to vent into an attic space, the... frozen attic - what do you think is going to happen? Attic spaces are design to allow... in an attic space but we never use the flexible pipe. Flexible pipe has a much larger... venting into attic space. Not venting through to any exterior pipe/exhaust system. Is... problems in attic space. Your advise is highly regarded so an immediate response is appreciated..."
Edit Keepsakes With Confidence — What to Let Go and What to Keep
"or an attic (and perhaps a storage unit, too) filled with boxes of stuff, you are... dishes. An attic full! And then we have to decide which of our currently used quality... to the attic, and drag it down and out! I guess they want us to do the work for them... in his attic, are now proudly displayed in his great-grandsons' room! That was their..."
How to Outsmart Backyard Critters
"in his attic. He played loud music with the speaker pointed toward the attic during... in my attic. Chewed a hole under the roof. Had all of my insulation removed,everything... Check your attic! We put in a Bald Cypress along our front fence line in 2010. It was... their attic not realizing she was a nursing mom. We told him to go back and check... in our attic!" The trapper caught the momma and retrieved 4 babies. We proceeded..."
Know Your House: Components of a Roof
"unusable attic. You have to crouch and are constantly dodging the beams. You've basically... of the attic to storage and use a conventional rafter system only in those areas.... in the attic, please have it floored rather than try to piece-mill it later. I have... into the attic trying to retrofit it for storage. The roofing nails protruding through... into open attic with a ridge vent or should it be insulated more like a wall, with moisture..."
Insulation Basics: Heat, R-Value and the Building Envelope
"have an attic fan & opted for hi-end super insulated windows. Last night we ran the... the attic fan for 20 minutes, and the house cooled 3 degrees in that time alone.... walls and attic. Is this true and are there more efficient options? @tlsgv Spray foam... deluxe attic insulation retrofit in our 1400 square foot condo. We had problems with... heated attic space (6 ft at peak) so stored items won't freeze (or melt in summer)..."
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