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15 Great Ideas for a Lawn-Free Yard
"that save water and are easier to maintain... with the watering ban, and in our city, we pay for the water we use and the water we... your gray water from your washer and showers and collect your rain water to water it... allowing automatic watering system to be used. See us on Houzz: http://www.houzz.... and then waters it twice a week. What a waste of water, gas and man-power. I wish I... and our water is rationed, and our water bills just keep going up. we are replacing..."
7 Finishing Touches for a Thoughtful Front Yard
"numbers, water features, garden art and more... kept a water bowl filled up outside for them. Standing water can attract a bacteria... to the dog water bowls, please be very careful. Both of our greyhounds almost died... provide water, post a sign asking the user to dump the water bowl when finished. We... cause the dog to vomit and have diarrhea. Dogs become dehydrated very quickly. If you... dump the water bowl and store upside down. Then we refill fresh when needed again. After..."
Home Tech: Pets Need Gadgets, Too
"track your dog's whereabouts or provide indoor-outdoor pet access? New home gadgets do... Cats and dogs can benefit from the very same technologies humans do. New tech can improve... aware of a dog door that works with a sliding glass door The dog water set up shown still... running the water it is hot. So the poor dog would be drinking hot water out of the faucet... the GPS dog collar and dog water tap..... I'm in India is there any way that I can..."
6 Design Ideas for Happy Pets
"your dog or cat feeling safe and in high spirits, and you'll all feel more at peace... moping dog or an out-of-sorts cat doesn't enhance anyone's day.)... elevated bowls. We elevated bowls (on his lower part chest level) since our dog was... elevating water bowls and food bowls is not a problem for cats. Sorry, I didn't mean... be the dog door and plain glass filling in next to the dog door. That way I still... food and water bowls for aging canines! This is from an article (Tufts University)..."
40 Fun Gifts for Your Pet-Loving Friends
"to Love Dogs, Cats and Birds in Style... are for dog and cat and bird's best friends (sorry all, we didn't really get into reptiles... their dogs wear sweaters, who refill the bird feeder every day and yell at squirrels... a down dog duvet from The Muddy Dog to the list? Creature comfort meets impeccable... other dog bed offers a lifetime guarantee?! Add the fleece Dog On It slipcover to... and deaf dogs that she's put together in the past year. Philly based but she travels..."
Get Organized: A Place for Your Pets' Stuff
"cat or dog thanks to special places for their food, bed and toys... elson-automatic-dog-waterer.htm A drawer for dog food bowls: http://www.houzz.... for the dog leash and the purse??? Thats exactly what I did with my dogs stuff.. she... "designer dog crates" and you'll find lots of photos. heypam, we cover our dog's crate... space-hogging dog crates......? :) @heypam Get rid of the crate(s). The photo with the hooks..."
My Houzz: Accessibility With Personality in an 1870 Home
"touches fill an accessible home with warmth and charm... Elloise, and dogs Tizsa and Luna Location: Norfolk County, Massachusetts Size: About 5,000... and love filled home. I love the colors, the patterns, the way light warms the rich... Luna the dog is also gorgeous! For a minute I thought it wasn't real. Ha ha! Gorgeous... This one fills the bill. I think all homes should be built with disability access.... running water, no heat, and her son (my great-uncle, Jimmy Drew) played the Jew's harp..."
How to Care for a Freshly Cut Christmas Tree
"tips for watering, stands and siting... that is water, lots of it. Think of it like a big, green pet: Just as a dog or cat... fresh water every day, so does a fresh Christmas tree.... large water reservoir, and for a 7 foot tall tree, it drinks an entire bowl of water... where the water level will cover them. My tree drinks gallons of water in the first few... first water that the tree drinks after a fresh cut. You will be amazed how supple..."
Simple Pleasures: The Joy of Baking
"Fill your house with a heavenly scent and your heart with cheer by making time to... salt. water and yeast. put it in a bowl, cover, and come back the next day. Lay it... cakes, dog biscuits...the only problem is that I have to watch my weight so the goodies... their dogs) Wonderful article! I am not a baker but one freezing saturday morning... measuring water - with the other liquids I make a note of the weigh the first time I..."
Make Your Own Tranquil Garden Fountain
"this DIY water feature in your yard, serenity is just a few steps away... common: a water feature. The sound of running water instantly brings a sense of relaxation... used for dogs to drink from. The water will bubble up and fill the top basin and then... homemade water fountain and I love the sound of running water ....but for some reason... hitting the water in a toilet bowl rather than a lovely burbling brook - any suggestions..."
3 Ways Native Plants Make Gardening So Much Better
"e and watering has dropped off drastically. While our neighbors are watering their... all the water in our cities when there isn't enough water to grow our food (well, that's... Texas who watered 3 times a day in the summer and planted roses, impatiens, vines, etc... has been filled with butterflies and hummingbirds. Drew -- MI is close to NE, come on... original dust bowl, land that gives birth to 90% of North American waterfowl. http://www..."
So You Want to Get a Cat
"Set an automatic feeder and you can leave a cat for a day or two without a care in... for a dog. Like any pet, there are things to consider before bringing a cat home... a big water bowl in the middle. I like having the food up away from the dogs and... a big bowl of food and water and their kitty litter. They don't have to be taken... food & water is on the second shelf from bottom so that the dog doesn't eat it. So..."
Houzz Interview: Brenda's Cozy Little House in Texas
"with one dog in my lap and the other one keeping my feet warm. And probably a cat or... a pet dog, whatever is blooming in the garden, the forest or a bird that stopped... add more water features and plants. Since we live so close to a main thoroughfare, and... on the water of her bird bath. Lovely to look at and inspirational. Beautiful home... love your dogs! Angie Brenda, your home is everything I'd love in mine...whimsy, comfort..."
Guest Picks: Summer at the Seaside
"evenings were filled with extended family dropping by for good food and homegrown music.... Lori from automatism... Just add water! Blue and Red Crab Prints add a punch of color to your room! http://www... china bowls would be perfect for a delicious chowder supper — or a quick cereal breakfast..."
10 Big Space-Saving Ideas for Small Kitchens
"double-bowl sink or Sub-Zero fridge, it doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice function... running water as I go, with the clean water just adding to the washing up water. Turning... running water takes no more water than filling a washpan and rinsing and it's easy... platters. I fill the sink with a small amount of water and add detergent and start washing... single bowl is so much nicer than any double bowl sink I have ever used :), and open..."
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