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Should You Open a Bed-and-Breakfast?
"existing B and B, here's what you need to know... Victorian b&b’s… whenever we’re there we say we should buy one! I started a B&B renovating... starting a B&B, you probably already have many skills that would translate! Good Luck... existing B&B so were able to be open and ready for guests right away. Over the years... find in a B&B and offer it to your guests it works just fine! www.stayatpennysmill.com... successful B & B that is already established, check out our website thepfeiffercottaginn..."
Houzz Tour: Bringing the Outdoors Inside on Bowen Island, B.C.
"Island, B.C., "We could see where the house would be perfectly situated between two... Island, B.C., Canada Size: 3,800 sq. ft. main house with 1,000 sq. ft. two-car garage..."
Houzz Tour: Modern Houseboat in Vancouver, B.C.
A stunning view of the Vancouver marina, the North Shore mountains and downtown are only a taste of the upsides of living in this floating home. Owners Doug McClelland and Anthony Tucker plopped their...
Modern Icons: Marcel Breuer's B32 Chair
You've probably seen this chair before. I have a dim memory of some around the house during my early childhood in the '70s; I've seen imitations advertised in newspapers and I certainly notice these chairs around Houzz. Official versions are known today...
Homes Away From Home: 6 Appealing International Bed-and-Breakfasts
"endly B and Bs offer comfort and style for a wide range of budgets... international B and Bs just might inspire your next vacation — or your next home decorating... perfect B&B to take in Skye, the Highlands, and Scotland herself, is named 'Driseach'... favourite B&B in Scotland was on the Isle of Mull, rather than the Isle of Skye. Even... Try this B&B in the Luberon in Provence France: www.maspomona.com http://www.vrbo.c..."
Guest Picks: Mad Science
"films and B-movie classics with their fun gadgets and astonishing effects. Here are a... favorite B movie..."
Belt Line
In architecture a belt line is a horizontal exterior trim element that wraps around a building. The belt line helps organize a home design's exterior into zones and creates a reference line for the placement of windows and other architectural elements. While...
A breadboard is attached to each end of a panel assembly made up of several joined boards; it adds rigidity to the assembly and limits the amount of movement that may occur at the boards' ends. It can be attached in many ways, but a popular method is...
Box Joinery
Box joinery (also referred to as box joint) primarily joins sides to create boxes, both large and small, including trunks, chests and drawers. Notches are cut to match in an interlocking fashion, increasing surface area to allow for more glue strength...
Burled Wood
Examples of burled wood are the atypical limbs and wood-grain patterns created by tumorous tree growths. Woodworkers use these unusual shapes and patterns for furniture and veneers.
Butt Hinge
A butt hinge connects a door and a jamb at the surfaces that abut. The plates of a butt hinge attach to the wood with screws and carry the weight of the swinging door by pivoting on a pin.
Bow Front
Bow fronts in architecture and design are the result of steaming and clamping wood in the shape of an outward curve. It suits many styles of design. Tall brownstones and row houses can also be called "bow front," which refers to the curved exterior...
Beadboard is a milled panel with routed parallel grooves. Historically, beadboard was assembled with tongue and groove planks, but for quicker installation and cost effectiveness, it is now also available in large wood sheets or cellular PVC. It...
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