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Open a View to Your Backyard's Wildlife
"outdoor habitats that include a hidden vantage point... Wildlife can be a key part of your everyday life at home if you let it. Feeders and... natural habitats can invite birds and chipmunks, for example. And when they come, how... create safe habitats near your home as well as unobtrusive viewing areas, or blinds.... watch wildlife at a close range while staying hidden from view. The more natural... natural habitats and feeding areas around the window, the better the show. Effective and..."
Be a Citizen Scientist to Help Wildlife, Learn and Have Fun Too
"wild habitats, monitoring populations of wildlife in the garden is incredibly important... see what wildlife comes. I call it the fourth dimension of gardening. Birds, bees... Without backyard scientists, or citizen scientists, many monitoring programs with low... National Wildlife Federation and get Certified as a Backyard Wildlife Habitat. How... Certified wildlife habitat is a pioneer in the world of wildlife friendly gardening,..."
Great Design Plant: Nourish Wildlife With American Beautyberry
"offers habitat and food to native birds. Its bright purple berries bring unique seasonal... so much habitat is being destroyed by development and food sources for birds are becoming... for the wildlife in the area and it would be a great way to remember my past. Thanks... for the wildlife, but I had so many of the bushes in my (totally natural) yard and... in my backyard are in a lot of shade which results in fewer berries. Fabulous photos..."
6 Plants That Beat Butterfly Bush for the Wildlife Draw
"anymore! Perennial salvia and perennial lantana are butterfly magnets here. Salvia also... Providing habitat and food sources for wildlife, absorbing and clarifying storm runoff... longtime wildlife habitat gardener, and nursery owner, the absolute favorite nectar... Lily PERENNIAL FLOWERS: Penstemon heterophyllus - Foothill Penstemon, Mimulus... lot of perennials flowering all summer long... Thank you so much for this article..."
Garden for Wildlife to Reap Rich Rewards
"gardening for wildlife can be applied to how we live with our own species. When I see an... to the wildlife garden, you risk your heart, but you learn how to be more alive and... help -- a backyard habitat or monarch watch waystation sign discretely placed. What are... California Wildlife Habitat Garden" by Nancy Bauer is a nice source. EVERYONE GO HERE... Creating habitat for wildlife is very rewarding indeed. Witnessing the interdependencies..."
Great Design Plant: Silphium Perfoliatum Pleases Wildlife
"sustain wildlife in the eastern North American garden... What perennial native plant grows to a height of 10 feet or more in as little as... large perennial garden as a backdrop or make a statement and site it in the middle... normal habitat, like many prairie plants, this one has adapted for periods of drought... specific habitat, so I am not belittling their information or intentions, only questioning... delicate perennials. Therefore, use cup plant in large perennial borders as a backdrop..."
Bring on the Birds: Natural Habitat Ideas for Gardens of All Sizes
"various habitats for the birds. I was struck by the natural look of these habitats... natural habitat, Costa Ricans focus on four specific needs; nesting, water, perches... other wildlife) on your own. Please contact your local wildlife rehabilitator.... friendly habitat. The rest of my gardens are all designed to be wildlife friendly with... critical wildlife habitat. This is so crucial! Costa Rica has incredibly rich biodi..."
Want a More Colorful, Natural Garden? Try a Perennial Meadow
"writer and perennials expert — as the “perennial meadow,” which uses the best parts of... Perennial plants have been a favorite in gardens since the first days of the cottage... use of perennials. When I was a horticulture student in the 1960s, the traditional... planting perennials, championed by Dutch garden designer Piet Oudolf and landscape... generation of perennial planting, best known by some garden designers — including Michael..."
Top 12 Summer-Blooming Perennials for Deer-Resistant Drama
"favorite: perennial geranium. Thanks for the info Vitalbodies! I've mulched my garden... Messina Wildlife. It doesn't smell bad at all and it seems to work. I usually have... flowering perennials they don't eat in my beds are peonies and iris. My gardening is... in my backyard this summer, my flower garden has become a free salad bar. The fawns... these perennials in my garden and the deer still ate them! The only thing I can be..."
How to Design a Garden for Native Bees
"Creating a habitat for bees is creating a wildlife habitat for all, because it attracts... garden habitat for native bees gives them a place in which to live, eat and raise... other wildlife, such as butterflies, birds, hummingbirds and other insects. See how... More habitat. Less roadside mowing. Less big ag spraying. Great piece! Good tips... in the backyard. Every year the grass fills with clover, which the honeybees love..."
How to Replace Your Lawn With a Garden
"savings, wildlife friendliness and lower maintenance... expanded wildlife habitat to less frequent maintenance.... shrubs and perennials, too. So, no one should be wasting 10,000 gallons of water on... I can, perennial flowers, herbs and vegetable beds. I'm leaving the cardboard with... herb and perennial gardens harder if you are planting a large tree. We have reduced... lot of perennial plantings and every year, I edge out a little further. Garden looks..."
How to Help Your Town’s Beneficial Birds and Bugs
"ake a habitat using local materials to provide a home to the creatures that help... planting wild habitats in the city landscape since 2009. In addition to raising public awareness... bugs and wildlife in our built environments, the group is also beautifying it, leaving... public habitat sculptures as calling cards, spreading the word of our silent allies... bugs and wildlife. “We have 81 species of native bees in the Bay Area,” says Lisa Lee..."
16 Ways to Get More From Your Small Backyard
"spacious backyards aren’t one of them. Designers in high-density places like San Francisco... shaped backyards into comfortable, functional extensions of the home. No matter the... Island, NYC backyard Very nice! I too have a small backyard and I think I can use some... Small backyards can be tricky but great articles like this make it easier! Thanks... Small backyards can become more beautiful by adding some stone products like fountains..."
There’s a Party in the Backyard, Says a Houzz Landscaping Survey
"in my backyard. Invite everyone you know! Bring comfortable shoes, though, because... and our backyard is a NWF Certified Wildlife Habitat (along with our city). A fire... miss my backyard so much ! I love to party in our backyard! We have not only re landscaped... your own backyard? Vote in our Houzz poll! http://bit.ly/1hjoQo0 Great piece! Check... doing more perennial flower beds, berry bushes and fruit trees that require less maintenance..."
7 Reasons Not to ‘Clean Up’ Your Fall Garden
"consider wildlife, the health of your plants and your own right to relax... sorts of wildlife you'd never see, even though they're quite common" Perennial grasses... spent perennials that have dropped their seeds may be necessary. The Camellia sasaquas... spent perennials until last year when I chastised my husband for leaving a bounty... various perennials, like Black-eyed Susan, and hoarfrost on grasses and Sedum was always..."
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