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Houzz Tour: A Bark-Covered Floating Getaway on Lake Union
"nicer. Bark and portholes, sapele and bronze, a planted roof and massive stone-covered... built bark house homes in Blowing Rock, NC back in the 40's. The look is amazing... So, a bark barque - with a dog in residence, no less! :-) One of the more intriguing... see the bark surface after our usual nine months of rain....will it grow mold? That... acing bark side is what drew me to the project - I think it's beautiful. I think..."
Great Design Plant: Coral Bark Japanese Maple, a Winter Standout
"coral bark Japanese maple. With fiery red stems that stand out in the winter landscape... Coral Bark Maple in my front yard which I treasure year round! Happy Holidays!... Coral bark Japanese mapleOrigin: Native to AsiaWhere it will grow: Hardy to -20 degrees... unusual red bark (especially on young stems), making it an exceptional specimen tree for... coral bark Japanese maple is a standout that can take your garden to another level..."
Great Design Plant: Quaking Aspen for 3-Season Beauty — on Its Own Turf
"winter bark and lush green leaves in summer. Just don't try to plant quaking aspen... Paper Bark Birch. Got this image from Willoway Nurseries. I thought these trees... white bark for creamy white but a whole lot less headaches. My experience with all... white barked alternative to aspen and they are not susceptible to birch borer. Borer... paper bark birch--Whitespire birch is less susceptible--in WI and other parallel..."
Great Design Plant: River Birch
"peeling bark, soil adaptability or leaves that bring dappled shade to a garden... papery bark that peels away from the trunk, this North American native species is... peeling bark suggest you also look at Paper Bark Maple One of our top 5 trees to plant... peeling bark, makes me feel a little closer to home. River birch is only desirable... love the bark and how fast they grow but the one thing that I don't like about them..."
Great Design Plant: Crape Myrtle
"exfoliating bark, this ornamental tree brings bright color and a unique form to the landscape... exfoliating bark. Here in Atlanta, our crape myrtle population is very high, as the city... and the bark in wintertime -- heaven! The cinnamon bark adds just a lovely touch of... their bark and branch habit as much as they are a flowering tree. They bloom in... exfoliating bark; beautiful silhouette in winterWhen to plant: Either after the last frost..."
Skip-Peeled Logs
"removing the bark known as skip peeling. The shape and character of the tree remain intact... whether the bark is removed by hand or by machine. To avoid new growth being cut down... inner bark removed for a very rustic look. The inner bark, the fleshy tissue between... outer bark, is called cambium. The tool used to strip the bark in the skip-peeling... off the bark. More intricate areas of the log need to be skip peeled by hand with a..."
Great Design Plant: White Birch
"paper-like bark, this tree gorgeously contrasts fall foliage and offers its own colorful... white bark stands out against the rest of the trees, whether it is surrounded by... white bark popping against the yellows, oranges and reds of northern North America's... peeling bark contrasts the foliage and bark of other trees. It gets whiter and peels... white bark stands out. It also contrasts with bright autumn leaves. Its own leaves..."
Great Escape: A Tiny, Off-the-Grid Hideout in the California Woods
"ed in bark and topped by a living roof, this 90-square-foot retreat hides on its... redwood bark and a living roof to blend in with the coastal California hillside. The... teeny, bark covered "sheds" beat the alternative, I think. hey Lorna, Coromandel... ! The bark and seeded roof--so craving these ideas--the rest of the world needs it... redwood bark covers the structure's walls. A nearby lumber mill had planned on burning..."
Great Design Plant: Catalina Ironwood, a Tree for Antiquity
"eling bark gives this tree an antique look, but its low water needs are perfect for... peely-bark look of an antique relic — perfect for a low-water, natural landscape... shaggy bark — a look of antiquity.Growing tips. Start with a single- or multiple-trunk..."
Great Design Plant: Palo Blanco Softens Sharp Desert Angles
"white bark give this tree a delicate beauty, but its constitution is tough... peeling bark, makes the palo blanco a prized addition to the Southwestern landscape... papery bark peels away to reveal the beautiful white trunk, which is why this little..."
How to Grow Your Own Apricots
"interesting bark make apricot trees a delight — and they’re great for smaller gardens... mottled bark, beautiful blossoms in early spring and dark green leaves. They’re also..."
Great Design Plant: Paperbark Maple
"sunset and bark the color of cinnamon, this tree is a highlight of the landscape... papery bark and was wondering what kind they were. Now I know. Oh, and even though... exfoliating barkBeautiful fall color How to use it. Play off the rich bark color by surrounding... plants. Its bark is one of the highlights of the winter landscape. Consider the backdrop... foliage and bark. Planting notes.Dig a hole as deep as the root ball and twice as wide..."
Great Design Plant: Manzanita
"spectacular bark make this water-wise tree a worthwhile investment... for: its bark. A fine textured hue of dark red mahogany, it's easy to forget that the... defense the bark peels away yearly, revealing a fresh layer. As shown in this photo, the..."
How to Help Your Dog Be a Good Neighbor
"rarely barks — and yet he's clearly not perfect. We're so thankful for our neighbors'... time to bark and bark and bark. Both of us work from home, and after eight hours of... stop the barking. If a neighbour’s dog is barking constantly and the owner does nothing... dogs will bark. Barking dogs are a doorbell for when people come to the house. That... rarely barks at them, apart from the occasional bark at the Postman that's all. Our..."
New Ways to Think About All That Mulch in the Garden
"visible bark between plants, but I'm willing to live with it. As the bark breaks down... quality bark mulch rather than processed and dyed wood mulch. It contains much higher... Premium Bark mulch costs a little more, but you'll make it up in labor over the long... apply bark mulch every third or fourth year. A 4 inch depth kills off my the annual... manure/bark blend sold by my local sewer district. I re-sow the annuals and try some..."
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