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Bronze: Ancient Metal With Modern Appeal
"faux, bronze complements other materials in the mix... Bronze is an ideal metal finish to use when your design goal is quiet complement... Bronze’s subtle earthiness tends to deflect attention, and there are times when... to do. Bronze was the earliest metal alloy developed by humankind. It appeared at... Technically, bronze is the mixture of copper and tin. However, the line between brass (copper... zinc) and bronze can be pretty blurry. Since designers tend not to be metallurgists..."
Upgrade Your Windows for Beauty, Comfort and Big Energy Savings
"when the windows are closed tight? Congratulations: You have leaky windows — and a leaky... as your windows provide natural light and offer some semblance of a view, why give... your windows directly contribute to the overall comfort inside your home. If the... your windows are probably to blame. Plus, old, poorly functioning or improperly... sealed windows can wreak havoc on your utility costs. Ever seen your curtains move..."
Steel-Framed Windows Leap Forward Into Modern Designs
"steel-framed windows are champions of design freedom... steel-framed windows. However, starting in the 1960s these windows became less and less... iron, windows manufactured by the likes of Henry Hope & Sons found their way... original windows. Made of a single sheet of glass and a thin steel frame, these windows... these windows are undergoing a resurgence.... Hopes Windows it was considerably more than standard windows but way less that what..."
Frame the View with Divided-Light Windows
"-pane windows add architectural interest to rooms of any style... large windows and doors. Expensive homes were often outfitted with window panes laid... guides to window styles This type of window is beautiful and adds architectural interest... divided-light window, a broken pane of glass is easier to replace than an entire window.... Some windows may feel like pesky glass and frame obstructing a great view, while..."
Energy-Efficient Windows: Decipher the Ratings
"cient windows for your home, first you need to know what the labels mean... historic windows, then it's time to find energy-efficient replacements. And selecting... selecting new windows involves industry knowledge. It's important to have a grasp of the... choose windows based on your climate and the requirements for your house. But who... Agriculture, window labels are certified by the National Fenestration Rating Council. And..."
Which Window for Your World?
"from your windows make a huge impact on the experience of being in your house... replacing some windows, you'll be confronted with a maze of window choices and options. From... sliding window or single/double hung window). You can also fully swing the window in... warranty. A window is a window is a window. Based upon today's advertising by many window... inserting new window into existing window frame or taking out the window down to house wall..."
Design Workshop: 10 Surprising Twists on Window Trim
"approaches to window trim include no trim at all. Can you wrap your head around them?... clear way. Windows have a special place in our systems. They help to define site connections... about how window systems integrate into the larger structure, I like to develop a clear... bench at window? I have drywall returns and marble window sills -- just so everybody... importance to windows regardless of trim. The narrow windows in the thick walls of #7 look..."
Renovation Detail: The Kitchen Sink Window
"when a window lets you drift off into the view beyond the kitchen sink... kitchen window. No matter what style kitchen you have, a window above the sink is... hanging window treatments on the kitchen sink window is not even necessary. I plan... is the window above our kitchen sink. I often find myself washing dishes for longer... out the window. Endlessly entertained by chubby birds, bunnies and squirrels, I'm connected..."
Renovation Detail: The Casement Window
"open your windows leaves you winded, let the cranks or cam handles of casement windows... casement window. Attached to their frame by side hinges, casement windows are installed... double-hung window, dreaming of the day that I will throw it into a Dumpster and replace... had 5 windows where the crank had broken with the window shut. fixing it would have... with 5 windows that we could not open. not fun!! Casement windows have many wonderful..."
Energy-Efficient Windows: Understand the Parts
"today's windows — but first you need to know all the window parts and types... older windows. But if your windows are a little gray around the edges, and it's... cient windows. The second step is understanding all the parts of a window — frame... Windows are the charmer of a house. They add that last touch of character that completes... choose new windows. And because you're already replacing them, you might as well choose..."
Keep Your Big Windows — and Save Birds Too
"strikes on windows with everything from architectural solutions to a new high-tech glass... large windows are bad for birds. Deaths of birds striking glass buildings is in the... crash into windows. They see the space as open air. In order for window strikes to be... on my windows. I have hung my bird feeders closer to the windows especially at those... large windows previously were all clear and our current windows have a grid that..."
Let the Sun Shine In
"light, a window wall can do wonders. Window walls are a perfect way to lighten up a... Solid-Bronze-Windows---Doors-by-Progressive-Solutions Here are some bronze & steel... contemporary window walls in my kitchen...(sigh)... Agreed aprilaries! Such a window and... proof windows! We have a west-facing window wall similar to the first photo, and... Solid Bronze Windows you may be interested in- http://www.houzz.com/projects/152..."
Double-Hung Windows Offer Singular Traditional Style
"double-hung window is about as traditional a window as can be. It's no surprise that its... double-hung window became the window of 18th-century America. The double-hung, or sash... sash, window was was invented by Robert Hooke in the 17th century. Windows before then... casement window when it was open. Double-hung windows restrict movement to a simple... of the window isn't as limited. Double-hung windows weren't considered very efficient..."
Design Workshop: Just a Sliver (of Window), Please
"narrow windows sited just so on a wall... thout windows, our architecture would be lifeless, heavy and dark. We use window... environment, windows are integral to setting the mood of a space. Sliver, or ribbon, windows... windows have a particularly unique way of controlling the way we feel in a space... sliver windows create a carefully controlled horizontal framed view to the building’s... sliver/ribbon windows. Louis Kahn said a room without a window is a closet. Did not anticipate..."
Update Historic Windows for Charm and Efficiency
"e old windows to keep the character but lose the energy outflow from your home... historic windows with new, low-emissivity windows and save energy? Or to keep the windows... historic windows for the same performance as new windows. And there's a substantial... but old windows are generally thicker and last longer than today's windows, says the... building (or window) is the one already built. No trips to the landfill. No new resources..."
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