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Storage Help for Small Bedrooms: Beautiful Built-ins
"eezed for space? Consider built-in cabinets, shelves and niches that hold all you... room for nightstands and table lamps for reading. Bedroom built-ins create a seamless... making a small room feel bigger. They create nestled-in niches for beds, offer handy... shelves in lieu of nightstands and provide space for artwork and reading sconces.... bedroom built-ins from the My Houzz series that incorporate storage in highly functional..."
Built-ins Boost Storage in Small Bathrooms
"more space for sundries in a compact bathroom? Check out these 10 innovative ideas... ideas for building storage into the plan... dry it in a space the size of a breadbox). My current "solution" is a basket that... the hunt for storage strategies that can help us squeeze the most from the space we... clever built-ins are going into the idea file.... them back in there. But hope is on the horizon: We're planning a remodel, sooner rather..."
10 Ways to Do More With a Customized Workspace
"Use a small space efficiently or get every last feature you desire. Custom desks... settle for a regular desk when your workspace can offer so much more beauty, space... suit your space and your style to a T — and may not even be in the home office at all... console-style built-ins that can handle your computer and TV to multilevel work surfaces... all, but in the kitchen, living room or bedroom. Check out these 10 innovative options..."
Timeless Design Ideas for Small Spaces
"intelligence in the battle to live comfortably in a compact space... solutions for living in small spaces. Some techniques Brown discusses are: • Horizontality... y, so small spaces feel larger • Lighting, color and pattern, to make small spaces... Taking small spaces seriously, so every bit of space is considered important • Compactness... you live in a small space or not.... A case in point is a book I found at a used-book store recently, titled Small Spaces..."
Downsizing Help: Think ‘Double Duty’ for Small Spaces
"to work in multiple ways to get the most out of your downsized spaces... thanks for the freedom and joy we have found in living small (and as tenants, not... who live in a lovely family home a mile away had shingles blown off their roof and their... movie. In the tiny bungalow Mike and I rent, we sipped glasses of wine and gave heartfelt... rooms, for all sorts of purposes. Rooms that sit empty most of the year are a thing..."
Guest Picks: Stylish Furnishings for Small Spaces
"footage in a small apartment or house with space-conscious sofas, tables, benches and... lot of small spaces in the Boston area, where square footage is both precious and... items for smaller homes that I have either used or am looking at using for current... tricks for small spaces, the removable shelves and different widths allow for alternate... choices for small spaces! I'm in the process of moving to a townhouse, and after viewing..."
Small Garden Strategy: Built-In Seating
"give a small space a cozy advantage... smaller space. One of my favorite design tricks for small spaces is built-in seating... outdoor space. Keep in mind that your small space has advantages! Outdoor living... apply it for dramatic effect in your cozy space.... living spaces should have a coziness factor, which is much easier to create in a smaller... depth in a small space. Chartreuse, white, variegation, with smaller or more sculptural..."
Renovation Detail: The Built-In Corkboard
"slivers of space with cork to create a handy surface for pinning and posting... Above desks, on cabinet doors or as backsplashes, built-in corkboards tell the story... top: the built-in corkboard. I'm a saver: snail mail, paint chips, movie tickets,... them. The built-in corkboard is the best solution. By incorporating cork into the nooks... materials for our home office renovation, which means that it's go time. And by go time..."
The Right Built-ins for Your Fireplace
"what it's for. These 14 examples will get you started... fireplace built-ins below show what they store, how they provide space for it, and the... filled with built-ins. But to hold what? Before you haul out your hammer and saw or bring... bring in a contractor, take some time to think about what you actually want and need... needed space — with open display shelving, drawers, closed cabinetry and so on. The... fireplace built-ins are in the second photo, their fireplace was already in this position..."
7 Ways to Make a Small Bedroom Look Bigger and Work Better
"function in a mini space with built-ins, wall mounts and decorating tricks that fool... mes a small bedroom can feel more like a cave than a cozy refuge. If a space lacks... bedroom for friends, family — or you.... , one small round table for jewelry, chair and small built in closet with rods... gaining in popularity. For those of you interested in built-ins, I would suggest visiting... looking for ideas for built ins. Especially like the 2nd pic of the bed recessed into..."
How to Get That Built-in Media Wall You Really Want
"project for a new year: Tame clutter and get a more stylish display with a media unit... Built-ins give a house a sense of solidity and permanence. They lend variety and... all the built-ins you can add, a media wall is one of the most useful. It helps to... than sit in front of the TV all day). A media wall can also anchor a room and give... picture of built-ins that had space for hanging guitars, but I didn't save it. Anybody..."
Workhorses for Small Spaces
"Live in the city? There are a multitude of reasons why many of us are space-challenged... Living in smaller spaces does not mean that you have to compromise on comfort or luxury... smaller spaces have a cozier feel (McMansions aren't typically built with human scale... scale in mind). Read on for some decorator tricks to help make the most of your space... attitude in this country is finally starting to diverge from the idea that bigger is..."
Lift Off! Floating Features for Small Spaces
"footage in a home, and furniture is taking up a big chunk of it. But if you take into... available space that starts just past the floor and continues up to the ceiling, all... shelves, a desk or even a loft off the ground to start maximizing the spacial potential... furniture and built-ins are one of the smartest and most elegant ways to maximize space.... make the space easier to use (more universal) and more accessible for those with special..."
14 Settees and Lounges That Work Magic in Small Spaces
"seating in smaller rooms, as a welcome in an entryway and as decorating objects in... place for perching rather than lounging. They are used in place of uncomfy benches... a dead space. They can be modern but often have a traditional shape — delicate tooled... to the space as well as function... Great idea for a desk chair! I prefer the more... looking for the perfect settee for a spot in my remodeled living room. I envisioned..."
Downsizing Help: Storage Solutions for Small Spaces
"places for everything you need to keep... you are in the middle of your new small home, surrounded by boxes of really necessary... Hang in there. Here are some storage solutions that Mike and I have embraced and... Look for space hidden in the walls. In my apartment, in a 1905 office building,... --bed IN the closet---if they are small enough it makes a nice space for them and... y the built-in shelves. You can put so much in those. And of course, there has to..."
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