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Convert Your Tub Space to a Shower — the Fixtures-Shopping Phase
"swapping your tub for a sleek new shower: Determine your mechanical needs and buy quality... about buying fixtures that are not made to American standards is that there may be... guest bath for when we are ready to remodel it but I am going to donate those items... and re-buy American. At some point, I will probably replace the fixtures in the master... master bath too. Lesson learned! I know many people may be interested in higher-end..."
Simple Pleasures: 10 Ideas for a Buy-Less Month
"to not buy a single thing you don’t truly need for a month. The purpose: to invest... to try buying only what you need for a month because of the abundance of affordable... tub is just as effective as a full tub. Btw, most tubs are 40gal when filled to the... truly. Buy once, buy well. I prefer to save and buy the best quality I can afford... had a no buy month but think it would be easy for me. I am not one to buy much and..."
5 Ways to Protect Yourself When Buying a Fixer-Upper
"take a bath while performing the inspection (crack in tub) nor can they see through... set to buy a 1920's victorian home. THE BASEMENT: which was revealed already had issues... water or bath / but for our wicker / rattan furniture to have a forever home, and for... in the bath was completely blocked. My new home is the love of my life. I have... first bath) and although water quality came back bacteria free, he should have informed..."
Bath of the Week: A Lovely Update for a Victorian Tub
"claw-foot tubs are nice for bathing, but it’s hard to shower comfortably in them.” The... claw-foot tub with a shower attachment and a curtain,” she says. “Anyone who has tried... As a tub refinisher, that is not the same tub. The new tub is a reproduction that... clawfoot tub similar to the before picture, but I love the look of the tub in the after... without buying a new tub? LOVE the wallpaper! What a creative makeover! I love everything..."
19 Dream Tubs for Bath Lovers
"lovers and bath lovers. Well, that's until you include 9-year-old boys, in which case... shower-bath-any-kind-of-soap-and-water-haters. This ideabook is for my group, the... the bath lovers. Give me deep hot water, a mass of frothy bubbles, candles and a chilled... I love baths, but I love modern style and am always on the lookout for innovative... in our tubs. Surprising we don't see it in many other bath tubs. We build a contour..."
Convert Your Tub Space Into a Shower — the Tiling and Grouting Phase
"swapping your tub for a sleek new shower: Pick the right tile and test it out, then choose... it? Who buys it? What size is needed? What kind of grout should you use? The information... Altos Bath. Because the tile is pricey and also challenging to install, we achieved... removed the tub/shower liner from my bathroom and replaced it with glass doors and a tiled... hotel bath room every morning! Great comments everyone. A new shower is something..."
Pedestal Tubs Have Style Bases Covered
"pedestal tubs are a practical alternative to claw-foot and standard models... -foot tubs, those freestanding beauties that perch on four decorative legs, have... pedestal tub instead. These models have the generous soaking space and graceful lines... simplest of baths. Browse the bathrooms below, then leave a comment and let us know which... under the tub. They are best used in a larger bath so the tub can be placed in a way..."
Convert Your Tub Space to a Shower — the Planning Phase
"swapping your tub for a sleek new shower: Get all the remodel details down on paper... dated tub. But what's the best way to go about this conversion? The first step... guest bath. We have a master bath with a really nice soaker tub and in the guest... master bath without a tub. For a long time we debated about not having a tub and... the only tub in our home. Since walk in tubs already exist why can't a tub manufacturer..."
Dreaming of a Spa Tub at Home? Read This Pro Advice First
"with spa tubs. In a bathroom nothing looks more appealing. Bathrooms with spa tubs always... these tubs. Are you prepared for the maintenance and installation must-haves? Let's... common spa tub installations to learn more about these luxurious soakers.... tub or don't get a spa tub at all. I have a spa tub and if you don't clean it often... best tub material for a drop in tub limited to 5 ft. Thanks. Had a whirlpool bath in..."
Why to Put Your Tub in the Shower
"in the tub without having to worry about water damage or a mess. Two, the right tub... go into tub area too & cleaning the tub is a hassel . As iam taking bath in tub max... master bath, when I asked the plumber how he planned on waterproofing the tub drain... off the tub even if no one's taken a bath in weeks. Although it looks good, there... rinse the tub, like, the WHOLE tub inside and out, before you could use it if someone..."
Convert Your Tub Space Into a Shower — Waterproofing and Drainage
"swapping your tub for a sleek new shower: Pick your waterproofing materials and drain, and... eliminated the tub all together but knowing that there is another tub in another bathroom... orignal bath tub (148 cm) and the original shower (77 cm + 10 cm wall where the pipes... from the bath tub. Any suggestions? Also, I wanted to put an European linear shower... from the bath floor. I want to heat the bath floor as well with a transition piece..."
13 New Ways to Make a Splash With a Hot Tub
"toasty hot tub. Although they've always had their fans, spas have come a long way and... Some hot tubs have programmable seats that focus on individual muscle groups. Want to... Many hot tubs now come equipped with large flat-screen TVs and surround sound — for... outdoor hot tubs to their clients' dreams of the perfect backyard retreat. While store-bought... t hot tubs are well stocked with extra features, true customization can make one..."
8 Beautifully Different Tub Materials for Bath-Time Luxury
"and your bathing experience — with a tub that feels like an indulgence... bubble bath. Take a look at these eight stunning tubs to get an idea of what an incredible... make your tub the standout feature in your bathroom. A marble, metal, wood or glass tub... tub makes an instant design statement and is truly a luxurious spot for a bubble... incredible tub can do for your space, no matter your design style.... Wow, bathing your way! :) Thanks Shane D. Inman shared. Awesome every tub has different..."
Idea of the Week: Secret TV By the Tub
"guilty bath-time pleasure. More: Dream Tubs for Bath Lovers... have a bath tub with this setup, odds are you'll never want to get out. Tucked inside... across the bath tub! That is awesome. I had been asking my husband to put in a window... a hot bath all at once? Heaven! I can't help it - as a book lover, I assume the bathroom... garden tub, I cannot stand how closed in it feels-he says 'no'-so I was considering..."
5 Risks in Buying a Short-Sale Home — and How to Handle Them
"foresight to buy when we did. Without a job we may not have qualified to buy a retirement... will I buy one of those again! I would rather buy a short sale or foreclosure outright... hope to buy in a year or so. We also learned that we will never buy a house that we... be like buying a sizable newer house here. Buying a fixer upper in the blue collar... inspections. Buy one before you look at a property and it will hint at possible issues and..."
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