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Watch It! New Cameras Let You Video Chat, Stay Secure and More
"single camera for home security, checking pets, chatting online and making videos... Home cameras are sold in two distinct categories: webcams and security cameras.... Security cameras tend to be more expensive and much more difficult to set up, but can... grade cameras require professional installation, or at least installation by a dedicated... the home camera category has been problematic for far too long, and consumers have hesitated..."
On Trend: Vintage Camera Decor
"old-school camera effects to the niche popularity of reissued retro cameras, people hope... many old cameras are hiding away. You could also try searching for a vintage camera... an old camera into your decor is another way to pay tribute to this fine art. Add... retro camera collection with these quirky collectibles and prints.... vintage camera ideas, try bughouse.com! They carry a fabulous line of old cameras cast..."
Rooms Look Picture Perfect With Vintage Cameras
"antique cameras make for striking and unexpected displays... digital cameras stormed the photography scene, old film cameras have always had an... vintage cameras into use, go through a reputable dealer — you don't want to take a... vintage camera's condition, find a model that uses film still available and offer tips... Collectible Cameras, Adorama and E.P. Levine to start. If, however, you're more interested... the old cameras! They look great here as accessories. We love the charm of vintage..."
Bring In a View Like You’ve Never Imagined
"centuries-old camera technique — and how you could try it too... specialize in camera obscura, a centuries-old technique that takes the idea of a pinhole... pinhole camera and applies it to an entire room.... create a camera obscura room and then invite people over for a camera obscura party... The camera obscura is turning the room into a very large pinhole camera minus... spontaneous camera obscura in the garage of my childhood home - magical. This is actually..."
Take Better Photographs of Your House in a Snap
"right camera settings, lighting and more... a dSLR camera, you can adjust your ISO setting that is usually under the camera's... hold the camera. Tripods can be bought for as little as $20, Set your camera up and... sensitive your camera will be to light and your pictures will appear brighter. When I photograph... with a camera often helps me to improve the space. It's helped me to realize dark... placing the camera just by the door frame for the largest angle. Also, I thought the morning..."
A Bird Photo Booth for Your Backyard
"special cameras that let you see what you normally can’t.... selection of cameras, check out the game cameras at your local sporting goods store. (-or... special camera to their dog's collar. We're they surprised when they checked out their... get this camera. My yard is full of birds, rabbits, deer, chipmunks, and I don't even... GoPro camera (it comes with foam inserts for holding the camera in just the right..."
12 Hints You're Becoming a Hipster
"vintage camera collection? Hipness may have hit your home... vintage camera display. I have an old Instamatic I found at a garage sale. That makes... vintage cameras passed down to my husband, who coincidentally just retired as a news... Several film cameras that work and are used- not on display. Thus more an anachronism than... Brownie camera took all my childhood vacation and holiday photos. It has its shelf..."
How to Compose Your Shot for Stunning Home Photography
"secrets like camera height, lighting and lens type for creating images that do your home... The camera here is actually relatively high here (evident when looking at the camera... camera angle on the sofas) to bring the visual placement of the pendant fixture lower... of low camera angle, or "shooting from the hip" as its sometimes referred to. Great... sure your camera isn't too close to any furniture. It also can help to look straight..."
Small-Business Savvy: Photograph Products Like a Pro
"with any camera and these 5 tips... fanciest camera equipment, either. A regular camera and these techniques will greatly... simple camera. Thanks for putting it altogether with beautiful example shots. Thanks... what the camera or the lens, your products will look better in natural light. Artificial... on your camera. Spend a little time to adjust these variables and find the ideal conditions..."
New Year's Resolution: Frame Your Photos
"of Your Camera and Into the Spotlight... of the camera:) Why yes, that IS one of my resolutions. Thanks for the inspiration... of your camera? A display is shared by the mantel and the hearth.... from your camera...."
Charging Stations Lead Tidiness Battle
"phone, camera and other electronics handy and juiced up without a tangled mess of... digital camera, laptop and headset — and when I get an iPad, that will make five. That's... own a camera nice storage...excellent work! I loved this article! My desk is cluttered..."
What if James Bond's Q Accessorized Your Home?
"hidden cameras and other high-tech gadgets as accessories... placed cameras all over the victims house.....creepy! Very cool gagets! this is the... for a camera in the back of the house and one hidden by a birdhouse would fit into... oring cameras but don’t like the ugly and unnerving appearance of cameras in your... hidden camera is the Xtreme Life Battery Powered Hidden Camera Wall Clock. The clock... digital cameras. It looks like a normal clock yet has a high-resolution camera, a PIR (passive..."
To Feed and Protect: Care for Your Pet From Afar With New Devices
"near the camera and you can speak so someone there, or a pet, can hear your voice. You... things (cameras, remote feeders) that will allow owners to reward the dog for good... Food Bowl Camera. The Remoca has two small bowls for food, plus another bowl for holding... Remoca's camera remotely so you can pan and zoom and check out the whole room to make... g the camera, and also an app that supports any Android phone.Unfortunately, the..."
What to Look for at the Flea Market Now
"Clock, Camera, Portrait, Chair or Globe and It's Your Lucky Day... Antique cameras are also a wanted commodity. With the ease of digital photography and... and camera phones, the visual appeal of these antique versions has grown tremendously..."
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