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Home Tech: Speakers Matter (and Can Look Good, Too)
"and for good reason: music soothes the soul. Unfortunately in the arena of home design... provide good solutions and work for some people within a budget. How can they do this... sound as good as a cabinet speaker, most will say no, but thre are some damn good in... to get good looks as well as good sound for Inwall type stuff. So hopefully, when... and you can have four or five different systems that are all good and all specialize..."
Guest Picks: Beautiful Things You Can Feel Good About Buying
"judgments. I can't help that there are so many people in this world, so I do what I can... which is good but they can still use all the chemicals that are killing us and our... something one can feel good about? It did make me laugh! Dear Doreen, I don't mean to be... , who can afford that? Not me !! these items are priced high and can only be purchased... would be a GOOD THING. But--these elitist snobs have decided that this is NOT good as..."
Sophisticated And Fun: Good Design Can Be Both
"poster can work fine in a sophisticated room because it's small. A huge chandelier... that you can create entire rooms that represent the sophisticated but fun style. A wine... would be good here, too.) The other option is to create a mostly fun space with sop..."
The Question That Can Make You Love Your Home More
"yourself can work wonders. Defining the feelings you want to cultivate in your home... says you can use me and enjoy! Good article & insight. Any suggestions for those who... for us, can we come over, and we have good wine, too" Please, come every night if your... always good to see how high end can be styled with a flea market find. Or how an... store item can be styled next to an antique, or how a quirky one off design can blend..."
How Your Landscaping Can Keep Burglars Away
"g and good practices instead of menacing — and maybe less effective — measures... You can see your guests and your nieghbors who are friendlies can see you have... these can be tucked just inside the jam and can't be seen. If a intruder tried to... they can't and they can't open the window, Most intruder's don't want to break glass... buy a can of Wasp spray, it shoots 27 ft. plus, is cheap and to keep a can in her..."
Can You Match These Faces With Their Famous Designs?
"take a good look — you might see a connection... Where can I see your work ? What do you design ? I could identify all architects... this is a good reminder to look at his work for future Ideabooks. Oh, well, there's always... anybody can recognize it looking at the most of his buildings... Gehry is an urban... Gehry, I can assure you that he is the opposite of the arrogant, difficult architect... Maybe you can convince them to upload their residential projects to Houzz, then I can..."
Your Space Can Help You Get Down to Work. Here's How
"and a good balance of sights and sounds... where can buy it? so cute! thanks..please Great ideas...I love that long work table... If that can't be done, choose the quietest, least-used room, and do what you can to... one wall can hold your laptop, while a round table in the center of the room is available... workspace you can share with your kids or housemates, or set up shop in the kitchen where... everyday life can flow around you. Be sure to make room for speakers, and turn on favorite..."
Good Houses Are Good Neighbors Too
"that is a good neighbor and engages the world around it — even when it's different. So... to be a good neighbor. The homes of yester year rarely engage the back yard and homes... examples of "Good Neighbors" and it is a reminder to all that Architecture is about people... not so good neighbor. Here's a homeowner that gives their neighbor a birdseye view... which you can see the street, and the street can see you. Creating such a space is more..."
16 Ideas for a Healthy, Feel-Good Home
"at home can help you thrive everywhere you go... much as I can ;) Mabulu - I can't even imagine the stress your family must be under.... Very good. I have some suggestions, too. First, downsize your pantry (I can't believe... cook) and can food is very, very minimal, tomato paste, tuna, sardines. Can't take far... are a good substitute when she can't take a walk due to weather. Not for everyone... body, you can feel good about all the trees it took to build your workout space. After..."
What the Heck Is 'Good' Design Anyway?
"it, but good home design isn't always easy to grasp. These 8 prescriptions from an... that good design is valuable. What is surprising is when there are verifiable metrics... what is "good design"? Is it that "artsy fartsy" stuff? Or is it something more tangible... entirely from good or bad design). Many different styles incorporate good design, not just... style. Good design is evident when there is good flow, pleasing combinations of scale..."
Playful Decor to Put a Home in Good Humor
"elements can't help but bring a smile... esign can seem so serious sometimes. So many rules, so many Danish names to memorize... pretty good ways to get some chuckles (and possibly even enjoy your home more).... everyone who can boast a set of black and red polka dot mushrooms in their kitchen. The... decals can turn your life into a cartoon panel. Hidden humor: head-in-the-sand wallpaper... banister. You can tell this family is fun. Take an architectural element, maybe one that..."
How to Look Good From Any Angle (the Garden Edition)
"to look good from one vantage point. If it's a front yard, that vantage point is t... looking good in a wooded setting? Hi krlwaxwing. I can only speak for myself and for... back yard can't wait to get it started & dialed in. Esp now I have new ideas from you... inches can make an immeasurable difference in the overall feel of a garden. Add artwork..."
Grow Herbs for Fresh Flavor and Good Looks in the Garden
"ground, you can have all the fresh flavor you need for cooking right outside your door... they can seem intimidating — if they do so much, growing them must be complicated... They can be used as part of a regular garden bed, set off as a garden feature on... big. You can sheer off chunks of it and the plants grow back several times. Ive had... sure it can be frozen like basil. Right? I just filled up 3 ice cube trays of basil..."
4 Things a Hurricane Teaches You About Good Design
"design can be as important as packaged food and a hand-crank radio. See how from a... days. One can prepare for the worst when a hurricane approaches (Sandy has made us do... least I can stay warm and can do stovetop cooking. We are on a well though, so that... best you can for the aftermath as some disasters can come unexpectedly with no warning... If we can help, please ask. Thanks, Lyn See, Mr Wright can design rain-tight houses..."
Houzz Tour: Pursuing the Good Outdoor Life in Palos Verdes
"homeowners can enjoy the abundant California sunshine... replace a good clay tile roof with metal? Love the sculptural circular outdoor stairway... article. Good call on the clay tiles. They balance out the terra cotta tiles too. Beautiful... wood, can create separation between the two rooms. The dining room mixes the owners’..."
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