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Kitchen Sinks: Enameled Cast Iron for Attractive Durability
"enameled cast iron sink can bring character to your kitchen... spot. Cast iron is one of them. Cast iron sinks have been around for some time, because... edge of cast iron you then have to wipe it down as well. Also, the cast iron quickly... Sink Cast iron I just bought a deep blue kohler cast iron kitchen sink. Very happy... enameled cast iron sink in white and really love it. Our house is a 90 year old Craftsman..."
Original Home Details: What to Keep, What to Cast Off
"Both the cast iron 1930s-era sink and vintage 1950s-era gas stove are actually brand... valuable), iron railings, original metal casement windows with the original screens and..."
Cast a Spell With Outdoor Lights
"light they cast without interfering with the starry NM skies. I create gas lanterns... contain iron and are naturally incapable of rusting. Copper and brass have been used..."
Pro Chefs Dish on Kitchens: Michael Symon Shares His Tastes
"does an Iron Chef go for in kitchen layout, appliances and lighting? Find out here... owner, Iron Chef winner and star of The Chew and Symon's Suppers makes you feel like... Stargazer51 - cast iron is induction-friendly. I've been slowly replacing my cheap hand-me-down... enameled cast iron so I'll have a full set when I remodel my kitchen and replace the... regular cast iron. I believe the have griddles, too. @drpl2010 I think with a raised..."
How to Clean Your Cookware So It Lasts
"oning-cast-iron/ I have never used anything but Crisco shortening to season cast... html For cast iron pans, cleaning with a paste of water & kosher salt gets it nice &... about cast iron, enamelled or not: always make sure you dry it properly before putting... buying new cast iron, go find some of the old stuff (yard sales, junk shops), which is... stick the cast iron in for the full cycle, and it'll come out rid of all crusty gunk..."
Budget Decorator: Shop Your Home for a New Look
"cent by casting a creative eye on the showroom called home... favorite old iron butler that once held cigarettes and an ash tray works great with S-hooks... wrought-iron-based sewing machine with 2 drawers under on each side now serves as kitchen..."
DIY Project: Sit Pretty with Mismatched Chairs
"room. Ironically I just got back from our local flea market and there are scads of... collection of cast-offs..."
Take a Shine to Candle Sconces
"For casting that romantic glow or adding an element of mystery to any room in the... large iron wall one, turn off the lights and enjoy a relaxing bath by candlelight... with this iron sconce. It is a good size and comes in a variety of finishes.Browse candle... wrought iron candle sconce that includes crystal for a dramatic feature in a bathroom..."
12 Ways to Get in the Spirit of Old Stuff Day
"could you cast in a different role?... wrought iron fence for a unique look with colorful flair.See the rest of this eclectic..."
Senses and Sensibility Make a Melbourne Patio Magical
"entertaining cast a pleasing spell on the whole family... contains iron fiber that reacts to an acid coat; it's applied in layers. Just after..."
How to Choose the Right Kitchen Sink
"possibly cast iron undermount. I have a large cast iron Kohler "river falls" laundry... kitchen cast iron enamel (that is so old the enamel has worn thru to the iron) with... like cast iron etc. It beat up the porcelain and stainless real bad because of the... around cast iron skillets and pots in there, no signs of abuse. It's huge enough... enamel-coated cast iron sink which looks prettiest of all the sinks on the market today...."
Kitchen Sinks: Easy-Clean, Surprisingly Affordable Ceramic
"Kohler cast iron undermount sink. We had to purchase a sink protector in the bottom... have the cast iron. After living with ceramic and stainless sinks over the past 40 years... enameled cast iron and stainless drop-ins. My newest (a pricey 14 year-old) stainless... The cast iron with ceramic finish takes a minute or two to clean, but I use Clorox... coated cast iron sink with the same proportions as that last sink, then that will..."
Create Your Own Checklist for a Well-Stocked Kitchen
"over a cast iron pizza pan. I love my cast iron skillet and dutch oven. It is i... scissors, cast iron griddle, waffle maker, sponges, baster, huge salad bowl, tongs. I... without our Cast Iron Pizza Pan. Here is a photo of the pizza we made the other night... idea! Cast iron anything-just scrub with hot water, wipe w/paper towel, spray w/pam... suggest a cast iron grill/griddle and a heat difuser. A turkey baster is very useful..."
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