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Vinegar and Voilà: Clean Your House the Natural Way
"When my iron died just a few weeks ago I bought the iron system that attaches to my... bathtub (cast-iron enamaled) and surround (plastic) with baking soda and vinegar. Wet... from an iron plate with a paste of equal parts white distilled vinegar and salt. Rub... cooled iron plate and wipe clean. Living room, hall and bedroom. These living spaces..."
8 Ways to Embrace the Wonder of Fall
"exclusive cast iron grill grates! Great place to get ideas for new build or updates to... buffer and iron the spaces in between the leaves. Hang in a window. My fav fall activity... paper and iron for leaf pressing makes me think... What about using a laminator?? I'll..."
15 Fun Organizing Ideas for Fashionistas
"wrought iron hooks to the frame as well. It's pretty and functional. Some good ideas... bills, and ironing time, and makes items smell fresher, helps kill dust mites, and gives..."
Survey Results: Kitchen Trends That Seem Here to Stay
"parents have cast iron sinks with porcelain overlay and they have been incredibly durable... porcelain over iron sink and took a chunk out of the sink... err... don't drop heavy things... porcelain over iron, either. Of course, anything can be damaged if the item dropped is heavy..."
A ‘Brady Bunch’ Kitchen Overhaul for Less Than $25,000
"for a cast-iron tub with the same problem. One treatment (cleaning) lasts for 6... WEAR LIKE IRON? He loves the Formica too! He says it's vintage. I say it's outdated.... Kinda ironic how they live in Florida but ended up with Chinese sheet rock. I wish..."
Homeowners Give the Pink Sink Some Love
"black cast iron faucet and a black iron grate (where I'm hiding the bath fan under... black iron scrolled vanity stool and black towels. My favorite bathroom ever! Wish..."
Guest Picks: Indispensable Tools for DIYers
"ancient cast iron wheel barrel type compressor that we usually leave in the shop and... heavy cast aluminum one from the 50s...if it ever dies, I'll just scrap it and get..."
Bathroom Workbook: 8 Elements of Farmhouse Style
"Claw-and-ball cast iron tub ( of course), free-standing toilet paper holder, and the sink... modern casting based on an 1880 French design? or taking Farmhouse all the way to..."
Surround Your Fireplace With Tile, Brick or Stone
"com/html/cast-iron.html He doesn't do as many styles as he used to, but they're still... reproduction cast from an original, made by Fires Of Tradition in Alberta, Canada. It is..."
Have Your Open Kitchen and Close It Off Too
"Even cast iron enameled colorful and copper pots and pans. A very deep black sink... I can cast. My day job has been stained glass, so I can deal with glass, and I've..."
How to Prepare for and Live With a Power Outage
"have a cast iron hand pump and 12 feet of pvc pipe at the ready. I made a wooden stand... sit and cast ambient light than a flashlight. But one of my camping tricks is to put..."
5 Common Bathroom Design Mistakes to Avoid
"lighter than cast iron ones, so this may be the solution for getting them up a staircase... any blue cast. Rest of small room has lower ceiling...all coming together. I could..."
Convert Your Tub Space to a Shower — the Planning Phase
"have a cast iron rough in for California Hot Mop's? I'm helping a client in California... am in a cast, I can wash the rest of my body easily. And really handy for cleaning..."
4 Secrets to a Luxurious Bathroom Look
"giant cast iron tub surrounded in tile, Hanstone & cabinetry, and the biggest vanity... mirror cast shadows down your face whereas pendants -- or wall sconces -- placed about..."
19 Kitchen Projects Every Homeowner Should Know About
"drop a cast iron skillet in it...but be sure to get a SS one with rounded corners... lighting casts shadows on your work surface, making it hard to see what you're doing..."
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