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8 Profound Design Books — From the Children's Section
"retired children's librarian, I love all of your choices! One of my favorite children's... young children. In the late 30s when I was about 7ish, somebody gave me a book that... to read children's books, what fun! Anything Eric Carle works here! Thanks for a great... e, VA Children books which continue to delight me because of their utmost contemporary... us: What children's books have inspired you and why?More: MoMA's First Kids' Storybook..."
Creative Ways to Tame the Mess in Kids’ Bedrooms
"keep your children’s rooms tidier — no threats or bribes required... concerts/plays/childrens shows, consumable gifts such as dinners out/special dates with mom... allow my children (5 & 6 yo) to keep 10 soft toys and that's it, none of which are large... Teaching children early on how to clean up after themselves is very important, here's... paid my children to do any basic chores. They are part of this household and part of..."
Designers Get Creative in a D.C. Show House
"for the Children’s National Health System, which has been providing pediatric care... Washington, D.C.; $25 general admission. More info Photography by Angie Seckinger... against children. How about "healthy" - where by "healthy" we ACTUALLY MEAN HAVING... r-a-D-C--Show-House Great House! I love it! A lot of work went into pulling off this... helped by Children’s National Health System live in. That desire to help Children’s National..."
Houzz Tour: Innovative Home Reunites Generations Under One Roof
"three children there and were ready to build a new house in which they could spend... grown children and significant others, who had been living separately from the couple... for any children. No judgement, just found it interesting. I love the light in the... Most children would never be able to afford any home in seriously over-priced Vancouver... away from children and grandchildren - although each of our houses offers more than 3000..."
6 Tips for Teaching Your Kids to Be Good Neighbors
"when your children learn to respect boundaries, get help when they need it and show others... teach his children either. We all hope they move out before these children become teenagers... teaching your children to be respectful. Good article for children to have respect. Sad... small children and lives on a small lot in a row house street. Her children constantly... neighbors with children should read both for adults and children. @pinkdolly - Have you ever..."
Kitchen of the Week: Transformed Garage in D.C.
"Washington, D.C., garage into a functional and family-friendly kitchen... Washington, D.C., kitchen was once a tiny, junk-filled garage that awkwardly separated the... encourages children and guests to take off their shoes and drop off their bags before..."
Room of the Day: Classic Black and White for a Victorian Bathroom
"Washington, D.C., bath open and airy... as the children’s bathroom, they have added a powder room downstairs and a modest... Washington, D.C., clients’ potential-filled home. Typically these homes have just one bathroom... Washington, D.C.Size: About 60 square feet (5½ square meters)The bathroom had not been renovated..."
Kitchen of the Week: Casual Elegance and Better Flow
"make a D.C.-area kitchen roomier and better for entertaining... young children, they also wanted a workhorse kitchen that could stand up to the rigors..."
Houzz Tour: An Innovative Home Shows What It’s Made Of
"Washington, D.C., residence with sustainability in mind and to accommodate them as they get... Washington, D.C. Like many people planning a new home these days, they wanted to design for... typical children and the expected menagerie of animals. In all immodesty (ahem) we've... grown children to be able to afford this new construction with what appears to be... having children with Needs which necessitate serious accommodation) and the design..."
Houzz Tour: A Former Stable Becomes a Live-Work Showcase
"Washington, D.C., building get an extensive rehab to house a family and an architectural... Washington, D.C., on the way to realizing his dream of opening a storefront in the city for... future children, the challenge will grow. Until then, enjoy what you have created... Washington, D.C.Size: 2,500 square feet (each floor is 1,250 square feet); 2 bedrooms, 1½..."
Guest Picks: 20 Fun and Colorful Teaching Toys
"small children at home, and I decided to turn one room into a place where they can... for your children can be the most fun room to decorate. Use toys that will make them... where your children feel safe and encouraged to play, learn and create. Is there a better... small children, because they pose a choking hazard. As with all toys, supervise your... your children during play. — Luciane from Home Bunch... ideas for children. our children likes books with alphabet also and cards Thank you..."
Houzz Tour: Shaker Simplicity Inspires a Modern Farmhouse
"the 1953 children’s classic One Morning in Maine by Robert McCloskey for inspiration... generations of children, and the clients were similarly enchanted. They asked Churchill to... their 2 children Location: Sharon, Connecticut Size: 4,500 square feet; 4 bedrooms... remark of children making a grand entrance thru the curtains. What a wonderful home to... such as children's art supplies. want @sherryastanley: You are fine without AC because..."
The Busy Mom's Guide to Throwing a Kids' Holiday Tea Party
"for a children’s tea party. Don’t need much of an excuse to throw one for my two... laid-back children’s holiday tea party that your kids will love.... for your children and your ingenuity and cleverness in making it easy on yourself to... When my children were in grade school, I was a "monster mom". We had huge, elaborate... to your children and their friends. Along the way, they will also be learning your..."
Houzz Interview: Carolyn's Charming Prince Edward Island Home
"seven children in the house, this romantic english cottage looks as beautiful as... small children. We were not living on Prince Edward Island at the time and we were... location for children-off the main road but close to town. We ended up buying the house... seven children. We added on a new room and then several years after we added a second... Thanks c. Vicky At Room Service ~Decorating 101 Beautiful home, yard, and photographs..."
Collecting Christmas Ornaments That Speak to the Heart
"her nine children, four sons-in-law, three daughters-in-law and 15 grandchildren. She... d her children’s birthdays with a card and her grandchildren’s with a card and a... grown children and their 5 children , my aunt and uncle in Australia for years now... When the children establish their own homes they will have a starter collection of ornaments... grown children for their first Christmas trees as married adults. It has been a wonderful..."
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