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Skip the Brick for a Statement-Making Chimney
"your chimney in metal, concrete or masonry for a dynamic architectural element and... ventilation, chimneys do double duty when they’re elegant architectural statements. Standing... cover a chimney. But it should be said that a chimney that is colder than the house... chimney protrudes above the ridge of the roof. Find a busy chimney installer. When... house's chimney was described by the chimney sweep as bigger than any he's ever seen..."
Unique Chimneys, Outside and Inside
"Chimney placement, style and materials can make a big impact on a home's design... Chimneys might be fairly straightforward — flue, cladding, cap — yet they offer the... course a chimney rises from a hearth, the fire that anchors a living space and a center... where the chimneys are matched to the stone of the house. Makes the whole composition... above the chimney. Great selection of examples. Sme great examples. Thanks Did you..."
Kitchen of the Week: Connected, Open Oregon Remodel
"ing a chimney, a half-cabinet and a countertop helped create elbow room and an open... removing a chimney? We have one stuck right in the middle of our kitchen wall, that will... It is a chimney from a now defunct oil heater. Goes from crawlspace floor and out... particular chimney I'm afraid I can't be of much help. You should have a professional... was a chimney set in the wall between the kitchen and the dining room, restricting..."
The Faux Fireplace: A Year-Round Home Accessory
"need any chimney. And as ethanol is expensive, I don't us it very much... So It's like... hearth, no chimney required..."
How to Convert Your Wood-Burning Fireplace
"in the chimney. Your best bet would be a liner through the existing chimney. A double... get your chimney cleaned once a year, does this pretty much prevent chimney fires?... cooled chimney you may need to install a liner, or a new insulated metal chimney the... down the chimney. Our Valor brand has glass pebbles, and starts with a battery ignition... danger of a chimney or spark fire from gas stoves. Gas stoves create less pollution and..."
Ideabook 911: My Exterior Needs an Update
"to the chimney and the pediments over the porch. Yikes, is that chimney brick underneath... light chimney against that nice brick is bugging me. Thus, I'm thinking about carrying... Perhaps the chimney could be encased in metal someday? Sidewalk and porch floor alternative... encasing your chimney. The way the edge of a bed could continue architectural lines and..."
8 Reasons to Nix Your Fireplace (Yes, for Real)
"cracked chimney would be helpful, too. Suitable for historic houses. I've chopped... flues and chimneys are unsafe for use. That was the point of my post on the discussion;... a safe chimney and flue that could accommodate a fireplace insert or a nice wood stove... up the chimney. However, people always comment on the beautiful old brick; definitely... local chimney sweep/stove shop. Keep the tradesmen working. I'm very happy to..."
To-Dos: Your September Home Checklist
"having the chimney cleaned, see if any of these to-dos make your list this month.... subject of chimney cleaning: My 'sweep' told me to have the chimney(s) cleaned and inspected... cleaning the chimney, my ex and I lived in this old funky house years ago with a wood burning... getting the chimneys cleaned, his response was 'drop a big rock down it!' Needless to... say, the chimneys didn't get cleaned. We're in the UK and I've changed the summer bedding..."
Modern Metal Fireplaces Open World of Possibilities
"design chimneys. Chimneys can now be light, thin and luminous instead of massive and... masonry chimney. Keep the glass box glass. On the outside the metal chimney remains... of the chimney. There's no need to have a chimney that breaks up and separates the... doing any chimney installation. Bring it inside. These types of chimneys aren't just... metal chimney on the outside), there's little to block the light and view, so the..."
Kitchen Design: To Hood or Not to Hood?
"steel chimney hood. Aesthetically, it was an easy decision - it just looks right... choosing a chimney hood meant that we chose not to include storage over the stove. Still..."
Updated Woodstoves Keep Home Fires Burning
"up the chimney and if we burned a "hot burn" once a day even less as the chimney... reline our chimneys. This very compact Rais wood-burning stove shown here is the sole... patience. Our chimney takes forever to warm up (thermal mass!), and takes a very gradually... in the chimney which adds considerably to the cost. My consultant tells me that a... up the chimney but a proprietary firebox like a Jetmaster is apparently over 60% efficient..."
Houzz Tour: New Life for a Historic Mill House
"central chimney and a gambrel roof. Fast-forward about 250 years: New owners scored... similar chimney wall and much steeper but also enclosed stairwells--one had a wall... the same chimney as the outer wall one below---orig our house was a "two up two down"... outer wall chimneys. The early owners had hidden the "Indian Wall" by building floor... central chimney as the one seen in the first-floor room. “Balancing respect for the..."
You Won't Believe What These Homeowners Found in Their Walls
"partial chimney. Years ago, someone had taken the chimney down to roof level and covered... An old Chimney for a oil furnace, and original Red Oak wide panel flooring that we... of the chimney to run cabinets along that wall. The only thing holding that 5 foot... section of a chimney was a plaster ceiling, some old mortar and inertia. When I helped... floors and chimneys. Apparently it was an old Irish custom to ward off evil spirits. This..."
Roots of Style: The Indelible Charm of American Tudors
"brick chimneys and elaborately patterned brick veneer. New interpretations still... existing chimney wall and and had the hood made to replicate the chimney brick. The... brick chimney illustrates a signature of many early grand Tudor examples. Note how... of the chimney and beautiful slate roof. A curved gable extending to form an entrance... at the chimney and bay window. These types of houses are sometimes referred to as..."
Saltbox Houses Pleasingly Pepper Landscapes
"elevation, a chimney and a steeply sloped rear roofline. Originally built in New England... center chimney and I love it. Always get compliments when people see it. Deb... central chimney, which acts as a simple focal point. Located in the Pemberton Heights... central chimney focal point on this modern saltbox home...."
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