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To Chop or Not to Chop?
"arate-chopped pillows pop up in design photos all the time — to the delight of some... karate chopping of pillows! Follow-up look book: “To chop or not to chop?” OK, reader... pillow chopping is often referred to as a trend, it’s a topic that has stirred the... debate over chopped pillows in comments from years ago as well as recently. In one ideabook... thoughts on chopping. One remark, in particular, left a lasting impression on me. The Houzzer..."
Guest Picks: Chop Chop! 20 Cutting Boards Too Good to Miss
"boards, chopping blocks and serving boards are both artful and practical... wood to chop vegetables on. They are not only utilitarian and necessary for the serious... kitchen. Chop or serve on them, or just admire their simple lines.Next: Fashion a H... needs a chopping block that is small enough to do the job but big enough to make an..."
Two-Cook Kitchens Have Smart Space Chops
Whether you live in an apartment with a 25-square-foot kitchen or have a spacious home with hundreds of feet to cook in, odds are you've experienced the complications that come with too many cooks at once. Cramped counter space, a single sink and trying...
Butcher Block Makes the Cut for Holiday Kitchen Prep
"have the chops to perform under pressure... sweep chopped food into a pan or bowl in one fell swoop. Here's a great depiction... dough, chopping and cutting vegetables and other ingredients, and other daily tasks... cutting and chopping. At first glance these two kitchen islands appear identical. But a... cleaning, chopping and prepping ingredients a breeze. Save space in a studio by eliminating..."
Here's How to Steer Clear of 10 Top Design Don'ts
"row of chop-chop-chop. Many good points here except for the devotion to the karate... pillow chop...and not a fan of silly and rigid design rules. The chop makes the pillow... using chop-chop toss cushions made me smile as years ago they were referred to as... karate chopped pillow in front of pillow shams that are not chopped. And, some arty... karate chop Great advIce on the pillows, lighting and paint color. The pictures however..."
Where and How to Toss the Throw Pillows
"karate chop - what in the world is that about?... "karate chop." Pillows that have been fluffed and chopped look so much better than... karate chopped cushions... lol you're so flexible! Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you... karate chopped pillow! I am addicted to buying pillow covers (I think I need a 12... the semi-chop... Whole Hearted, You're welcome, go for it! Strictly simple, I am the... examples the chopped pillows look sooo much better, in my opinons. I still love these pillows..."
12 Great Ideas for Organization In the Kitchen
"such as chopped herbs, vegetables, meat, etc. It's all about organization and preparation... to have chopped veggies and herbs sitting out all night in little dishes, but it does... rather than chopped veggies and herbs. No. 7: Cleaning Supplies. Standard roll outs can..."
Considering a New Kitchen Gadget? Read This First
"upkeep and chopping of an entire garden and orchard to get only one glass of juice for... smallish wood chopping block beside it. The best kitchen gadget I have ever gotten was my... a slap/chop type chopper that is almost worn out with use and an electric can opener... easier to chop a piece of garlic. Knives, yes! Best gadget I ever got that made my... (I hate chopping stuff). My ice cream machine and crockpot get occasional use. My..."
9 Pointers for Perfectly Styled Pillows
"karate chopping of pillows! Follow up look book: "To chop or not to chop?" Darzy:... 5)karate chop the upper center of pillow 6)do not touch or move after the "chop" DISCLAIMER:... karate chopping of pillows! I don't understand the last point - what does karate... karate chopping pillows mean? I like this look much more than the one recently recommended... karate-chopping "cat earing" the pillows. That's what I always think of when I see..."
The Secret Formula for Perfect Pillow Arrangements
"hates the chop. I'm assuming "the chop" is an Americanism - can someone enlighten me... Karate Chop. Whatever you do, don't karate chop your pillows. No exceptions."... 'pillow chop' is still in heavy use! I knew there had to be some secret to great pillow... pillow chops...lol I love that movie. Birdaweez, for my sectional I usually do 2-3-2... 'pillow chop' - and that was 40 years ago. Don't overthink it and just experiment..."
Make a Designer-Look Pillow Sham for $15
"karate chop. Hi housecat and Michelle W! I love making envelope pillow shams too.... karate chop. For the purpose of a tightly cropped photo, it adds interest and dimension... they've been chopped! What a great idea!!!! Thanks for that :) Good ideas ! Good idea... karate chop. Why not just use fabric paint directly on the material? Great way for... karate chop those pillows at least twice a day and always prior to guest visits...."
Idea of the Week: Clear Some Counter Space
"having to chop onions at the dining table. So this sneaky idea struck us as great way... back for chopping onions or any other task. Hooray!..."
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