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Clear Staircases — They're a Real Glass Act
"I also don't feel comfortable walking down a glass staircase but it offers a solution... others don't - it brings light into an interior space, it acts as a light well as... pictured don't appear remotely suited to their actual purpose - sudden gripping in the... like the Chris Snook example, are also rather practical. The stairs are frosted, there... least you don't have to do it yourself. ;-) http://www.glassmagazine.com/gallery-po..."
Kitchen of the Week: A Onetime Carnegie Library Gets Cooking
"love! Don't care for the pendant lights or the chandelier. Everything else- WOW!... styles. Don't like at all. It's the scale that grabs my attention. The balance of... storage. I don't care for some of the decorative elements, but love the brick and kitchen... others, don't understand why the sink and cooktop weren't placed on the same side of... week? I don't think so. Not sure I agree . One would have to understand how the resident..."
Houzz Call: Show Us the House You Grew Up In
"that I don't need or want a big house. The largest house I owned was 2200 square... colonial. I don't really have any pix of them. The first one I think was our foundation... but I don't have any photos of the place. Nobody took random interior photos in the... "home". Chris Until I was nine, we lived in a Queen Anne Victorian. It was gorgeous... still don't have everything the way we want it but we have sure made a lot of progress..."
Steel-Framed Windows Leap Forward Into Modern Designs
"windows? Don’t they interfere with a wifi signal? I’m sorry but I don’t know much about... black. Don't know about the thermal performance when the frames are very thin overall... please don't hesitate to ask. There are so many misconceptions about using steel windows... Limited. I don't doubt that steel has come a long way on the energy efficiency track,... one of Chris's cars with Model at a car show. He designs the cars with all new frames..."
Easy Ways to Manage Stormwater for Lower Bills and a Healthier Earth
"John: I don't have much practical experience with rainwater storage. In SoCal, where... SoCal, I don't have any professional experience with freezing ground. But as it applies... where we don't want it to. Various landscaping and drainage products for residential... Hello Chris, this caudron turned into a gas firepit is about 5' wide. I think the... Hello Chris, this cauldron is about 5' wide, 12 to18" high or so. It is an old cooking..."
Stressed Out? Try Hitting the Woodshop
"the two don't always like each other..(sawdust), it is the ultimate hide out studio... Press? Chris Schwarz is a great resource for handtool woodworking. Google him if you... follow Chris, buy way too many books, and get looked at funny for reading the Anarchists... hope you don't mind that I added a link to your gallery on my "Links" page. http://... hope you don't mind that I added you to my "Links" page. http://americancraftsmanworkshop..."
Neat Little Project: Build a Mail and Message Center
"Great job Chris! Good stuff in your portfolio too! I am in the middle of having a house... are. Hey Chris, what is the color of the wall? The shelf is great and the wall color... for but don't want to DIY -- can anyone recommend a similar product that I can buy... Thank you Chris for taking the time and trouble to post the paint color. It's even a..."
How to Design a Great Garden on a Sloped Lot
"so we don't roll off! Any ideas for that which don't involve moving tons of earth... roots. We don't think we want to use herbicides, as we garden organically, and because... found. @Chris Gillespie--you should definitely ID precisely what the vine is first... If you don't know about them, Missouri Botanical Garden website is a great resource... that we don't have mini landslides. We've put large cinder block walls, the kind used..."
Home Above the Range: Smart Uses for Cooktop Space
"my! I don't want my magret de canard fat anywhere but my plate. And I don't want... unless you don't mind grease, dust and grim accumulating over your new cabinets and ceiling... functional, I don't understand pot fillers. This article says "A pot filler located just... water." Don't you have to carry the water back to the sink to empty? Plenty of i... cooks don't hit their head. I rather like the stainless backing though I did a mirror..."
The Best of My Houzz: 20 Creative Kitchen Islands
"that I don't have kids, so I don't need an eat-in area in the kitchen. Love the 'going... something they don't talk about. It can take a lot of looking to find the thing that works... but I don't think there was any accompanying information. My kitchen at this moment... and I don't think it is just because I also live in Atlanta (1964 ranch renovated... islands. Don't have one but have used a straightforward Ikea piece (not clever enough..."
Press Pause: Styling the Television
"but don't they have to rotate pictures so they don't burn an image on the screen... FAVORITE Chris Rock quote? >>This one just makes me think of my second-favorite Chris... orite Chris Rock quote "That tiger didn't go crazy, that tiger went tiger!" Global..."
Design Greener: Using Reclaimed Wood
"contrast..." Chris, mine is sanded and sealed with some sort of polyurethane (?), so I... Whipple Chris, I have a lot of rough wood in my house, and vacuum it with the attachment... SIZES Why don't we just buy new stuff?. Isn't new wood stronger and better ? These are... SIZES Why don't we just buy new stuff?. Isn't new wood stronger and better ? DOENT OLD... They just don't make them like this anymore - these beautiful wood floors are reclaimed..."
Designers Get Creative in a D.C. Show House
"lovely. Don't kids play outside? If you don't have anything nice to say, then be... kitchen? I don't like this at all! Chad Alan's book case takes the cake. What a conversation... details I don't care for even one of these rooms. If they were designed to "share the... Thanks Chris! I hope to see a lot of you there! Gina Fitzsimmons, ASID There are... exterior. I don't like negative remarks, however I would have chosen interiors that are..."
Pretty Pink Color Schemes, Subtle to Sensational
"about but don't dare come out. Please don't take offense. I love all colours but especially... children. We don't speak girl well to say the least & pink was so far out of the question... reality, I don't live with someone who would tolerate it. But it can be fabulous. Andrea... While I don't have the peaches to paint my current kitchen pink (cathedral ceiling... agree with Chris. What attitude is pink? Since the color pink is often associated with..."
Kitchen of the Week: An Elegant 18th-Century Remodel
"but I don't like the ladder. Beautifully done and for my part, I don't see why it... if you don't cook much and if you don't have many guests coming over, then you don't... but I don't understand who would want that ladder in their way. I'd be tripping... So, I don't think that's to bad. 3. Brick work around cooker - agree with Sharon... but I don't think that the mouldings are deep enough to get unconformatable... 5..."
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