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Can-Do Cleaning Strategies for Busy People
"simplified cleaning routine can keep your real-world home tidy... clockwork and clean the refrigerator coils! To be quite honest, I can't recall the last time... a home clean and orderly is something that cannot be attained by those with busy lives... regular cleaning and straightening routine helps give a satisfying order to our lives... all day cleaning just to bring them back to normal. Here are some simple, fast ways..."
Spring Clean Your Kitchen
"time to clean out the microwave and sweep underneath the refrigerator on a regular... spring cleaning regimen with the heart of the home — your kitchen. Tip: As you're... you're cleaning, make a list of things that you need to replenish in your kitchen, from... from cleaning supplies to basic cooking items. Hand soap, dish soap, paper towels... surface with clean water and immediately dry with a soft, clean cloth after cleaning you..."
15 Ways to Design an Easy-Clean Home
"minimizing cleaning needs throughout the entire house... minimize your cleaning time. I've already written ideabooks on designing an easy-clean kitchen... an easy-clean bathroom. But this time I'd like to apply these principles to the home... spend cleaning. So sit down, put your feet up and pour yourself a glass of wine.... thorough cleaning. re. the comments about less rooms = less cleaning. My opinion... comes to cleaning. I love a clean house but I hate being slave to my home. Using the..."
Design an Easy-Clean Kitchen
"and I'll clean" might no longer be a fair trade with these ideas for low-maintenance... takes to clean your kitchen. I enjoy cooking. Cleaning up — not so much. Something tells... off your cleaning regimen. Add them all up, though, and you'll have a kitchen that is... and that cleans up fast so you can get on with the more fun things in your day ... like... are to clean. Mom has one, and the convenience of easy cleaning does NOT, in my opinion..."
Get Grout Magically Clean — Stains and All
"this deep-cleaning method will help it look new again... grout clean is an understatement. Note: Be wary of using too much lemon juice... to keep clean and trying to find a solution. Any ideas? Clean them after you have... bleach for cleaning grout many years ago. Unfortunately, cleaning my floor tiles with... great at cleaning grout. I use it and a magic eraser and it cleans it just like the... grout clean is to clean it well and then paint the grout with acrylic art paint with..."
We Can Work It Out: Living (and Cleaning) Together
"never cleaned. Torey's jaw dropped. "Whaaaaaat?" "I said he doesn't do any cleaning... always cleaning." "Whaaaaaat?" It was my turn with the disbelief. As if on cue... constantly cleaning," she said in the soft tone — just above a whisper — that's employed... never cleaned; I was the one who swept, vacuumed and scrubbed our floors, carpets... garage clean. I am supposed to wash the kitchen sink and keep the bathroom clean..."
Design an Easy-Clean Bathroom
"hate cleaning bathrooms. There. I've said it. I'm not proud, but I'm not really... do the cleaning, your design choices will make a big impact on you every day. If you... bathroom but cleans as easily as a no-nonsense public restroom.... everything clean. Under mounted sinks eliminate sides to clean you just clean the bowl... pain to clean. You have to lift out the grate and clean it regularly. Blech. While... "self cleaning shower" and a "self cleaning toilet". Have you heard anything about..."
Three Magic Words for a Clean Home and a Better Life
"mine was cleaning and organizing. This might lead you to believe that our home was a... establish some cleaning routines and set up a few systems. Half of you probably read that... list for cleaning and turn it up loud while your cleaning; make time for yourself, whether... timers to clean. Set the timer, clean as quick as you can. It kept me from procrastinating... min. To clean powder room. 30 min to clean kitchen. I broke it down even more, 10 min..."
Vinegar and Voilà: Clean Your House the Natural Way
"endly cleaning alternatives is at the top of my list. Fortunately, effective nontoxic... not be clean...If the inside of your washer looks clean, you are probably on track... should look clean and smell clean. I hope this helps!! Love, Lisa Thanks Lisa! I have... methods of cleaning carpet to cleaning the sink s pipe and so far unsuccessful. I managed... all my cleaning. Dr. Bronner's SalSuds is great for many cleaning chores. A paste..."
A Fine Mess: How to Have a Clean-Enough Home Over Summer Break
"rather be cleaning' bumper sticker? To keep your home bearably tidy when the kids are... to your clean sanctuary until morning, sleeping on clean sheets. It's far better than... home and clean until it is done. In my quest to keep the house clean I have bought... whole time cleaning. Training kids to help clean is easy IF YOU START YOUNG! It is far... much time cleaning, but I don't put off the cleaning any more either. Check her out..."
How to Keep Your Home's Beautiful Glass Sparkling Clean
"how to clean the glass in your home, so you can see that sparkle shine.... after I clean my shower doors and they are sparkling clean, I pledge them and I never... detergent to clean all over glass surfaces. I use microfiber to clean everything. The... chemical free cleaning solution and the way of the future! THE best cleaning ever! Check... then clean the glass or mirror. Any cleaning solution, whether vinegar, Windex or..."
Clean Routine: Housework Strategies the Whole Family Can Share
"kinds of cleaning personality types in on the act... comes to cleaning, Torey can be a tiny bit type A–ish, so it's not surprising it was... have a cleaning rhythm — I did — it's just that mine was every two weeks, and Torey's... comes to clean? I think your best advise is "Don't pick up after anyone but yourself"... cooking and cleaning but I think he does a lot more than I do. My own mother was not the... rooms clean. But I do remember one thing she used to say that I can now look back..."
Guest Picks: A Tidy Roundup of Cleaning Supplies
"cleansers and cleaning accessories to make housecleaning chores a pleasure... Cleaning doesn't always have to look so dirty. I am fond of keeping things clean... the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser everywhere I can. It's the best for cleaning bathtubs and... my top cleaning tip - http://homefluffyhome.blog.com/2012/11/01/easy-clean-y-quic... prettiest cleaning tool ever, but it's small enough to tuck away discreetly and is my..."
Kitchen Counters: Durable, Easy-Clean Soapstone
"keeping them cleaned and they don't streak when you clean them like polished granite does... couldn't clean off. I love the light color of it and didn't want to oil it to make it... You can clean it with just about any product and if it scratches you can take fine... to keep clean by just using a wet sponge or spraying a little Cinch on it and whhiping... properly cleaned). Soapstone, which is also non-porous, works the same way, leaving..."
The Best Ways to Care for, Clean and Store Art
"be to clean them? I asked Rob Delamater and Gaetan Caron, founders and art directors... way to clean it. Not sure you understood, I need to clean a cloth African batik which... I can clean it? I'm thinking Q-tips (small, delicate and not abrasive) dipped in... how to clean something like it. Thanks for an excellent article. Is there a particular... recommend for cleaning oil based paintings? scarbowcow-- Q-tips are a good idea. If you..."
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