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How to Install a Drip Irrigation System
"watering system in your vegetable garden — a little patience now will pay off later... sprinkler system and, once it’s in place, it requires less hands-on time during watering... inground system. Plan on a day for installation — or two, if you have a lot of ground... Drip systems also require more upkeep throughout the growing season — emitters and... soaker system from Gardener's Supply - it includes couplers to change from garden..."
Geek Lab: How to Build a Steampunk Cat Transit System
"walkway system that lets him go his own way... Transit System (CTS) for a private residence in San Francisco. The homeowners spend... transport system -- and what a cool name for it! While I'm a dog person, I'm a fan of... transit system! If you like this ideabook you should read Jackson Galaxy's book "C... Great cat system with a lot of input from people who think about their cats. I love... building systems for mine and find wandering through Lowes or Home Depot gives me a..."
3 Shower Sound Systems That Beat Your Clunky Old Radio
"sound systems for listening to music and radio in the shower have been around for... such a system in a friend's house and, remembering their predecessor's poor quality... Sonos system! As part of a bath remodel, added a speaker into the master bath and... sound system on the market, because the speaker is in the showerhead. The center... music system that can connect to up to five phones or tablets streaming music.One..."
How to Add a Radiant Heat System
"hydronic system — one based on water. Here are some tips to help you get started and... hydronic systems are generally preferred over electric for whole-house projects.... forced air systems. I think a nice compromise on a full radiant heating system would be... hydronic system. Marianna, Is there a problem with electric radiant systems? I'm building... both systems its a no brainer. note: Warm Waves is an electric system... we're mostly..."
Turn Your Smart Phone Into a Home Security System
"security system is nothing more than sensors that detect what's going on in and around... security systems — both on the sensor side and the monitoring side. And phones are a... security systems. Plus, the best monitoring equipment is the one you have access to... security system. And it's also why small companies are inventing new ways to integrate... these systems be configured with an automatic alarm system when there is a break..."
How to Choose a Home Water Filtering System
"what the system is filtering out ... and what exactly should you be filtering out, anyway... filtration system that best fits your needs. Learn how to find out what contaminants are... filtration systems work, including their pros and cons, and how to track down a water... filtration system, you should be looking for a system that will remove the most contaminants... osmosis system for each sink, plus a filter system for the whole house for sediment..."
Want to Streamline Your Life? Get a System
"household systems may seem cold and impersonal, but by streamlining life’s boring essentials... physical systems you can establish to make your day-to-day tasks much less stressful... of your system. Is it like using Quickbook accounting? I think your system is more... and my system sure beat guessing!!!! Nice to see someone else admit to being a piler... setting up a system. It can be simple or it can be elaborate. The most important step is..."
8 Steps to a Winning Filing System
"filing system that works well for you is easy to maintain in seconds each day and... filing system that leaves no item unsorted.... filing system for more than a decade to organize our family's files. It organizes... of the system mentioned above but I use it for everything else including sippy cups... mailbox system with a mailbox for each member. We have ours hanging on the kitchen... it. My system also includes a bin for bills. Great article. Now that we are all..."
5 Steps to Improve Your Heating System Now
"heating system needs your attention now. A few simple steps in the fall will mean you're... improve your system's efficiency and save yourself some money.... radiant system 10 or 15* like you could a forced air system, but you could program... with this system. To the pros, is it any different servicing this system as opposed... efficiency system (heat pump or GSHP) you could be spending more trying to "spot" heat..."
Does Your Home Need an Operating System?
"operating system for personal computers, Microsoft views the entire home as a “computer”... operating system for it. Microsoft’s HomeOS, as it's called, is designed to bring law... and system become too complex, we found that we spent a fortune trying to maintain... those system changes can well exceed any potential savings. Want to change the outdoor... remote system is $3000. Please beware and fully understand what you are getting into..."
Tote Your Tunes to Any Room With a Portable Wi-Fi Sound System
"stereo systems that played 33 1/3 rpm vinyl records and FM radio, rather than the... great system. It's more like having a total home sound system than your standard... stereo systems do not play 33 1/2 inch records! LPs are 12 inch and run at 33 1/3... audio system that you like and want to experiment with internet radio and music on... music system is just a kick! I use the Auvio bluetooth portable speaker. It's about..."
Designer's Touch: 10 Amazing Master Closets
"master closets inspire you to enhance your own closet or dressing area... amazing closet seems like nothing more than a fantasy. But it doesn't have to be that... master closet. Add convenience and value and extend the life of your wardrobe with... having closets in the closet. I need to see my stuff when I'm deciding what to wear... a DIY closet makeover. sadly, it's not a walk-in..but just a regular closet that..."
How to Get the Closet of Your Dreams
"open your closet door? It may be time for a makeover... that our closets … stay in the closet. But there is hope for disorganized, messy spaces... premade closet organizing systems to custom configurations, there’s a solution that... my home closets. What do the other closet designers think? Easy closets are a great... affixing the closet to, as many closet systems hang of the wall. IT needs to be rock solid..."
The 15 Most Popular Closet Luxuries on Houzz
"with closet organizers and amenities like these... common closet afflictions, and they can quickly turn a closet into a disaster zone... these closet predicaments, and users are saving their creative tips and tricks in... the best closet solutions from the most popular photos on Houzz. See if there's an idea... walk in closet , turned out beautiful Closet in the closet , floating bench and built... home is a closet... the interior a closet within a closet - 5,000 square feet with little..."
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