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15 Love Notes to Oddities of the Home
"lack of closets, the funky door handles that don't work quite right. The good news... Mirrored closet doors - yes they are 'dated' but they are so convenient and they reflect... adjacent closet. A fresh coat of paint and nice accessories was all it took to bring... china closet, and the worst, which is also the best: a plate rail that goes all the..."
How Portability Can Make You Happier at Home
"expand a closet, those upgrades will stay in the house whether you stay or not. These... place. My closets are not jammed packed with "possibilities", just with the things we... s toy closet clean-out to see what is broken, what can be donated and what goes in... garages, closets and storage spaces. We buy things thinking we’ll use them, but often..."
Objects of Desire: Dressing Tables Groomed for Style
"in my closet or bathroom. With that in mind, I’ve rounded up five of my favorite... built this closet with a dressing table at the end. The color pink took on a life of... because my closet is large enough to hold baskets etc. on its shelves for undies, nightgowns... overstuffed closet on Friends? That’s essentially what this room used to be. “We cleared..."
Tell Us: How Would You Light This Room?
"wardrobe/closet," he writes. "The walk-in wardrobe is large enough to be a future bedroom... remains a closet, any pendant lights can be swapped with directional spot lights to free... bedroom. For closet, again downlights and wall mounted simple fluorescent, which you can..."
Guest Picks: Tools and Accessories for Inspired Spring Cleaning
"cleaning closet, as well as the rest of your home. Though I'll probably never have one... utility closet: ) But alas, the beauty of all great marketing is to sell that which... of the closet. Most of us love things that manage to be both beautiful and functional..."
Houzz Call: What Home Collections Help You Feel Like a Kid Again?
"in my closet and sift through my small collection of comic books and baseball cards... linen closet until I rotate them through for display. It definitely gets a smile... Her closet door is hung so thickly with bead necklaces, from top to bottom, the..."
Storage With Style
"how many closets, cabinets, nooks and crannies we have, it seems there is either never... be a closet for hanging long items, as it is only at the very end of the high part... linen closet there. Clever use of book cases to hide the laundry. I like putting..."
10 Tips for Making Your Laundry Room Better
"hallway closet. In my first house, the washer and dryer were actually located outside... laundry closet is just like my "Yes, It's A Laundry Room" here at the "Love Shack"... extra closet or a sink (and of course the expense of adding the sink vs. not)...."
Design Dilemma: How to Make a Bedroom Workspace Fit
"slice of closet to work with. Although feng shui followers may disagree, I think few... in her closet which is completely concealed when the doors are closed. Thanks for... Sacrifice closet space and add built-ins in that space. Close doors when not doing work..."
What to Know Before Refinishing Your Floors
"inside of a closet) or ask a professional floor refinisher to appraise the situation. You... in the closet, let it sit for about 3 minutes and used a greenie to scrub it down... sliding closet doors. Should the floors be done after the walls are finished but prior..."
11 Ways to Wake Up a Walk-in Pantry
"walk-in or closet-style pantry and think, "I’m so uninspired"? Add some colorful character... walk-in or closet-style pantry and think, "I’m so uninspired"? Way to remind me that... have a closet-style pantry that's white on white (white walls and white laminate shelving)..."
3 Ways to Get Unstuck — About Organizing, Decorating, Whatever
"now: Your closets are overflowing — we're not even going to talk about the garage, and... cupboards, closets, etc. The good thing is we have 5 months and I know there will be several... their closet or their house, in an attempt to help them PURGE, and then organize..."
How to Add a Murphy Bed
"walk-in closet off another spare room. If they had a Murphy bed in that guest room... a big closet to hide a full size Murphy bed. The actual bed, itself was purchased... make the closet flushed with the rest of the wall. That would have required building..."
Top 10 Solutions for Architectural Peeves
"linen closet ever will". NOOOO! Excellent points, well presented with great solutions... linen closets are necessary (or at least my wife tells me so), I just can't help... linen closet, I can tell you I felt literally joyful once I had one installed. While... of the closet open so I could admire all my freshly folded and adequately stored linens... linen closet door a focal point in its own right - we are installing a very cool..."
10 Low-Cost Tweaks to Help Your Home Sell
"out your closets and de-clutter every room, every closet, every drawer. Have every surface... overstuffed closets and the like, but I do wonder if perhaps, subconsciously, I was affected... the hall closet for xtra pantry space... Our solution was to get an unfinished wooden... walk in closet and there was an assortment of bras right in front of us! I agree about... in the closets and any out of the ordinary furniture went to storage, my yoga room..."
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