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7 Ways to Improve Bathroom Air Quality for Better Health
"in the closets was replaced by no odour in the closets. I made the mistake of not... walk in closet last year. My clients said it was night and day difference when they..."
Single Design Moves That Can Transform an Entry
"3' wide closet is near 10' from entrance full with bags, outerwear and I can't keep... nearby coat closet provides additional storage for boots. Of course, we mostly use the... the only closet on the entire first floor - where my husband stores all of his tools..."
Houzz Tour: Better Flow for a Los Angeles Bungalow
"Is it a closet now? That's what I would have done, Robin--make it a closet, make the... than a closet. We need both though because we have different wants and needs. Both..."
How to Childproof Your Bathroom
"in the closet. I didn't and since the bottom of the closet always seems to be a difficult... the hall closet to reach the cabinets. Children will not be able to reach, even with..."
20 Great Storage Spots for Summer Gear
"small closets. Now that the winter coats & gear (scarves, hats, skis, boots, etc)... the coat closet. We only have 4 beach towels, so after they are used, they either go... narrow closet on the patio we use for holding pool toys and supplies and we have a..."
Get a Perfectly Built Home the First Time Around
"basement closet because the room and/or furniture was not measured correctly and it... in my closet for 2 years. Designer Four, Girls Bedroom My daughter was six years... putting my closet across the room from my bathroom, but that is okay with me. The only..."
You Won't Believe What These Homeowners Found in Their Walls
"from on closet walls and all the little trinkets, hand cut nails etc. that have been... inside a closet. Our "loot" intrigued us since our lake house was built in 1952. We... The closet in the basement with a shower head and drain, the floor of the firewood..."
My Houzz: Less Room Leads to Creative Chic in Manhattan
"awkward closet 6th floor walk up with bars on the windows. Speaking from experience... is your closet? this is really amazing and very inspiring. i'm moving to a similar... did your closet? thanks..."
Beautiful Clutter? These 13 Rooms Say Go for It
"in the closet, free from dust. The older I get the more I hate dust or dusting.... stuff from closets, drawers, basement and attic. That being said, most comments are... in the CLOSET"???? Seriously? Why not just get a Kindle and down load them? Then..."
Pop Culture Watch: Get a Good Rap With Thrift Store Scores
"and my closet is full of designer clothes from thrifting as well. I write about my... Bifold closet door becomes shelf, Everything in the second picture is Salvation... have a closet full of designer labels from thrift shops. There's nothing better..."
6 Design Ideas for Happy Pets
"walk in closet where it can be dark and quiet. I think to her it's like a cave or... the coat closet into the garage where a ramp goes to the garage floor, the cats can... sliding closet-type doors - she will go in through the other side of the armoire and..."
How to Create Your Own Semicustom Media Wall
"for my closet. my quote was $4,200, and I would of needed to pay to get it sprayed... into a closet :( When my parents bought the house, my dad got the bright idea to... inefficient closets. So you'd think I'd have thought to do the same for the basement!..."
Key Measurements for the Perfect Garage
"bench, closets, etc. This is all a beautiful dream of course. What was rather a... that "Closet Experts" and "philipcdavis" recommended. I may consider changing to... Thanks, Closet Experts. I wouldn't mind having space in the middle to prevent cars..."
Everyday Home Must-Haves Beg for a Makeover
"Water closets are wasteful, we spend a penny and waste a gallon. I want helter-skelters... is in a closet on the way out of the kitchen and is only seen when something is thrown... n the closet next to the garbage can). And the one for the rest of the house has..."
9 Places for the TV We Haven't Seen — Yet
"in the closet, and when I want to watch it, I open the closet door and swing out the... Walk in Closet Wine Room Game Room Outside patio Outside Tree Fort On the riding lawnmower..."
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